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  1. Our website has had that problem for a long time, why don’t we just fix it? We all want new shooters in our sport but the first place they would go to find a shoot to attend has this problem. Looks like we would want to make it easier for shooters to find a match.
  2. That is phenomenal customer service! I have been thinking about getting something like that so I’ll definitely check them out. Thanks for passing that on.
  3. I have always loaded and shot RNFP lead bullets in my 45 colt rifle and pistols, normally 250 grains. I have been thinking about experimenting with a lighter bullet and I see a lot of those are SWC’s. Does anyone shoot a 45 SWC? Will I see any major difference in loading for it or shooting it, other than the lighter weight and different POI? Thanks.
  4. Ruger makes a great product and it will be fun to watch what they do with their new purchase.
  5. A great idea. It would be a good way to find those items you are looking for and probably some you weren’t.
  6. If you were only going to buy one set of revolvers, Ruger. Chances are you will end up with others also.
  7. I appreciate the offer but I would rather not ship at this time. I’ll contact you if something changes. Thanks again.
  8. I purchased this Used several years ago and have never used it. I just recently got everything out. I greased the press and everything seems to be working but I have not loaded on it. Comes with 5 primer attachments ,several shell plates, primer feeders, case feeders and other misc. ( see photos). The shell holders cover several calibers 38 S&W, 380 auto, 38 spl/ 357 mag, 44 spl/44 mag, 45 colt and several others. Asking $125 FTF in Tulsa area. This is too heavy to mail and I don’t want to break up. Thanks.
  9. The holsters on the inside of the door are nice. If you have some type of carpet on your inside door you can get individual holsters. As mentioned above, you may be able to get the whole setup from the safe manufacturer.
  10. Thanks for the responses. You’ve given me some good information and some things to think about. Appreciate it!
  11. I have been thinking about the possibility of a reproduction cartridge firing Cavalry Sharps in 45-70 as a future purchase. It looks like these are tough to find. I didn’t see one on Uberti’s website but Pedersoli shows one. Taylor’s shows one out of stock and Cimarron shows an Armi Sport Mcnelly which I am not familiar with. I know these are not long range weapons but how far would they realistically shoot? I plan on shooting mainly BP in it and from what I have read a lot of shooters use filler in their loads ( as I understand the military did) to reduce recoil. How did you determine how much filler to use? Any thoughts or comments on the gun/loads are appreciated. Thanks.
  12. It is good to see the Henry’s in those older movies. I see the 92’s with the forearm removed in quite a few of the oldies. I guess they are trying to make them look like a Henry. One of the blessings (or curses) of playing this game is knowing the firearms. It always bothers me when the movie is set in the 1870’s etc in the old west and they all use 92 Winchester’s . I watched “The Searchers “ again the other night which is set a few years after the civil war and there are the 92’s and 1873 colts. I have learned to live with it.
  13. My eyes are not what they used to be and I'm wondering if a different rear sight would help on my 1866 rifle and my 92 I use as a backup. They both have the semi buckhorn sights now. Is anyone using the full buckhorn and any pros and cons of the sight would be welcome. Thanks.
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