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  1. Due to scheduling at our state and yearly matches were Wild Bunch matches are scheduled I have been unable to participate becuase I'm working running other side matches. I had this rig made several years ago and only used it one time. The rig consist of belt ,40" to center hole(belt only, never measured buckel), three double .magazine pouches and holster. Color is light chestnut and black with red stitching I forgot what the stampi g pattern was called but it's one beautiful rig. Price is $416.00 shipped by USPS. Payment method USPA Money order. I don't do Pay Pal. First I'll take gets it. Thanks for looking.
  2. I've been using AfterShokz for years. Love them. Use them along with ear plugs when I mow my yard, without the plugs you can't heat very well over the mower. Neat thing about them is you can hear what's going on around you while listening your favorite music or radio program.
  3. Most likely a timing issue. The bt is not droppimg and thus not letti g the cylinder rotate. Bolt spri g may need adjustment or it may loose or cracked. Thats where i wod check first.
  4. Anyone coming to KY State match got shotgun primers (Federal or Winchester) they would trade for Federal Small pistol primers, have 1000 would trade even for Federal or Winchester 209s. I would prefer to trade for the full 100 and not partials. Before anyone ask, no they are not for sales if no trade happens. I don't use them for CAS, but I does use them.
  5. There is no need to bullets in the case to fire form them back to 45-70. A charge of 35-40 hrs of either 2F or 3F and a heavy wax plug in the case ,(if softened beeswax works great, or use candle wax). Worked great for me .
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