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  1. Cool. A Type I Richards conversion. ASM did a good job on those. Never available from Uberti or Pietta Bros.
  2. Dang. Finally. a hat on Classifieds that would fit, and it's BRASS. Alternatively, introducing: "Simeon Steampunk", SASS # 12....
  3. This case tool, as per docs, is for max approximate 20/1000 stretch. The OP's Starline is stretched 200/1000; not even close to same.
  4. Funny, but maybe only Cabelas is laughing: I've been looking for some more Remington #10 percussion caps to hoard. Searching gunshows, gun classified ads, random internet posting, etc. Received an email Cabelas ad for something else that I did not need, and fired a "percussion caps" query. Cabelas had some for sale! I assumed the worst, and placed a 1,000 cap order on March 19th. I figured that Cabelas would return my money, if out of stock was the reality. Received order confirmation, then dead silence. Today, received an "order waiting" email, drove the 7 minutes to my local store, and picked up my caps! Of course, current in-stock status is "out of stock". Was I "lucky"? Well, given that the price was 2.5 times more than the last caps that I purchased, I think that maybe Cabelas should be the only one laughing because of this story. (OBTW, "The Gunworks" in Springfield, Oregon, will sell one and only one 100 cap tin of CCI #11 per visit. Same price as Cabelas, not that Cabelas has 'em. For those Albany/Springfield area Frontiersmen/women out there.)
  5. Nah, not awkward. I'm just more smooth and stylin' than most.
  6. Correct. However, "Skip Line" is just a simple description of what is in the Fox Photo File picture. Actually, the "skip" in the picture is simply deeper-cut lines every 4 or so lines. And like some Sako rilfes that have the "deep-line skip". The skip-line checkering on your Styer forms the more commonly found "bare diamonds" (my quotes), where lines are not cut at all every 5th line or so. Similar to what is found molded into a RamLine stock. (DOH !!!)
  7. A Sako. Maybe L579 or L46; early 1960's. Unique skip line checkering (Sako optional factory feature) Similar pistol grip shape and cap Similar bolt striker design, with "screw notch" (my quotes) for firing pin exposed at back of striker Push button bolt release on left rear of action Not a RamLine stock, plastic or otherwise, because checker pattern is standard and different. The trigger guard is difficult to pin down. Most later Sako rifles had a sloping front to the trigger guard bow. Long Monte Carlo, hard to pick up from picture. Anybody pick up on the "Neanderthal" PhotoShop of the hair and dirt on back of hand? I suspect file "photo", intended to disparage those troglodytes who hunt. Besides, I one-hand-carry my right hand hunting bolt gun in my right hand.
  8. My retired duck & phesant hunting partner. Barb wire, concertina, shale slides, sheet ice, porcupines, Russian olive thickets, hidden hornet nests, hidden rabbit holes, cliffs, rattle snakes, and lightly wounded aggressive birds could not stop this dog when he was "employed". In his dotage, on pee break, he trips on a small branch while sniffing for tree squirrels in his own back yard, and blows out his cruciate ligament.
  9. How soft is that Hornady swedged bullet? Did it lead up the barrel? Did you try it with BP? Tks.
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