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  1. I will take a box of 'em. Where do I send the gold dust. I also do PayPal.
  2. S&W 38 Spl +P from the Performance Center Mod 642-1 Hand-cut, hand-fitted and precisely fine-tuned 1.875” barrel is easy to conceal Aluminum-alloy frame and stainless steel barrel Integral sight and fixed rear sight, tuned action with box 216 rds. Remington FMJ 130 gr 38 Spl 25 rds. Hornady Critical Defense 38 Spl 110 gr FTX $500.00 ($606.74 retail at Cabela's for all this!) Just incase you might consider shorter barrel. It is in new condition. My FFL to your FFL, I will pay the shipping cost. I bought it for my wife and she didn't like it. Prefers a 380.
  3. Hi Wild Walt,

    I am very interested in the Uberti Lightning.  Problem is I have and AR to sell and I just put it on MEWE.com, Southwest Virginia Gun Trader.  I Hope I can raise the money before someone beats me to it.


    Chet Anderson

    Southern Drifter

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