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  1. I appreciate the offer but I would prefer to sell FTF. Thanks though.
  2. Do you have any contact information for SnaKe Oil George? Thanks for the reply.
  3. Can anyone recommend a gunsmith in the Tulsa area? Thanks .
  4. I won this in a raffle several years ago and shot 50 rounds through it. Comes with 2 magazines, plastic case. I am not a .40 calibre shooter so am selling to buy something else. Asking $175 FTF in Tulsa area.
  5. I bought this used but it looks like it has had very little if any use. Asking $195 and would like to sell FTF in the Tulsa area. I have not shot it selling to make room for something else.
  6. I wonder how he got my alias?
  7. My eyes are not what they used to be and I'm wondering if a different rear sight would help on my 1866 rifle and my 92 I use as a backup. They both have the semi buckhorn sights now. Is anyone using the full buckhorn and any pros and cons of the sight would be welcome. Thanks.
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