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  1. I will take the adapter. The problem is I’m traveling in California for work and will not be home until Friday night (Lebanon, TN). I have no checks with me so payment would have to wait till then or depending on where in Mid TN you are I could pick up and pay. If you don’t want to wait, I understand. Just let me know.


    Don Spires



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    2. Tennessee Longhunter

      Tennessee Longhunter

      Today was not going to happen to get to Portland. I may be able to come after church tomorrow or from Friday till mid August. No traveling for work so any time would be free.



    3. Randy Atcher, SASS #54380

      Randy Atcher, SASS #54380

      No Problem.  Make it easy on yourself.  We could meet in the square in Gallatin if that's easier.



    4. Tennessee Longhunter

      Tennessee Longhunter

      If you can/want to take care of it this afternoon, call me after noon today, 615-268-9565 and we can set up a time. If not then anytime Friday or later.


      thanks for working with me.



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