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  1. I have an 1866 miroku deluxe, 24" octagon barrel. It is verrrrrryyyyy nice. Has been smoothed up a bit and runs nice. Also have 2 1873 miroku's, one 20" cch and one 24" deluxe sporter octagon. They all are fantastic. The longer barrel is interesting in that with little extra weight stays steady when running fast.
  2. Modify existing is easy. Once you get to the spring, you can either do in place or remove. Just need to gently bend the contact side a bit to lighten pressure. Do not get overly agressive with it.
  3. Ok. Will add another opinion, hopefully better than my last post. Started with a stoeger and found that just did not like the feel of it, whatever that is worth. Switched to a 97 for 3or 4 years until we disagreed with each other. Went back to a double baikal and found could shoot that better than my stoeger. Than really stepped up and had a Fast Eddie skb and at same time had a browning BSS. They were both great but found that could shoot browning quicker. Like the beavertail forend over splinter and also like the little bit more weight of the Browning. That being said an SKB by fat Eddie is awesome. So there you go.
  4. MBFields

    2 WTCs

    Yep. Did not read well enough and should have remembered anyway.
  5. MBFields

    2 WTCs

    Did loaded pistols break 170 as bent down/over to pickup round? Never mind.
  6. Have a new one if you are still looking?
  7. Lever safety spring is an easy fix. have 3 mirokus and 1 uberti slicked up. The miroku I shoot is slick as the uberti and all that took is lightening the springs until it "felt right". Mirokus are awesome.
  8. Altamonte is temporarily unavailable, eagle is ,$130/pair.
  9. Looking for slimmer grips for my OMV's.
  10. While this is true cannot always get the bargain deal we all want. Mirokus sell for what the market demands I guess mostly because less of them.
  11. Have tried shooting with the "other hand" and cannot hit the broadside of anything so I think for safety sake , mine and yours, will stick to shooting with one hand. Transition with both hands though.
  12. The trigger is something trying to figure out how. Thought about cutting the uberti trigger off where would cut the Miroku and weld together but not sure if can.
  13. Cowboy Carty or Cody Conagher. If you are game doing by yourself is fairly easy. The Miroku stroke is already shorter from factory. It's then a matter of lightening springs. Also safety spring can be altered some to make it lighter. Have done 2 of my mirokus and work great.
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