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  1. I just put on my fire retardant underwear, so I'm ready to be flamed. We ignore/ modify the dress rules because it get hot, what rule Is next. How about dropping the penalties for misses and a procedural because they decrease our chances of winning. No MS for an empty hull left in your shotgun/rifle/pistol cause an empty can't hurt anyone. (End of sarcasm) My point is we follow all the rules, not just the we like or agree with.
  2. I have the Balloon on my 2020 F250. It's my third one, all have been trouble free and work well. I have no experience with the others bit would highly recommend the Balloon.
  3. Will miss seeing you there. Take care of yourself and be ready for Black gold.
  4. I had the same problem when reloading for my M1A, small base die took care of problem.
  5. First shoot with Blackjack and his daughter at Mulecamp in 1999 and several times since. Was a great guy, he will be missed. Prayer for the family.
  6. Sound like your hand spring is cracked or possibly bummed up and and not allowing the hand to engage correctly.
  7. J-M leather did move to NC for a short while but is now in Bulls Gap,Tn
  8. I have for sale a Spingfield Armory XDM Compact in 40 S&W, 3.8" barrel, comes with 2 magazines, one 16 round with grip extension, one 11 round, holster, magazine holder and hard case. Has had approximately 150 fired through it. $490.00 shipped to your FFL. Can EMAIL Pictures upon request,(never had in luck with photobucket.)
  9. I have the following guns for sales. No trades. All prices include shipping. Prefer USPS money orders as method of payment. (1) two (2) Ruger New Model vaqueros, 45 Colt, 4 5/8" barrels, High Gloss Stainless Steel, Will only sale as a pair, NIB $1250.00 ​​SOLD ​​PENDING FUNDS​ I bought these because I had never used Ruger in 25+ years of CAS thought I would see what I was missing but found I do not like the grip design or balance. (2) Marlin 1894 Cowboy Limited, 45 Colt, 24"octagon barrel, checkered stock, has usual safe dings on stock. $1100.00 ​SOLD PENDING FUNDS This wa
  10. My friend uses #10 Remington caps as do I. Before I changed the nipples I never had a problem with caps falling off. I had shortened the old nipples a bit so that when seated the caps where we're on a fatter section of the nipples. I never had time to do these as I got the nipples the day before the match. I use a short plastic rod to set the caps. I do occasionally have a spent cap fall off,usually between my hand and the grip,not a fun experience.
  11. He also pointed out that a lot of conversion cylinder must be taken out to be loaded so what is the difference?
  12. He doesn't like using a capper because of sometime they fall off, his reason is he can squeeze the caps and put them on with confidence that they will stay on. I did for one match by hand with the cylinder in the gun and it was a pain. And that was on new nipples, the match before I had at least one cap per gun come off per stage with the new nipples. I had replaced them because the other were becoming deformed. They had been on the cylinders for about 12 years
  13. This was brought up in a discussion with a friend recently and I could not give him an answer that I knew was absolutely correct. I have looked through the Shooters Handbook and RO1 mamual,did it very quickly at work so I may have missed the answer to the following question. Is a shooter allowed to remove the charged cylinders from his C&B revolver at the loading table to cap them by hand the put them back into the revolver?
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