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  1. In Oregon. What PWB said. I thought shop called it in, but owner is at desk in back room so used FICS online.. I've waited up to a day in previous transfers using the same shop, but I did not bother to research the details, or potential impact before now. Fate, telling me to stick with C&B. (And complete the move to Idaho.)
  2. This afternoon, I stopped at the FFL holder to "pick up" a Uberti sold to me by a SASS Wire pard. The shipment to the FFL holder from my pard had arrived. I filled out the paperwork, waited for the NICS check to complete, and was told by the shop owner, "You are number 5,016." Me: "Say again?" Owner: "Yes, number 5,016 in line, according to the NICS system." <checks a paper schedule on the wall>, "... and it (NICS check approval) should be back by June 1. I'll give you a call then."
  3. I've seen results in Nat Forest, makes bigger, worsemess than shooting beer bottles. Leaving the mess, of course. Save it. Make yourself a bowling ball mortar. Find a farmer with BIG fields, make friends, ...
  4. PolyChoke, screw-on choke, or fixed choke? Yakima, as in central Washington? I started 50 years ago on chukars, ducks and phesants by borrowing mom's 185D. Hunted ducks with it for a weekend 3 years ago; knocked snot out of some lonely mallards, having left the Berettas in the truck. Great shotguns! Mom (83) won't give up her shotgun 'cept to borrow to me. One was advertised locally 2 months ago; I was too lasy to drive 100 miles to get it. I'll keep an eye open.
  5. This post seems to have been truncated, several other posts gone including mine from this morning. Question: Why are the Lipsey 44 Special revolvers stamped "Vaquero" instead of "New Vaquero"? Is it possible that the 44 Spl revolvers do not have the New Vaquero frame? (I already know that the Lipsey revolvers fall in the NV serial number range. Irrelavent to the question.) Can someone with a Lipsey 44 Spl Vaquero check the frame size, please? Or is answer common knowledge?
  6. Turn around time for work on 1851 Colt is +2.5 years, or more. I'm still trying to find out the definition of "more".
  7. Used Bore Butter as over-ball lube in a match last year. It was handy. 'twas all I could find in my stash the night before. Posse member complaints of "are you using BenGay?", "is your back sore, or something?", "that STINKS, what are you using1?" were frequent, with much (pointless) waving of hands trying to clear BP smoke. Mint oil does not spoil; evidently useful in commercial BP lube. Just saying.
  8. I have 19 rounds of Buffalo Bore ("factory ammo") loaded rounds I'm willing to sell. Comes in original 20 round plastic box. Shipping would be UPS Ground. PM if interested.
  9. I disagree. Nothing gas changed. USA citizens in uniform, putting their lives on the line so that stupid people can say stupid things. Those uniformed people spit on, assaulted, denegrated to please a political agenda for the supposed actions of a microscopically small number of bad apples. My employer requires attendance of Black Lives Matter training. They hand out stickers such as the following. (Stuck to a work computer.) Pay for "civil disobediance training", in preparation for massive riots planned by Democrats should Trump have won the election.
  10. Sure Cycle is for waterfowl hunters with a strong focus on magazine shotgun reliability. Stainless steel magazine springs among the doo-dads available for purchase. You should find something adaptable to your needs. https://www.surecycle.com
  11. My retired duck & phesant hunting partner. Barb wire, concertina, shale slides, sheet ice, porcupines, Russian olive thickets, hidden hornet nests, hidden rabbit holes, cliffs, rattle snakes, and lightly wounded aggressive birds could not stop this dog when he was "employed". In his dotage, on pee break, he trips on a small branch while sniffing for tree squirrels in his own back yard, and blows out his cruciate ligament.
  12. How soft is that Hornady swedged bullet? Did it lead up the barrel? Did you try it with BP? Tks.
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