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  1. Searching high and low for a Hunters Specialties "Bill Collector" single reed duck call. The barrel color on this model is blue.
  2. I like Roy well enough, but when it comes to slinging, he couldn't carry Bo's saddle bags.
  3. Look at the money we'll save tonight.
  4. Always excellent in westerns and he was also pretty dern good in "Nebraska ".
  5. I am pretty sure I know how all those liberal pukes voted ..... these should be the faces they make when they come to realize what they've done.
  6. In 2013 my daughter was in Belize and brought me back a bottle of this. I have been buying it ever since. It's hot but also has a good flavor to it.
  7. Clint Eastwood way out in front..... Followed by : Steve McQueen, Lee Marvin and Bruce Dern.
  8. Howdy, Fence Cutter. Michael D. Cory

                                              2904 BRALORNE CT

                                              BAKERSFIELD, CA 93309


    Thanks partner

    Happy trails


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    2. Fence Cutter

      Fence Cutter

      The freight has been dropped off at the depot.  Sent it priority, expected to arrive on Friday. I have the tracking number if we need it.


    3. Quick Draw Granpaw #48525

      Quick Draw Granpaw #48525

      Russ, appreciate the information, have a great weekend pardner!

      Looking forward to arrival and cold weather.

      Happy trails and shoot straight.



    4. Quick Draw Granpaw #48525

      Quick Draw Granpaw #48525

      Russ, the jacket arrived Saturday evening, many thanks partner, QDG/Mike

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