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  1. Uriah and Three Fingers Do you shoot those pistols at matches or are they safe queens?
  2. Need a rear sight (semi buckhorn or flat top) for 1873 cimmaron/uberti rifle.
  3. Folks Thanks for the information.. Does anyone know why no manufacture makes a RN 405g bullet? Probably no real market since the RNFP seems to do the job. Am I barking up the wrong tree trying to find a RN 405 g bullet? Thanks again. Tennessee Snuffy
  4. Thanks for the information. My real question is does any bullet supplier make a 405 g (0.459" diameter) round nose design for 45-70? Thanks
  5. Folks I am currently using 405 g Missouri (0.459" diameter) RNFP bullets in my 45-70 Sharps. Does any commercial bullet manufacture make a postell type rounded nose bullet in 405 g 45-70? Thanks Tennessee Snuffy
  6. Thanks I have already found a pair
  7. Looking for a high polish SS Ruger Bisley in 45 colt. Barrel length does not matter Thanks Tennessee Snuffy
  8. how about some pix to dewatkins1@att.net.





    1. Hashknife Cowboy

      Hashknife Cowboy

      I will  do so......sorry about the delay

  9. When you say long barrel are you talking 24 or 30"?

  10. What you asking for it?  Whose short stroke kit?  could I get a couple of pix




    Tennessee Snuffy

    1. Kid Rich

      Kid Rich

      Lassiter did the work on it. $1200, pics will have to wait till I get to AZ.


    2. Tennessee Snuffy

      Tennessee Snuffy

      Thanks for the pix in advance.

  11. I have not found the ruger pistols yet.  What you got?


    Tennessee snuffy

    1. Turkey Creek Red, SASS # 22854

      Turkey Creek Red, SASS # 22854

      I had a pair of OM vaqueros. Since I sent you the message, they have been sold. I am very sorry.

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