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  1. Looks like the hijackers forgot where the plane took off from!
  2. Oh boy! That would be yummy spread on some flourless bread and washed down with a tall glass of almond milk...... ........ right up there with plant-based meat . AKA meatless meat.
  3. Not just the celebrity type news people...... News people on our local channels have also remained well groomed whether at home or still in the studio. Same with the local and state politicians that keep there mugs in the limelight.
  4. Probably to allow for more stocking of turtleneck sweaters and cabin slippers.
  5. I have always seen moisture chances as 50/50..... It either will or it won't.
  6. How about the dumb a$$ feel good advice t.v. weathermen give ....... You may be able to open a window tomorrow. Don't forget to water your pets. Take along an umbrella. Don't forget your jacket. Wear a scarf and mittens. Keep a shovel in your car. Get out and enjoy the weekend. Check on your neighbors. Use your sunscreen. Take shelter in your safe place. Mind your own business......
  7. 1888 S&W for side matches. 1870s Eclipse for the fun of it.
  8. Can you name me a profession that is worse at doing their job then weathermen / weather forecasters, and yet they get to keep their job? And no, I don't want to hear politician. They are in a separate category of flat-out liars.
  9. ..... and if you think things are sucky today, just wait until tomorrow.
  10. A very nice gesture, I bet it will be surely appreciated. Good luck!
  11. If it's a gift ...... does it really matter if it doesn't look "used" ?
  12. Yep I heard this from some nurses I know that hospitals are getting paid to make covid19 claims...... Everyone is making money on this bull crap except you, me, us and small businesses.
  13. And this is why I've always laundered my money....
  14. Yep, they would be welcome around my fire.....
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