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  1. Nah. Today, If you waited the full 21 minutes, you'd only have 9 minutes of show to watch.
  2. Should work on Lortone barrels, also. Large barrels, 7.5". The original tiny-little-plastic nut needs a slip joint pliers to get snug enough to prevent leaks. Lortone nut has a notch that rides in a tall light aluminum "L" bracket notch; keeps the barrel(s) from wandering while spinning. (Not a critical function.) Rotate the brackets as necessary to make it work. Only need one per barrel. (Pic of top of large, full-height or half-height tumbler barrel.)
  3. I'll take em @ $60/500 and shipping. Please PM your prefered payment and contact info. Palouse
  4. MC, A short carrier does not mean that your rifle is not a good quality and valuable reproduction. Someone that wants it for CAS shooting can "slick it up", making it smoother to operate and more reliable. It does mean that current off-the-shelf "short stroke kits" are nearly impossible to install. Thus, the Go Fastest group within CAS would not likely want your rifle for a main match gun. Your rifle also appears to have a trigger disconnect safety. Actuated by closing the lever fully against the frame, depressing the little button. Helps to reduce chance of out of battery discharge (OOB). Stock 1873 rifles have the disconnect, and early Uberti 1866 & Uberti Henry rifles did. Original Winchester and current (~1990+) Uberti 1866 guns do not. You have a nice rifle,
  5. I'll take the Classic Duster!
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