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  1. Jimmy Reb would you please provide a bit more information on stock fit. What do you find absorbs the kick best and how to modify existing rifles. Also what not to do. thanks
  2. Does the Appalachian Bullet Company have a website or only phone orders?
  3. Again Thanks to everyone for the good advice. Video of the mayhem will follow in a couple of months.. Tennessee Snuffy
  4. I am shooting a Zabala made in Spain. Presently I am using 2 1/2" brass Rocky Mountain Cartridge shells filled with 110 to 120 grains of Black plus fiber wads plus 1 oz of #8 shot. Not a big Kick since the gun weighs about 10.7 pounds. What would be a good load for 3 1/2" brass shells from RMC? 150 grains?
  5. Would anyone have black powder load data for 10 gauge 3 1/2" shells? How much is too much black powder in a 3 1/2" shell with 1 to 1 1/8 oz of shot? Thanks tennessee snuffy
  6. I use brass hulls when shooting my 10 gauge side by side and would like to be able to deprime the brass at the range before putting them water. Does anyone have a hand held deprimer (I am not sure that such a device exists) for these 10 gauge brass hulls? Thanks for the help Tennessee Snuffy
  7. Need to be careful concerning primers sizes in 10 ga brass. RMC takes a 209 shot shell primer and others take a large pistol primer (I believe).
  8. If you go brass then I recommend Rocky Mountain Cartridge (RMC). They are not cheap but should last a long time provided someone does not step on them. Also go ahead and buy the RMC reloading kit. Best there is and simple.
  9. Folks When I launched the new SASS website, I was thrilled to see the photograph of the group of youngsters. I got to thinking about what are the rules for the location of the cartridge belts. The best that I can tell from Section 1 Holsters, Cartridge Belts and Bandoleers Ammunition Belts and Loops ยท It states; Ammunition belts must be worn so all ammo is positioned at or below the belly button. Have you seen at any match a person whose cartridge belt is way above the belly button? Was anything said? Just curious.
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