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  1. How long is the gestation period if a hamster is bread?
  2. Anybody but the chefs can win the superbowl ....
  3. I pack this around. Trimmed up from what it was back in the day...... I use only Clubman wax.
  4. Being to lazy to work, to nervous to steal and to jealous to pimp....... I guess that leaves # 5. I'd stand behind the bar all day and polish shot glasses like I see 'em do in all the old western movies.
  5. He's already worth around 60 million and his wife is worth 7.6 million, but he wants to become "financially independent"...... What am I missing here.........
  6. In time the new Millennial term for large loop will become Enhanced Lever
  7. Why the heck did he not do a head mount! No room in his house?........ Most of the time those monsters end up getting sold to the large outdoor stores anyway.
  8. For everyday knives I have no brand loyalty at all because for me it works better to have a favorite gal instead of a favorite knife...... ..... therefore each morning I'll grab one of these without putting much thought into it. Some are decent others are junk but they're all sharp as hell and that's what matters to me.
  9. To anyone interested in getting one I would strongly suggest an 1858 or 1875 Remington style due to the ease of using them. Let alone the fact that they are available in .357 mag. and are also more authentic then the Colt style. Keep your eye on GunBroker, Guns International, GunsAmerica, Armslist or any of the other sites. They come up used quite often. A lot are .44 caliber black powder that are relatively cheap but then you need to deal with the cost of getting and fitting a .45 Colt conversion cylinder to it. But that's not a big problem if that's the caliber you prefer. A plus to the black powder version is they don't need to be sent to a FFL. Mine has the standard 18" barrel on it, I have always been thinking been thinking of changing it to the more authentic 24" or 26" barrel. If you get one and take it to a match be prepared for the line of people wanting to try it out afterwards. I really enjoy the heck out of mine. If the government came by and told me I can only keep 25 guns, it would be one of the first to get thrown into the save pile........
  10. I have used my 1875 Navy Arms .357 mag. at local shoots. It is a blast and I've figured out it can be shot fairly fast with a little practice. This one is from the late 1970s and a keeper.
  11. Quality control & customer-service has faded into the sunset just like common sense & manners.
  12. Yes I am filling sheets of paper with the questions I have for the owners of this house with this system in it. And like most people I'm really skeptical of the main floor having the heating tubes in the ceiling.
  13. Thanks to all who have shared their input. Using this and the contacts I've made I've figured this much out.... If installed correctly it's great, if not it sucks. I only know this much so far..... The house was built in mid 50s. But I don't know if the system was built in then or added later. It is a gas set up. In the finished basement it is in the floor. On the main floor it is in the ceiling. The current unit was put in 9 years ago. I have only been in it once, and took a couple pix to start the research....
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