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  1. By law you are not to put anything on electric poles.... But look how many are covered with signs to find a missing dog, graduation party with an arrow, garage sales, e t c........
  2. A couple of times I have had one of my bank's ask for my password while I was making a deposit. I guess they're on guard for every type of scam there is in the world, but it sure annoys the hell out of me. Like what, some thug is going to walk in and deposit money in my account. More power to him.
  3. And there is always the DIY route like you see here.....
  4. Punch the accelerator before you hit the elk to raise the front of the car up........ If you can react that fast.
  5. Would the fiber wads be made outa lettuce and bran?
  6. I seen these for the first time a couple weeks ago and took a couple pictures to post on here and forgot about them until I seen Wyatt beat me to the draw. Here is the back of the box........
  7. Yep. I'm thinking of cutting up my Cabelas card and digging out the Scheels card that I have never used and may not even have activated it. I've always had good results when dealing with them.
  8. That should help them from getting rear-ended........
  9. And....... a good place to hide from the law.
  10. They say I've always had a thing for knives.
  11. That is probably what the vegan, bunny hugging, entitlest dreamers would prefer...... I guess they don't even go house-to-house anymore. They go trick or treating through grocery stores, shopping malls and church parking lots where it is called Trunk or Treat. Also heard they want to move it from October 31st to something like the last Saturday of the month so that no one is out late on a school night. Also heard they want to start making it less scary for the kids and the new trend is to buy the ugly pumpkins first, not the perfect ones, and then paint them with pretty, soft colored paints. So I guess that means they dont want to offend a pumpkin by picking it last or using a knife on them. And as always, I suppose they feel all their ideas are worthy of blue ribbons.......
  12. That's how ya put the FUN in FUNeral.......
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