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  1. 2 years ago. Transitioning from rifle running downrange to pistol targets and My crossdraw pistol jumped out all on its own.
  2. In the open picture you can see that it is double lug if you enlarge it, but I will take a better picture with the barrel's off. Thanks.
  3. Fast Eddie is great but heard that his wait time right now is quite awhile. Have an Skb 200e for sale now in the classifieds. These are very hard to find. Will make you a great deal. Pm me if interested.
  4. Opening the action will not show much as skb springs are kind of hidden under cocking levers and any stoning to smooth out anything was done but really not very necessary, cannot really even see that.
  5. Beautiful skb 200e with 26" barrels, could not bring myself to cut them down. Auto ejectors changed to extractors. Top lever is bent left a bit for easier opening. Mouth of barrels very slightly beveled for easier shell insertion. Shoots very nice and opens and closes with ease. Will email more pics upon request. $1750 shipped to ffl.
  6. Respectfully, need to find POA for starting point, then move on as I said " do what is needed".Freehand is freehand and not solid enough to start with. Loads are a whole different matter.
  7. Before you do any filing, shoot each one from some kind of solid benchrest so you can have a solid base for barrel and grip. Set it where you think front sight should be and then find your POA. Start adjustment after you find where the POA is centered and then see where front sight is, you can do what's needed after that.
  8. Did you sell your SKB you had awhile back on the wire? I have an SKB 100 fast Eddy action job. $1575
  9. My second gens are very smooth and nice after worked on them some and fit great. They are shooters. My early 3rd gens were not as smooth and nice until opened them up and deburred. smoothed made sure timing was good and worked springs. Now they are as smooth as my second gens. As far as removable cylinder bushing, no comment, personal preference. and as a side note, my USFA's are better fit and finished than either the 2nd or 3rd gens but still not colts.
  10. Longhunter sells them. Maybe you can get some info from them. Also Boomstick in Texas has worked or knows about working them, maybe ask him?
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