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  1. Have had 2nd and 3rd gen colts. The only thing spectacular about them I'd the name and all the history and romanticism. Hands down USFA is higher built quality. Across the board they had same quality build with every model, only difference would be in the options. Next for me would be pietta frontier and great western II. Uberti falls back because of hammer safety's. Standard does not match quality of USFA and are way overpriced. My .0000002 cents worth.
  2. Do it through ebay, they will respond.
  3. Cowtown rattlesnake boots. Like new, cannot wear these either. $55 Open to reasonable offers,
  4. Have a pair of USFA'S, one 5.5, one 7.5. same spring setup. Nice thing is they are the same weight or a tad heavier than my main match guns so shooting is similar. Henry golden boy for rifle. Lot of fun.
  5. With the cancelation of WR and other shoots am glad to see people anxious to get back "in the groove."
  6. Great shooter. Put in lightened springs. Very smooth. Ser# 6837. Has original box, springs, literature. 3 sets of grips.$1650.
  7. Ben Avery would not allow it. They are restricting gathering size, ie winter range not happening. And well the heat.
  8. That is not the same rifle as the op is looking at. I have the same as op is looking at. Buy it. Right now is supply and demand and there are only so many shot show rifles made and then done. Mirokus have better fit and finish and nicer wood with the more deluxe models. The lever safety spring is easily adjusted by tweaking it. The pistol grip and shotgun buttstock are what made this attractive to me. The 24' barrel actually impressed me with how well stays on target without feeling heavy, maybe due to the half octagon half round barrel.
  9. Will take one #9) 357 cartridge screwdriver if available.
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