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  1. As always..... Stirrup Trouble = A #1 promoter !
  2. Last time RIA sold it in September of 2012 it brought $322,000. The new fall issue of Guns of the Old West has an article about the new Uberti model.
  3. I've always said to become my next wife she must own either a '68 Charger or a liquor store.
  4. Is ant hill related to Hank Hill ?
  5. Why are you asking us? That's pre determined by the dealer.
  6. That's understandable. We all know that unless we wrap our electronic gadgets in tin foil, something or someone occasionally takes control......
  7. ^^^^^^^^^^^ Nope, Fence cutter did not say that. Please delete. Never named a gun in my life.
  8. Still waiting for an answer to that question......
  9. Yep. Same reason sheets of tin are not flat.
  10. Using as a main match gun ? What are the high and lows ? Did it need as turned up as a '72 open top ?
  11. Nope it does not. But you are more than welcome to feel any way you want. It's referring to those who cannot decide if old guns should be shot or not.
  12. Collector's item or using piece..... ....... way too much thought being put into this. I'm not a millionaire, but if I want a gun and it works and I want to use it, I will buy it. I'm not a cork sniffer so I don't need a book end firearm, but I will buy a " collectors item" if it's what I find. If you are worried about losing money on a firearm because you'll be using it, that means you probably can't afford it in the first place.
  13. Also..... ....... and in more everyday use, A vent is a notch on the actual face of the branding iron, that is located on a corner or joint area of the brand to prevent blotching from excessive heating where the two pieces meet. Take the letter L for instance. Where the vertical and horizontal meet on the corner, the face of the iron is notched to allow relief from the heat of the two sides making contact in a small area, otherwise it would blotch from basically twice the heat in the single area and not make a clean corner. That notch is called a vent.
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