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  1. This photo was taken several weeks before he past. He wore the scarf to cover the Cancer tumor. He is completing his Book , assisted by Mark Twain. The Book was published in a two volume set. This photo is in the book.
  2. With a 250 gr RN and 7 gr. of Unique, the Bond is a handful. I use brass 410's and load #4 buck, makes for a nice shot load. 3" 410's are fun to shoot, but can be brutal !!! My EDC load is the Hornady critical defence 180 gr 45 colt.
  3. My Bond "Snake Slayer", 45 colt/.410, Engraving by Jim Downing, The Gun Engraver,
  4. 5.4 grains of Unique ,a 200 grain pill and a tight roll crimp worked for me in both Rifle and Revolver. Unique likes a nice tight crimp. Bullets sized to .429"
  5. All my brass 12 & 16 shells always had a slight roll on the case mouth, helps in many ways.
  6. The reason Dillon does not want BP to be loaded from the Powder Hopper is; The powder funnel/expander moves inside the Hopper holder, Steel on Steel. I will continue to dip my BP.
  7. Order the tool head, it includes the powder hopper stem. This way you can move your dies from one tool head to the other. Order the powder funnel/expander. I bought my brass flask funnel from Track of the Wolf.
  8. Yep; I have made my own adaptor. Buy from Dillon the powder die adaptor that is included in the tool head. Second buy a powder funnel/ case expander for your chosen caliber. Epoxy the funnel/expander in the die adaptor, make sure it is straight in the adaptor, your belling adjustment. is as usual, only the funnel does not float in the die adaptor. For a powder funnel on top, I have a powder flask funnel (brass) with the stim cut off to bottom out in the die adaptor. Works for my 44WCF reloading.
  9. Thanks for the purchase.

    Send a postal money order for $40.00 to:

    Also send me your address

    Arthur Smith

    17802 N. 130th Drive

    Sun City West, Arizona  85375




    1. Prairie Dawg, SASS #50329

      Prairie Dawg, SASS #50329

      Hey Lefty:


      Shipping is to:

      Lou Polsinelli

      3265 Silsby Road 

      Cleveland Heights, Ohio 44118

  10. Howdy, Lefty,

    What do you mean the hammer slot was tig welded?

    I have a LeMat with a hammer that sits to the left in the slot, and it hits the corner of the nipple pockets on the cylinder. The gun is new to me, and I just discovered the problem, so I haven't found a solution yet. Hence, my question to you. Maybe this is what I need.

    Thanks for your time,

    Brazos John

  11. Yes, I will ship two bags, Flat rate small priority box. two bags will fit. Shipping is $7.20 for a total of $67.20.

    Email me your address, I only accept Postal money orders.



    My address will be on your acceptance reply, E-mail

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