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  1. Hey folks; I have bust busted by forearm on my Winchester 1897 pump gun. Wood was very dry and spilt so I need a used, abused, new, semi-old or anything in between. The forearm must be a three screw ringed type. Let me know. Tennessee Snuffy
  2. Just a question since I am going to have a cross draw holster made in the future. Based upon PaleWolfe's compass does Trooper Ozzy cross draw exceed the 30 degrees?
  3. Looking for a high polish SS Ruger Bisley in 45 colt. Barrel length does not matter Thanks Tennessee Snuffy
  4. try a portable dehumidifier. I use it in my basement and you would be amazed. Humidity can be controlled to 35 to 55 %.
  5. Pretty, Pretty Please don't chop the barrel off!!!! let me know before you make that bad mistake. Thanks
  6. Folks Here is another piece of information that I found useful. If you purchase a firearm from a dealer and want to make sure sure he as a valid FFL, here is a website you can go to. Might be handy when the seller tells you that he will take the firearm to XXXXX dealer for shipment, if you get the dealers FFL, you can make sure everything is on the up an up. https://fflezcheck.atf.gov/fflezcheck/ Tennessee Snuff
  7. Folks I got scammed a couple of months ago by a fellow name Gary Hosmer from Louisville Kentucky (that what his driver license said but I believe it was a fake ID). His email name was Baros (cokerbaros@gmail.com and anthonycynthia929@yahoo.com). I was able to get my money back from PayPal. This guy was a guest, had no SASS number, had no SASS club, etc. I am now a lot wiser and check out folks a lot more before making a deal. Tennessee Snuffy
  8. 45 colt. My ammo is 200 g rnfp with 4.5 g of red dot. Yep , it is sort of a dirty load but it works for me. after I get the mag tube shinty clean, I will coat the tube with balistol then run an oily patch thru the tube so that oil does not drip everywhere when storing the gun upright
  9. Prevention to the problem is what I am trying to get help with. Thanks
  10. I get the tube clean by using a 12 gauge shotgun brass brush and attaching that to a drill. When I a done, the tube is clean and shiny as a new penny but it fouls and get dirty and rust pretty quickly..
  11. After 3 or 4 matches, I completely disassembly my marlin and clean the magazine tube. Each time it is a very dirty. The magazine spring shows signs of rust and the magazine tube is also rusty and pitted. Has anyone ever tried to chrome the inside of the magazine tube? I have been unsuccessful in finding a 45 colt stainless steel mag spring either. I am sure that most of the lever action guns have the same problems. What's your fix? Tennessee Snuffy
  12. Thanks to everyone who has replied. My buddy has found one. Tennessee snuffy
  13. Folks I got a buddy who is wanting to buy an 1873 Uberti with 24" octagon barrel, pistol grip in 38/357. Short stroke kit previously installed is a plus. Let me know what you got Thanks Tennessee Snuffy
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