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  1. The miroku's generally have better workmanship than uberti's new, nicer wood ,fit and tend to have a shorter stroke. The ones I have cycle 38spl rounds very well in various lengths and configurations.
  2. Looking for a pair of these, stainless preferred but will look at blued. Would be nice to have them already smoothed with super blackhawk hammers. Let me know if looking for anything in trade also.MB
  3. I would shoot your rifle a bit to see how you like it now before spending a bunch on it. Had a uberti competition a few years back and it ran nice. Just a thought.
  4. Assortment of odds and ends including a new phantom trigger. $35 + shipping.
  5. Uberti, Miroku are both reliable out of the box. If you are looking for faster or nicer then Miroku out of box, but they both work fine.
  6. MBFields

    Duelist Grip

    That is why put Colt grips on my Usfa's, feel perfect in hand.
  7. MBFields

    Duelist Grip

    I get it. I do not rotate up. I tried army grips on some pistols a few years back and did not do well with them. I am going to put all fingers wrapped on grip. Have done that before and will get used to it. Thanks everyone.
  8. MBFields

    Duelist Grip

    Not sure what you mean by rotating the gun. When practicing I concentrate on keeping gun on as close to target as possible while cocking it.
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