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  1. The Miroku is fairly easy to lighten up. If you take your time with a dremel turned fairly slow and work the sides of the spring slowly so and in shifts so to speak so it does not get hot you can make it the way it feels best for you. The only screw to loosen is the small one that puts more tension on the spring. You can adjust it also but do not ket it be loose cause will fall out. As far as springs also do the same with the carrier and lever springs. If you take your time you will have a great running rifle tuned the way you like.
  2. I have a pair of gunfighter grips for the bisley. Wood checkered. Just one gun.
  3. Does anyone know if Jason has shut down or something else? His website is gone and cannot get ahold of him.
  4. EL MALO 2 4.75_ 357 OCT BBL CK ARMY GRIP.html
  5. The el malo 2 has an octagon barrel, lowered wider hammer and 1860 army grip. I think the Thunderball was another variation?
  6. Could be a pipedream but just need one as have one already. These are nice with the 1860 army grip.
  7. Texas grips makes extended grips for our saa's. Shooting duelist and also needed longer grips for my hands. Had tried bisleys and not bad but like the feel of my usfa's with the extended grips better.
  8. The cz with SBGW springs makes a big difference in the lever but not so noticeable in sear. Taking one coil off of cocking springs helped a bunch but I think I can take another coil off without problems as primers are hit very hard still. Also needed alot of deburring which is easy to do. The only issue having is with single trigger. Will fire one barrel only set one way and fire both barrels set the other way.
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