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  1. It was. All the showers plumbing was split. Toilets were aok. I went under willingly. This actually me trying to get out (I was pretty cramped up) but the story reads better if they're shoving me under.
  2. You guys are makin' me all gushy inside. Or maybe it was the raisin bran, I don't know. Anyway here is just one of my favorite memories. Me getting shoved under the bathhouse to do some emergency work. GOOD TIMES! Have a great Black Gold 2021!
  3. Thanks! It will be a tough one to miss. We're almost done hiding. Hopefully I won't have to introduce myself all over when I do get back at it.
  4. Bunch of daggone Outlaws gonna be there. Sadly it will be the first I've missed in a long stretch. I KNOW everyone that goes will have a great time!
  5. I'd buy a Colt Python. I already have Cowboy guns.
  6. I got one but I haven't outgrown it myownself. You won't be sorry getting one.
  7. Tried that. Never seemed to dry. In any case time it wasn't cost effective. Free sometimes really isn't free.
  8. Watch out for range lead. I found a range that asked me to clean out the lead. I could keep lead for free. Thought it was a great idea. I'm all for free anything. Unfortunately it had wood with creosote, ie railroad ties mixed in. Causes cancer. That wasn't bad enough once I was melting a bunch of the range lead, I was across the shop doing something else and I heard BANG, PING! Live round mixed in. I called the range 5 minutes later and let them know that was my last pick up. I went through the rest of the buckets I had found 2 more live .22s. I kept th
  9. I am sorry to hear about the passing of a friend. Shadow Bay will always remain a colorful character in my memory. I sat with him in the hospital after he face planted on the range from heat stroke. The absolute best though was when Johnny loaded up his .45 rifle with .38 rounds and they just kind of dribbled out the end of the barrel. Nobody laughed at that harder than Johnny. In fact I just retold that story the other day. Johnny's wife Dianna helped us sell our house in Windermere 5 years ago when we moved south. The membership of the Yacht C
  10. I was a part-time photographer for the local newspaper while in HS. They used to take those tapes to Buffalo every week. Come back with the newspaper from the prior run.
  11. Warden Your post reminded me that I have a myopic view of bullets. I think in terms of slow moving cowboy bullets. Hardness should be around 12 bhn. High speed bullets 1200 fps and above need to be harder 16 bhn. If soft bullets are used in high speed applications then leading will occur. And all of this info doesn't take coating into account. I don't do coating. Waimea
  12. Too hard by itself. You should mix it with pure lead. Too hard lead will have poor accuracy and end up leading your barrel. It leads your barrel bc it does not expand and fill in the grooves. So gasses end up escaping around the sides of the bullets.
  14. I have a large shirt I'll send to ya. Just pm me.
  15. I'll take the blue with no stripe. Let me know where to send the gold dust. My preference is Paypal but you're da boss.
  16. RRR I don't know. I wish I had asked. W
  17. I did a search on Gunbroker and found a few. https://www.gunbroker.com/Single-Shot-Shotguns/search?Keywords=ithaca 66
  18. THANKS, MH. I'll be hitting Goodwill myself this week too. I've found quite a few collarless shirts in men's. Never looked in kids clothes.
  19. Gunbelt is taken care of. In need of a couple of boy's medium size shirts. If you have a son or grand that has grown out of some clothes, let me know.
  20. I had one too. Kicked the same way but loved it as it was my first gun. There are two barrel lengths on the 66 that I know of 28" and 22". The 22" might be rifled. All from memory here. It was a great gun and I wish I still had it. Kick and all. Waimea
  21. We have a new family that is interested in Cowboy Action Shooting. The son is wildly interested. His mom told me after his first intro to CAS last he said "I have found my people!" So anyhow next weekend is his birthday and I'd like to surprise him with some cowboy stuff. He needs shirts but not really sure of boys sizes. He's 8 going on 9. So that might be a boy's medium. I have a pair of holsters but no belt size 26. He's got a Damascus knife he's pretty proud of. He's shooting my Henry and Single Six .22s right now. He got a shotgun for hos birthday.
  22. Me too. Bought my first SG from him. Gone way too soon.
  23. .357 Your dyslexia is showing. But don't worry there's aways someone there to correct you on the internet. It just happened to be my turn. BTW Is that a gold trigger? If it is it means something to those who know.
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