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  1. So without reading the whole thread again, if someone were to use factory ammo could they put that through this and come out with more consistent shells? And I mean just the crimping part, OBVIOUSLY. W
  2. It's not like those semi-autos are collectable. Get one or two and you're done. Cowboy guns on the other hand, just doesn't stop. If I could put Parental Control on my Internet I would be blocking SASS Wire Classified and Gunbroker. Wife is no help. Well if you want it and have the money, GO AHEAD! SOMEBODY'S GOTTA BE THE PARENT!
  3. Dave always gets the blame.
  4. Thank you, Zack! That means a lot to me. I wouldn't mind getting in on that reunion with some stories of old that Sun mentioned. Anyway, it is always good to hear from you. Take care!
  5. Just give Shyster some Heavy Game loads. He will thank you for it later ... after years of therapy.
  6. Pyro will rust any metal surface in the same room. Avoid at all costs. T7 is snappy. If you're using 180gr bullet in a .38 you're not caring much about recoil. Go with T7. I could prolly dig out a partially used can of T7 that you can try before you buy. I think I GAVE AWAY the last of the Pyrodex I had. Good riddance.
  7. Prayers for family and friends especially his Cowboy friends.
  8. I missed you and Anita, BIG! Hope someday the world can be semi normal again.
  9. I'm guessing you and all the Black Gold crew were a big part of it. Thanks for keeping it safe for a year while we were in the plague bunker. Bunny says she was glad to be there and enjoyed the shoot!
  10. Many thanks to all those who were involved in getting this old Outlaw this pretty new badge I get to wear (proudly). I ain't really sure what I did to deserve such a huge honor so I guess I'll just keep fumblin' along doing what I do. It was fitting that Black Gold is where The Badge was presented as that is where my life was changed forever. Part of the description of a Regulator says "Their services are worth more than SASS or their club could ever pay." SASS and the friendships I have made are priceless to me. So once again, all I can say is thank you from the bottom of my heart. Waimea
  11. I seem to attract folk that feel I deserve a good whoopin'.
  12. Well stop that! That's a huge advantage over a dirty outlaw that might have cleaned his guns three times since Jace was born. Ok maybe twice. We love having you shoot with us. Wait til we put up the running buffalo!
  13. Jace with Hurricane Charlie at Black Gold.
  14. It's true mark it on your calendar. Florida State Buckaroo Champion, Jace the Ace, puts a whoopin' on Florida State Outlaw Champion, Waimea. It won't be the last time but it is the first! CONGRATULATIONS JACE!
  15. Cowboy logic at it's finest.
  16. Dang you sure like bouncing around. We miss you down here in Florida. Not much snow to roll around in down here though. Take care!
  17. Sounds like you might be ready to enter the world of cataract surgery, just to throw all the balls in the air. Getting mine done after Comin' at Cha.
  18. You're welcome! There's always a lot of bargaining behind the scenes with that stuff. I'll out Whiskey Creek on this one. He donated hard cash to the SWFL Gunslinger raffle. So we are very grateful to him for that. I like the 3 day match but 2 is fine. I'll be there in any case shooting and getting soaked in some Hillbilly thing.
  19. We'll keep the light on for ya.
  20. Sorry, I can't help emoting here. The range has improved so much over the last couple of years. I was happy to be there for Milkbones final Black Gold performance and they really rocked it. Thank you Copperhead Joe and Catatonic for continuing the hillbilly tradition of homespun hospitality. The food was delicious, especially the fish. Thanks to all the folks that help Joe put this together! The SWFL Gang loved it! Special thanks to all who nominated me for Regulator a couple years ago. That badge means more to me than I could ever express in words. And it all began at Black Gold. Waimea (now badged Regulator)
  21. I volunteered for desert war judge and any other but didn't hear back. So if you're short a judge I am available. I decided not to make my whiskey Pie but put the ingredient to good use anyhow.
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