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  1. Curly, I’ll take the 44 Russian. send me a text for funds plus shipping. 4178944208
  2. Just let me know if you’re interested in mine. Thanks
  3. H&R Officer’s model 1873 Springfield trapdoor. Very good condition. $1100.00 plus shipping. New price
  4. Let me know if you’re still interested in a 76 50//95

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Cusz M. Dutch SASS Life 55326
    3. Cusz M. Dutch SASS Life 55326

      Cusz M. Dutch SASS Life 55326

      Going after a buffalo was a dream my wife had when she was alive.  I went along and had a good chance to draw this year but did not.  As such, really do not think I will put in for a tag next year or ever again.  Really do not have any pressing need for a new rifle in that caliber.   

      Might change 2-3 years from now but who really knows



    4. Smokie, SASS # 6061
  5. Send me a pm of what you might be interested in. I am interested in the trapdoor. parrotcannon10@gmail.com 4178944208
  6. I’ll take the barrel. Just send me address Smokie. 5749 Martin rd apt 2105 plano tx 75024 4178944208
  7. Send me your address. Side note, we met years ago Smokie 4178944208
  8. Sgt I’ll take it. Let me where to send the gold. Smokie Jeff Dunaway 4178944208
  9. I’ll take it. Let me know where to send the gold. Smokie 4178944208
  10. OK sorry senior moment!!!! Tied up tomorrow maybe Thursday morning, OR ??

    Rifle gear again ??

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