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  1. Some of the best range owners in the sport, always committed to everyone having a good time, facility is really come a long way and looks great, banquet was at Choctaw Casino, food was excellent, gave away two guns to each posse, everyone had a 2 in 18 chance of winning a gun! I hope many more OK state shooters will come next year, missed a great match! I will def be back next year!
  2. I don't know why someone would write a stage with 5 rds in one pistol and 4 in the other??
  3. Excellent work Yul, I am proud to say I own one also, one of a kind pieces of art built by one of the nicest guys in the game...and for the record...I like mine better than Bucks, he runs a close second!...CoJack
  4. I’ve got a 155 45 Poly Coated I think you would really like in your pistols, have a lot of shooters using them in 45s. If you want some more info or some samples, PM me and we can chat...be good to see you again
  5. Well said Dave, we love having you and your wife at our little club in Leonard! See you soon...CoJack
  6. Very good to have Al back, really enjoy shooting with him and his wife...
  7. The ground actually is ok to restage your guns as long as its done safely....
  8. LORD HELP US!!! Welcome back...don't forget to take your Texas re-entrance exam!! Great Spaghetti Western...now that was a helluva match!!
  9. What are you doing in Texas may I ask??
  10. I understand it just fine...look at it this way, if the shooter restages the gun on the table, it bounces around a little, never stops moving, and slides off the table and hits the ground, never breaking the 170, the shooter lost control of the gun, and earns a SDQ, i.e...it came to rest somewhere other than intended. This is a dropped gun. In the same scenario, the shooter restages the gun, it bounces around a little but stops, and for whatever reason later in the stage slides off the table never breaking the 170, this is a gun falling off of a prop, shooter earns a minor safety, it doesn't necessarily mean its a prop failure just because it fell off the table. If it breaks the 170 in the this scenario, shooter earns a SDQ. The only way for a shooter to get a reshoot is if it was called a prop failure, meaning one leg of the table might have broken or some other part of the stage caused it to fall. In the original post it sounds like it was restaged a little rough and fell off the table, hence the DQ for the dropped gun.
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