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  1. Didn't say you were wrong. But you are wrong in trying to define me because of my answer. You have no idea who I am, yet you try to categorize me because of my view of a certain style of music? If you don't want to know other people's opinions, or are so easily offended by a strangers opinion.... Merry Christmas anyway. And Peace on Earth from one cowboy shooter to another.
  2. The last one I'll ever hear will be my favorite.
  3. Seriously? .....there are people in the world who have not shot 22s or hunted with them since they were kids? .... what caliber did you start out with to learn basics of marksmanship, hunting and safe gun handling?
  4. I have this 1875 Uberti made, E.M.F. marked .357 made in 1976. Enjoy the heck outa it. Figured out a trick to shootin it pretty fast and now and then will use in a monthly. To me they are a fascinating firearm. If you want a history lesson about them or want to order a custom-made one, go here.... fairfaxfirearmsrepair.com
  5. Sounds like the second T.P shortage is starting, you might need to start using those face masks as ass wipe.....
  6. Here is one way to take care of the "hard to find" ammo problem - rccbrass.com Here's another - hlebooks.com
  7. Being too lazy to work, to nervous to steal and to jealous to pimp left me with only one option to feed myself.....
  8. Also good info. and ammo can be found here... cartridgecollectors.org sportingcollectibles.com rtgammo.com I do not have a .32 rimfire, but when I do find one that I can't live without I will be able to try it out because I do pick up the ammo when I see it at auctions and such. Plus the boxes from back in the day are just plain cool.
  9. Good reason to make her a ex-wife.
  10. A couple of my longtime favorites are in this picture.
  11. Made by Bob Blackwood in Farmersville, Texas. A great bull rider and spur maker. Passed in 1998.
  12. That shows some folks don't think right
  13. Sure looks like 5 & 1/2 , I don't know who would argue with that
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