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  1. .32 Long Colt is the centerfire version of the .32 Rimfire. Smaller diameter than .32 S&W. .32 LC is the same as .32 CF which was a Rifle caliber in England.
  2. Money orders went out today. 




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    2. Tennessee Longhunter

      Tennessee Longhunter

      Gun came in this morning. Will be looking it over tonight. 

      thanks Don

    3. Tennessee Longhunter

      Tennessee Longhunter

      Also, be careful using the shop that shipped it. They had your name as picking it up. If I didn’t know the owner and asked him to check and could ID the gun, we might have had an issue.



    4. el Pueblo

      el Pueblo

      Thanks a lot for your initiative and the info. Never had an issue with him before, but  will now be wary. 


  3. What is your best price on this.  1876 in 50/95. Very interested and don’t understand how it has been listed for so long.



    Don Spires


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    2. el Pueblo

      el Pueblo

      OK, great! Payment by USPS Money orders or cashiers check to:

      John Barnosky

      4 Donley Lane

      Pueblo, Colorado 81003


      My FFL's email is:   tksliders@aol.com

    3. Tennessee Longhunter

      Tennessee Longhunter

      I’ll get a USPS money order out on Monday and will email the FFL tonight.



    4. el Pueblo

      el Pueblo

       Will look, for the MO's, many thanks.

      John B.

  4. Do you still have the double cartridge belt for sale? If so, what is the lowest shipped price?


    Thanks, enjoying the belt/ holster I got from you.



    1. Jersey Kid, SASS #287

      Jersey Kid, SASS #287

      I do - how's $125 shipped - glad you're happy with the rig, Ed

  5. As stated in my post, I’ll take the belt and four holsters. I’m just outside Lebanon so may be able to meet up. If not we can talk shipping. 
    Don Spires


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