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  1. I have had conversations with range owners, gun shop owners, etc that are supposed to be 2A friendly but rules is rules. Okie dokie. It's a can o' worms and you will never convince anyone to change. I stopped trying a while ago. But it still toasts my shorts.
  2. I watched for about 10 months before I had 4 guns to shoot. Second match I started setting steel. Fourth match I graduated to spotting. By the time I was shooting I knew every job except TO pretty well. You have stumbled on one of my pet peeves. We are all 2nd Amendment friendly BUT leave your carry gun in the car. Makes ZERO sense to me. Waimea
  3. Mine have always been delicious even after a couple years.
  4. I saw that. 1000 Federals 1000 CCI 1000 Winchesters I could have had it up to 10k with match and magnums. But PAL.
  5. Waimea

    Years supply?

    I'd get in on that buy. I'd put up for at least 150k if they're a good price. Keep me in the loop.
  6. Waimea

    TO question

    Not trying to filter lead fumes. GSR is dust. I am not a physician or anybody that's real smart. If I was I probably wouldn't be casting bullets for money. I've done a fair amount of research and a recurring theme seems to point to a couple of things I can do better at the shop and TOing. So I've decided to wear a mask while TOing to help me from breathing gun shot residue due to lead in primers. Waimea
  7. Waimea

    TO question

    I wear a mask (when I remember) when TOing because I believe that a lot of the lead in my blood came from breathing while running the timer. I rarely breathe while shooting so not an issue. The pandemic is just an extra bonus for mask wearers and other assorted Outlaws. Waimea
  8. Welcome Jedi Brothers. Hope to shoot with you down the trail. Waimea
  9. I only shoot Ultimate when I am shamed into it. That's difficult as, generally, I have no shame.
  10. Jimmie has a SG like it too. I tried it but didn't care for it. The stock helps me stabilize.
  11. Me, Jimmie and Cactus Red had a little Ultimate match going at Black Gold. Lots of fun. Loose Cinch in NC seems to be the EPICENTER of shooting rifle from the hip. I don't really care for it much as the spent shells tend to hit me in the face. I have enough trouble concentrating on hitting the targets without having to duck incoming flying objects.
  12. I need to get a Cowboy Pony Express together. 30+- miles south of Birmingham AL to FL. Blackwater Bob's place or near there would be the pickup. If you know Blackwater Bob, you might guess just what the pickup is. Panhandle of FL would be fine. Preferably near Chipley. Can anybody help with this? Talk to me.
  13. This kind of post is so wrong. Now the rumors about Sidekick joining Milkbone will start. Blackwater taking shooting lessons from Sidekick. The mind just boggles with all the possibilities.
  14. So many factors go into the cost of ANYTHING manufactured. Raw materials Labor Delivery of the product Regulations Taxes I've been very fortunate to keep all my costs really low. Still a one man operation. Might be frustrating to some customers because I limit what is in the inventory on my website. But labor costs at my shop - I just don't even want to know. LOL Delivery - thank God for USPS Flat Rate. Plus the best is personal delivery. Getting out and shooting. That's really why I started the business. Get to meet lots of people. Thank you to everyone who supports the guys and gals you're shooting with. Waimea
  15. Pick your battles, Men. Wearing a mask does NOT equal "compliance". No more than not wearing a mask shows how Freedom Loving you are. I believe there will be battles ahead where you will be able to choose either of the above. Waimea
  16. Thanks BB. Have fun lollygagging. Try not to get Kajun too involved in the lollygagging process. I expect they would just throw away his key. Don't care how much Kajun Kash he brought along for bail. Wouldn't be enough.
  17. Well, gonna enjoy my last full day for a week or so here in SWFL. Leaving tomorrow at 6:00am. Several stops to make in GA. See everyone on Tuesday!
  18. Max Sounds like you got a bunch of the bases covered. Has Ophelia gotten tested? If so, what's her BLL number? What are you doing differently than her? Let's talk at BG.
  19. I've had dealings with Barleycorn before. Although he's got a funny name, not like Waimea, he is a straight shooter. VERY straight. Purdy nice guy too. Disclaimer: I was not paid to say nice things. Although I am not opposed to the idea.
  20. Yeah I hate it when that happens.
  21. Kajun, you got a Black Badge in Copperhead Juice drinkin'. Now you can teach others.
  22. I used to wash my hands before eating anything at the range but my BLL kept getting higher. Then I found D-Lead soap. Did you know regular soap doesn't remove heavy metals (lead) from your hands? My lead count went from 24 to 10 in eight weeks. I give a lot of credit to D-Lead. I like what Cass said "Check your BLL every 3 months or so till you get it where you want it." I will add to that "then never get it checked again".
  23. LOL I lost the front site off my rifle on my very first FL State Match. Finished 4 stages without it.
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