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  1. Thanks for the purchase.

    Send a postal money order for $40.00 to:

    Also send me your address

    Arthur Smith

    17802 N. 130th Drive

    Sun City West, Arizona  85375




    1. Prairie Dawg, SASS #50329

      Prairie Dawg, SASS #50329

      Hey Lefty:


      Shipping is to:

      Lou Polsinelli

      3265 Silsby Road 

      Cleveland Heights, Ohio 44118

  2. Yes, I will ship two bags, Flat rate small priority box. two bags will fit. Shipping is $7.20 for a total of $67.20.

    Email me your address, I only accept Postal money orders.



    My address will be on your acceptance reply, E-mail

  3. I wipe my Hammer sides and face after every stage, no cap sucks and usually four out of five caps are still on the cones and must be lifted off at the unloading table. Polish those Hammer faces and keep them clean ! I can not see nail polish on the cones doing much past the first stage.
  4. I tried both 3/4 & 7/8 oz loads, back to 1 oz loads. lot more forgiving and better for KO targets.
  5. Johnny Meadows, has the 16 ga. reamer for chamber & forcing cone. He did my 97/16 several Years ago. Makes a big difference.
  6. I shoot a pair of Custom shop Colt 44WCF. Also fitted for 44 Special cylinders. There are many that shoot Colts, for SASS/CAS.
  7. I have stated many times, if I am ever restricted to one Rifle it will be my Rossi 92/44 mag. I have a folding leaf barrel sight for 100 yards and lower. A tang sight for 200 yards and beyond. The piece is very accurate at 200 yards with a 240 gr. lead or Nosler RNJSP.
  8. The primer flash hole drill is a # 46 drill, The hole should be .081" 1/16" = .0625"
  9. 1/16" is not the primer flash hole size. It is a number drill size, IIRC. I have it written down some where. The proper size is on the end of the Lyman flash hole tool. I use this for my case prep.
  10. Pietta's Lazer engraving is supurb. They have been doing it for awhile. My Hickok 1851 Pietta is lazer engraved.
  11. I will be at BT, and shooting my Brassers. Lets plan on an evening over dinner of discussion on the topic at hand. How many will be there shooting the brass shells or have a sample for show & tell ? I only do a roll crimp on the case when it needs a touch up, or when they are new. And I do not anneal the case mouths. You can, BUT! be careful how far down you go. Sage Rider annealed some case's and went to far, they expanded in the chamber and he had to drive them out with a cleaning rod. I would say, no more than a 1/4".
  12. Parson John, did not expect his topic to last this long, quite a thread I must say.
  13. A few years back I bought a Grocery bag full of Alcan 16 ga. wads for brass shells, the Vendor was happy to take my $5.00. The stash included both OPC's & 1/2, 3/8" cushion wads. The 1/2" are lubed, (dry now). All wads are in original boxes. 500 to the box.
  14. Griff; Next time you visit, bring your brass shells and we will, Get-er-Done Pard. Have your cases clean and ready to go.
  15. Set many a primer years ago with a Lee hand Loader, never had one go off.
  16. I think ya better get busy ! Ya might wana make the 12 ga. double thickness. I made a 16 ga. wood loading block, single thickness 3/4". That long case gets kinda wobbly in the short hole. Or drill thru and put a 1/8" bottom on the block. I have never tipped it over yet, but came close once charging shot.
  17. Keep your eye out for a Flambeau shot shell loading block. Yellow in color, plastic , approx. 10 X 10 inches square. Dual sided, one side 28-20 gauge, other side 16-12 gauge. And holds 50 rounds. These were made in the 1960-70 era. Great for loading, and working on Brass shells. I found the one I have in a LGS in La Grande, Oregon. I think I paid $2.00 for the loading block. They might show up and Gun Shows, Yard Sales, etc. Hard to miss the Yellow color and 50 square holes per side.
  18. My, we have some interest in Brass Shell's. This Thread & post is almost 2000 views so far. Reminds me of the thread we had going over on CAS City a few Years ago. That's when Coffinmaker decided to make the plunge !
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