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  1. Tennessee Williams send you a pm Tennessee Snuffy
  2. Lots of chatter about low recoil; however, when the beep goes off, do you really notice the shotgun recoil? If you stand and shoot a bucket you will probably notice some recoil differences but even when I shoot skeet and trap, recoil never comes into play My 2cents worth
  3. I second Uriah action because that I exactly what I did except I got a side by side with 30" barrels (looking for a 36" barrel monster). Of course you got to go black!!!!!!
  4. Pm me with your phone number and I can let you know what I learned.
  5. Thanks for all the advise The best I can tell is that no one paints there brass to make it easier to find Tennessee Snuffy
  6. I was wondering if anyone has ever tried to coat their brass with a red or orange color (or what other color you so desire) in order to make finding it in gravel and weeds a lot easier? If so, what did you use and how did you do it? Tennessee Snuffy
  7. I have owned a couple of different Lee. Since I have purchased by Dillion about 10 years ago, that is the best decision I have made. I loaded my 45-70 on a Dillion 550 as a single stage press Go Blue and never look back
  8. try tetra The folks who have them can't say enough good things about them.. Now they aren't cheap but what is your hearing worth?
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