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  1. Folks I am interested in buying a 1873 rifle with the following requirements · Uberti · Has already been short stroked and slicked up · Pistol grip · 45 LC · 30” Octagon barrel preferred but might consider 24” Let me know what you got and the price. Thanks Tennessee Snuffy
  2. Folks Since my last post, I may have the cleanest reloading room in the USA. I have gone thru and wiped all the surfaces and each individual item with a product that is suppose to remove any lead dust. I have been using vinyl gloves at all phases of my reloading procedures, washing my hands between each stage at our local matches and my last blood test indicated my lead level has increase by 3 points. Not exactly the right direction!!! Ok, so I am looking for anyone that has knowledge of a good air filter with HEPA filters that you personally have used. Any other ideas about decreasing lead levels would be helpful since my pants are starting to get a little sagger in the rear!!!!! Thanks Tennessee Snuffy
  3. You could always get a big smile and hug from Lady Ghost. She will be missed. Prayers for the family. Tennessee Snuffy
  4. Folks How many of you have recently or ever had you blood levels checked for lead? We’re they high? If yes and it was high, what measures did you take during your reloading and shooting activities did you take? Tennessee Snuffy
  5. Thanks for all the help Here are to answers to various questions: My calibrations weighs are certified known weights I have been shooting mixed headstamp brass I have some new starling brass that I will used on my next rounds of shots I will check my scales with another before reloading any more bullets Today I tired some 540 & 530 grain bullets with 25 and 24 grains of 5744. Velocities were in the 1250 range for 25 grains and 1200 for the 24 grain of 5744. It seemed that at this velocities the 530 bullets were tumbling. Going to repeat again with 20 and 22 grains of 5744 behind these bullets. Also tried some 405 acme and Missouri bullets behind 25 and 27 grains of 5744. Velocities were 1380 for the 25 grain and 1475 for the 27 grains of 5744. These were way too hot. It took a few shots to get the elevation correct. Will try these again with 18 and 20 grains of 5744 Again thanks for all the help Tennessee Snuffy
  6. In reply to Sedalia Dave questions yes I individual weight each powdeercharge yes the balance beam scale has been calibrated with 10 grains weights before use
  7. In response to OLG questions 75 fps variance is for 7 rounds I have been from the 2 grains below min to max published data for the grains of powder (4198, Varget and 5744) Mixed brass
  8. Don't know a lot about the gun but I will guarantee you that you will not find a better cowboy to do business with in the entire world. If he says it is raining, you can get your umbrella!!!!!!!
  9. Thanks for all the input and questions. I am going to try and answer them here: Have not slugged the barrel but 0.458 group better than 0.459 Chronograph indicates consistent velocity (+/-75 fps) on most loads Bullets have come from Acme and Missouri Bullets. Very little to almost no lube at end of barrel soule rear and globe front with level I got some 25 gr of 5744 behind 530 Lyman Posters and 24 to 26 grains of 5744 behind 405 Acme and Missouri bullets for tomorrow experiment. I will let you know TS
  10. Need Some Help I have been working up some smokeless loads for my Shiloh Sharps 45-70, 30” barrel with 1-18 twist and have not been successful in getting 3 “groups at 200 yards. I have tried IMR 4198 and Varget powder with Federal rifle primers and bullet weights from 385, 405, 450, 500 and 535 grains. I have varied the powder charges for these bullets and have had mixed and very inconsistent results. I have also experimented with Accurate 5744 powder (29 to 33 grains) with 405 and 385 grain bullets. The velocity of these were 1550 to 1700 fps and could not keep them on the paper. The barrel is not leaded up – used Brownells lead removal system. I have been using a lead sled for gun support I have tried 0.458 and 0.459 bullet diameters and the 0.458” seem to be consistent. So here are my questions: 1. What velocity should I been attempting to obtain? 2. What powder/bullet weight combination have you had success with? 3. Am I asking too much from smokeless powder and should I just switch to black powder? 4. If I go to black powder what powder/bullet weight combination have you had success with? Thanks for your help Tennessee Snuffy
  11. Going to post office to get price for shipping today and will let you know. Thanks Tennessee snuffy
  12. For Sale Bausch and Lomb (The Discoverer) 60mm objective 15x to 60x power spotting scope. Comes with tripod, carrying case for spotting scope and lens dust covers. $65 plus shipping
  13. Boulder Canyon Bob does the exact same thing I do. A Lee turret press, good balance beam scale and Lee Dies will get you in this game as bout as cheap as can be done (IMHO).
  14. Thanks everyone for the information. Does anyone use Reloader 7?
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