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  1. The only problem i see with rugers longevity is it made me come up with new excuses why I needed different guns, worn out and broken don't work for rugers anymore.
  2. Rugers are very tough. Hard to wear out or break. Personal preference on either, feel, handling etc. Shot rugers for 5 years and now shooting clones, just because I like variety.
  3. Any work done? Could you send some pics to bekkfarm@msn.com.
  4. Looking for above. Thinking of different categories. let me know what have. Thanks.
  5. There we go, positive reinforcement! Always a silver lining.
  6. We are in gilbert, 56 miles to ben avery, 66 miles to cowtown, 50 miles to casa grande, and 25 or so to rio salado. Right in the middle.
  7. Selling my 97 that bought from Outlaw Gambler in 17. This has not been used very much, as went back and forth with my win 97 and used as my main 97 for the last year. Coyote cap worked and has his engraving on bolt. $875
  8. Here is a pic with stag on top of usfa grip.
  9. No, my usfas have pins and these grips do not have the holes drilled for them, so pic is not accurate looking. Do not want to drill holes in grips.
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