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  1. And I thought you loved taking a Marlin apart at the unloading table
  2. Lefty could barely fit into as it was. If you look you will see that they barely came down to the top of his boots
  3. I'm not sure about the last time he won but I do know in 2007 or 2008 he used borrowed guns in 44-40 and finished 3rd overall.
  4. Considering that 90% of the toggle link rifles that were shot at EOT, and that might be a low estimate are short stroked so I dont see the advantage. According to your logic all Lefty needs to do is start shooting short stroked pistols and he will win the overall next year. Anyone that knows what it takes to compete at the top of this sport will tell you that that has nothing to do with it.
  5. If you think tricked out guns makes a difference then how do you explain the fact that both Matt Black and Missouri Lefty (when he shoots traditional) can shoot their pistols faster than almost everybody in the game. Neither one of them shoots short strokes pistols.
  6. Ok stage 1 it was only 1 maybe 2 steps that you had to take there wasn't enough distance for a double shooter to have shells in the gun but a 97 shooter could have a shell in the gun. Stage 10 you could shoot all 6 targets without moving so that actually favors a 97
  7. I will say that while it wasn't the match I was expecting I like this years setup better than I did last years. I will be back next year it doesn't matter to me how the targets are set up.
  8. I have to disagree with you about the stages favoring doubles this year. I felt like it was a big improvement this year over last year. I dont have my stage book in front of me but I think there was only one stage where the shotgun was split, the rest of the stages once you started with your shotgun you engaged all the targets. Movement between shots doesn't favor one style of shotgun over another.
  9. I saw Billy shoot stage 12 and it was simply amazing.
  10. Cowboy Carty was the men's winner
  11. They announced it at the awards.
  12. Lefty shot an amazing match to finish 2nd overall the highest finish of a gunfighter ever at EOT.
  13. Blackwater I wouldn't miss Black Gold. I finished 8th overall.
  14. I'm pretty sure that is from last year. There were only 29 clean shooters this year.
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