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  1. Contact Joe Perkins, Out Law Grips.
  2. I reloaded my Brass 16 ga. shells with Smokeyless. The shells were converted to use regular SG primers. Shells also had Teflon base wads. They were made by Hammer Double, sorry no longer made. Unique was my powder of choice. I also have some 16 ga Rocky Mt. Cartridge Brass shells, I use for hunting. Kinda pricey tho, mine cost $5.00 ea.
  3. As a retired SASS/CAS shooter now, Border Town was always my Favorite Match !!!!!!
  4. When installing the roll on brass cases, put a slight roll. If you go to far you will not be able to get the wads and cards installed. If the roll is excessive, use a mandrel from the inside case rim and adjust as necessary. I have been there and done it all.
  5. Use a Mandrel and a plastic hammer. Insert mandrel in brass case, with plastic hammer , carefully tap out the area in question. I have restored many of my distorted brass SG cases using this method. Then resize them.
  6. Nice if you have the time to reload cylinders on a bench. However not so good for a match. I can reload my two Colt C&B Navies cylinders on the piece faster than one can reload with that device. I use a tower of power, when I have the plenty of time. During a Match, not so much.
  7. You can also do a custom Hammer Spring adjustment on a reduced Spring by installing a S/S split lock washer or two under the spring hold down screw. I had this on my Pietta 51's I tuned. I never used cap rakes or such, and never had cap sucking. The hammer face slots were Tig-welded closed, faces filed & squared for a perfect strike and polished with a stone. All the frame surfaces where a Cap might hang up, like under the cylinder/water table were also polished. I also used reduced powder loads. Only shot Pietta's, 1851's & 1860's.
  8. Some use 44WCF cases for the 45 Colt loading.
  9. Have you shot yours ? I have, both Smokeless & Black. I refuse to discuss Smokeless, don't ask.
  10. My Fancy NAA Cap and ball Companion, fourteen Carat Gold plated limited edition. Original fluted cylinder with Gold accent flutes. Second cylinder shown installed, engraving by Jim Downing, "The Gun Engraver". Piece was made in 1999 as a Special one time edition.
  11. Joe does an excellent job, has lots of material to choose from. Living in Arizona, I visited his shop in Tucson and selected the Wood from his stock blanks. Not shown is the Palm swell I had him do on the left side. Here it is. Makes for very accurate off hand hold. This is one accurate 45 Cimarron. Engraving is by; Jim Downing, The Gun Engraver. Also note the Wood too Metal fit of the grips.
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