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  1. Folks Thanks for the information.. Does anyone know why no manufacture makes a RN 405g bullet? Probably no real market since the RNFP seems to do the job. Am I barking up the wrong tree trying to find a RN 405 g bullet? Thanks again. Tennessee Snuffy
  2. Thanks for the information. My real question is does any bullet supplier make a 405 g (0.459" diameter) round nose design for 45-70? Thanks
  3. Folks I am currently using 405 g Missouri (0.459" diameter) RNFP bullets in my 45-70 Sharps. Does any commercial bullet manufacture make a postell type rounded nose bullet in 405 g 45-70? Thanks Tennessee Snuffy
  4. Thanks I have already found a pair
  5. What is the advantages or disadvantages for having screw in chokes in the shotguns that we use for our sport?
  6. Looking for a high polish SS Ruger Bisley in 45 colt. Barrel length does not matter Thanks Tennessee Snuffy
  7. Pretty, Pretty Please don't chop the barrel off!!!! let me know before you make that bad mistake. Thanks
  8. how about some pix to dewatkins1@att.net.





    1. Hashknife Cowboy

      Hashknife Cowboy

      I will  do so......sorry about the delay

  9. When you say long barrel are you talking 24 or 30"?

  10. What you asking for it?  Whose short stroke kit?  could I get a couple of pix




    Tennessee Snuffy

    1. Kid Rich

      Kid Rich

      Lassiter did the work on it. $1200, pics will have to wait till I get to AZ.


    2. Tennessee Snuffy

      Tennessee Snuffy

      Thanks for the pix in advance.

  11. I have not found the ruger pistols yet.  What you got?


    Tennessee snuffy

    1. Turkey Creek Red, SASS # 22854

      Turkey Creek Red, SASS # 22854

      I had a pair of OM vaqueros. Since I sent you the message, they have been sold. I am very sorry.

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