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  1. Wait a minute!!! I do not understand this whole aerator thing, does it blow the grains into the cartridge??? LOL Never heard of it! What is it exactly???
  2. Oh that sounds great Max, Thanks so much!!!! I will see you then! Grinnin Jim
  3. Thanks for all the input so far, leaves me with hope since so many of you are successfully using it. Here is the set up I am using and the powder funnel is brand new and am using the large powder bar. This is the first time loading with APP (Shooters World) and it is 3F. The powder gets stuck in the powder through die I guess it’s called and backs up into the funnel and then I have a mess!
  4. Howdy Pards, I know this topic has been hashed over a few times with no real remedy but APP keeps getting clogged in the drop tube and wreaking havoc on the cartridge and leaves a big mess. I really want to start using APP but I honestly don't have the time to hand load every charge. I have cleaned my funnel, drop tube, replaced the drop tube, tried a slow pull, fast pull, tapping with a wrench at the top and nothing seems to work. Well I was thinking about putting a couple larger desiccant bags in the hopper with the powder to absorb any moisture in an attempt to stop the powder from clu
  5. I am interested in the boots but I couldn't message you, can you email me at bchboy1206@aol.com. Thanks Jim
  6. Grinnin' Jim,

    You won your category.  I have your First place poker chip.

    Will you be at next week's match at Hiawassee?  It is Maverick Milt's club.

    5 stage match, FREE.   Chatuge Gun Club

    1. Grinnin Jim

      Grinnin Jim

      WOW!!! I won something, that is so awesome, was that Cowboy?  Hey I had a great time today, you and Bea are awesome, heck everyone there were!!! 


      I wish I could shoot Chatuge but I can only shoot every other weekend (work) so I have try to find a shoot in 2 weeks and hopefully I can catch you at then!!!


    2. Grinnin Jim

      Grinnin Jim

      I plan to shoot with the Cherokee Cowboys in Gainesville on  the 24th! Hopefully I will see you there! 

    3. Rolan Kraps, SASS # 24084 Life

      Rolan Kraps, SASS # 24084 Life

      We'll see you on the 24th then at Cherokee!


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