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  1. You might give BT a call on Monday ( Tuesday? open?) and ask for features out-the-door for rifle's serial #. THAT is NOT "semi-fancy" stock!
  2. You're going to regret not getting the 28" bbl with the extra 6 lbs of weight. Better accuracy, more velocity, better recoil control and reducing need for time on the universal gym.
  3. I have a barrel and a cylinder for a reproduction Colt Paterson revolver. I want to trade these for Army San Marco (ASM) manufactured 1860 Army **full-length fluted** cylinder. The Uberti-made rammer-style Paterson barrel is a new replacement without sights or rammer. Eleven lands and grooves. The cylinder is in excellent condition. *I do not know the maker of the cylinder.* I will trade for an Army San Marco fluted Colt 1860 Army revolver cylinder. (Fluting runs full-length of the cylinder.) We each pay shipping costs. If you have 3 or more fluted cylinders, LET'S Make a Deal!
  4. "For the death of devils I preside over North Texas" So. Are you just tired of the short barrel? Are you interested in trading for a Taylor's Win 1876 with proper 28" bbl? What else might you be looking for as trade?
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