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  1. A prop gun kept at the photographer's studio for just such "he-man" pictures, that was never owned by herr Kloehr?
  2. Common sense says the only way to not catch the virus is to self isolate. I have no problem with that. Many family and friends currently staying alive doing so. Common sense says that poorly fitting face masks to do not protect yourself or others from a virus. I am all for all food-handlers at restaurants be required to wear a mask to keep them from spreading BACTERIA to restaurant guests, but not applicable here. I object to being treated like a child needing a blanket to hold onto during a lightening storm. I object to our government officials, and the reports tasked with keeping them honest, pushing various useless "blankets" on the public. THEN insisting the others shame those educated well enough to point out the ridiculous nature of the "protection". Add in complete SILENCE on forensic analysis of any of the early outbreaks, and it all reads of nanny-state more worried about panic than education. If you want a mask, ask Utah Bob to show you his M16A1 protective mask. That will help keep virus out of your lungs, eyes and ears. Not much help for virus on your clothes. You are washing your hands every 15 minutes, are you changing clothes in a sterile environment every 15 minutes? Remember? Not even enough time for children to kiss their backsides "goodbye"? Back to The Future:
  3. STOP!! Discussion closed!! The data obtained from CNN, NPR, the internet, statistical, or other sources has been OFFICIALLY prefaced with "studies show that..."!! Therefore, the information is absolute, undeniable, and pure truth!! IN ADDITION, it is backed up by Housefly Logic: 5 trillion houseflies can't possibly be wrong! Forget 150 years of antiquated scientific study of diseases!! Abandon the 30 to 60 years of science classes you may have personally taken, or NBC Training you recieved in the service! Doc's guru has spoken, and has the study to make it true, (and make people FEEL GOOD about doing something stupid.)
  4. You got one? A repro, Sklany, or some such? Looking to sell?
  5. No. Ported. Even so, what does "looks" have to do with it? Intentionally, Desert Eagles are all utt buggly, regardless of trim level!
  6. Punch card punch-outs!!! In the days when nylon leisure suits were king, a small handful of punch-outs in the dorm communal dryer with someone's rayon shirts was the ultimate RF! Better'n blasting shaving cream under a dorm room door!! There was a real purpose for taking FORTRAN class.
  7. Heck, 2,000 nickle 38 Spl., please. From previous post, I have your mail address, and that shipping is $15.05, for total of $75.05. Check and address confirmation in the mail tomorrow.
  8. Having run 4 large-for-their-age nine year old boys through hunter education, a "heavy" weapon is not the way to go. Also, H&R Topper .410 "Youth model" kicked harder than a 20ga Topper, go figure. (With Hardpan and me also testing kick!) I found that Rossi single shot shotgun is near perfect for a beginner to "have their own" weapon. Key is the very easy to manipulate hammer and action. Overall size is right, too. Comes in .410, and frequently with a .22 barrel as a set. Many guns can be frustrating to a young shooter because of not having the strength to get it into action. Small weapons can still be inappropriate if hammer, top lever, striker, etc. are too difficult to operate without assistance. Getting smacked by your weapon (ala Topper), is not good, either. A 15 year old will "grow into a shotgun". An 8 or 9 year old will get gun shy, or hate the frustration, if you are not careful. Rossi!
  9. I know some old time trap shooters that send their Win M12 and M42 shotguns to Simmons. Considered "the go-to place" for getting a solid rib or blue as close to original Winchester as possible. Why not a '97? https://www.simmonsguns.biz/product/blueing-services/
  10. In today's legal environment, if I shoot someone with no weapon trying to steal my car, I go to jail. Some bank guards and armored car drivers carry guns. Does a thief with no weapon who grabs a sack of money from the guard's grasp and tries to run away with it, get shot in the back?
  11. Ah. I get it. Thought maybe it was an "attention to detail" issue in the otherwise excellent drawing. German external modification. That didn't fly in some rules handbooks: out of uniform. We heard tell of German internal modifications; high $$$, comfortable, warm, waterproof boots built to look nearly identical to leg boots. Never found a pair. Should'a called White's to see if they would made some.
  12. Hardpan, Just slip Stagecoach into the sleeve for GWTW, leave it on the coffee table. Next time Ms Brimstone's over, and she asks "how'd you like the movie", just point and say, "that's the best movie from '39, if not ever!" She likes your good taste, and you keep the faith!
  13. Huh? Virus? What virus?
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