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  1. It’s not the bullet, it’s the gun
  2. Kirk I understand yours and everyones frustrations, we don't need a class on spotting, its covered very well in both RO1 and RO2. Every RO class I teach it is stressed to the utmost about spotting. The monthly matches at our club we will tend to get lazy about it at times. We often remind everyone at the safety meeting to be vigilant when spotting. Every State, Regional, and above match I attend, spotting is always addressed to be of the utmost importance. Its up to all of us to make sure we have good spotters, some people just don't like doing it or are not good at it, know your groups limitations and work around it. Creeker said it best in the above, if a shooter is trying their best it is all of our responsibility to make sure the TO and counters are to.
  3. It takes a very experienced shooter to count for Matt, its hard to count for a shooter that fast, but it is fun to watch!
  4. They have a golf cart tour in Bisbee that's takes you all over and talks about the history of the town, very interesting and no stairs....
  5. Very good news, blessings to you and your family...
  6. I see it now...that was an extremely confusing description...just 3 misses....
  7. Where in the post does it say the shooter declared a malfunction?
  8. There is nothing mentioned in the original post about a rifle malfunction, just that it was discarded with rounds left in it.
  9. My take would be a minor safety for the rounds left in the rifle and 3 misses for the targets left standing
  10. No it cannot, if the shotgun closes on an empty chamber it is still cocked, penalty applies....can only move with shotgun uncocked on empty rounds or empty chamber...uncocked
  11. Definitely look at River Junction Trading, I believe they are in Iowa, they specialize in authentic old west clothing...
  12. Shut your a**, im already having a hard time not taking it!
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