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  1. Thanks to everyone Tennessee Snuffy
  2. Folks I have got this wild idea that shooting a pair of Ruger bisleys with 12 inch barrels would really look cool (not fast) but cool. I read the SASS guidelines and everything that I read indicated that these pistols would be legal. Am I correct? Tennessee Snuffy
  3. There is no such thing as a good inexpensive (cheap) spotting scope. Get ready to spend 750 and up on a good scope. Also you should remember that you are not getting any younger and your eyes are only going to get worse. I would not win a prize for a motivation speaker but I believe what I am telling you is the truth Also don't go cheap on the tripod. Again be willing to pay 150 and up for a very good solid leg tripod. On a windy day el cheap ole tripod will rattle like window in our old 76 Ford pickup..
  4. I will guarantee you 100% this person is a scammer Tennessee Snuffy
  5. This fellow is a 100% scammer.. Tennessee Snuffy
  6. Thanks to everyone but I have found one for now. Tennessee Snuffy
  7. My Ruger's are identical. Why worry with which pistol goes in which holster since both can miss or hit equally well. The operator is typically the big unknown!! However, I always pull my cross draw first!
  8. Thanks for all the good information. Bottom line from what I gather is that buy and play with the one you like and have fun!!!!!!!!
  9. Folks Why are most of the cowboy rifles made with a straight stock vs a pistol grip? Tennessee Snuffy
  10. Folks Looking to go long or go home .. I am looking for a 45 lc with a 12” barrel. Manufacture doesn’t matter. Need a pair Does anyone have such a critter? thanks Tennessee Snuffy
  11. Folks Need some help trying to determine the manufacture date of a Remington #6 22 LR falling block (not rolling block) single shot rifle. The serial number is S 55035. Thanks in advance Tennessee Snuffy
  12. Thanks but I am really want a 30" barrel Tennessee Snuffy
  13. Folks I am interested in buying a 1873 rifle with the following requirements · Uberti · Has already been short stroked and slicked up · Pistol grip · 45 LC · 30” Octagon barrel Let me know what you got and the price. Thanks Tennessee Snuffy
  14. Electronic lock is the only way to go
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