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  1. 2 pairs of worn very little boots. Both are in excellent shape as you can see by the pics. Both are same size 12 d, probably a narrower d maybe wide c. Top are Cowtown rattlesnake $160 shipped Bottom are Black Jack cracked bullhide. $160 shipped Make a deal on both pairs together.
  2. Interested in 2nd gen nickel colt. More info, build date, papers? Nickel good?
  3. 1858, probably a farmer as did that for the last 42 years.
  4. Nice feedback everyone. This year they are giving out.....its a surprise.
  5. I also have a rig from Nick and agree with all of your statements. He is a vendor at Winter Range so get to chat with him a bit every year.
  6. There is nothing as soothing or great sounding as holding a second gen colt and going click, click, click, click, then repeat over and over.
  7. Could I get fast eddie contact info?
  8. Belt is 44". Had rugers originally and then usfa's, both worked. They are 4 3/4 holsters. Not sure why 2 posts.
  9. Have a nice rig made by M Shelhart. Strong side, crossdraw holsters, bullet pouch, 38/357 bullet loops. Measures 44' to middle hole, I have a 38" waist. Holsters on belt are metal lined, others are all leather. $225 + shipping. Will have at winter range also if want to pickup there.
  10. Uberti henry, brass receiver, 24" barrel ,44-40. Very nice. $700 Pieta frontier pistols, 4 3/4 barrels, cch, lowered hammers, checkered grips by classic laser. These are very smooth from the factory. Had for a year but mostly safe queens. $875
  11. So guessing needs to be operated on for shooting? Barrel length? That is gorgeous.
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