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  1. I'll take: "50-4) 56-50 Spencer Central Fire Brass, Starline Taylors, (Once-fired), 100 each - $75"
  2. I have a 38 Spl within a few digits of yours, 1968. Currently in unusable condition, have not "dived in" to review issues. The installed "speed hammer" is a clue to the issues... I have a 44/40, still identical in design as yours, 1978. I bought it 4 years ago, like new in box, never fired. I had the same issue with the lever as what appears in your pictures. The lever stroke was very sticky. I immediately disassembled it, other than barrel and lever safety. It was chuck full of brass and steel filings. Cleaned. Most important, the lever spring was dragging agai
  3. http://antiquegunshoppeandmilitaria.com/ Commercial antique dealer. Big west coast player for revolutionary war through Korean war weapons and equipment. I have been in his warehouse/store. Many bays each displaying one nation's equipment for a particular war. (Mannequins wearing complete uniform, vehicles, crew-served weapons, specialty items, etc.) He showed me no sign of being neo-nazi, flag would just be another item for display. Or rather, most likely sale/barter/trade. A friendly sort, usually, and if you call him while he is in-town, he might give you some help.
  4. Regarding PMs, system still returns "trvlrmn cannot receive messages." Please PM me with your payment info, and maybe we can work out the SASS PM issues.
  5. I'll take the 43 Spanish brass. I'll take 200 of the new Starline 44 Colt. I'll take the 44 Rem Mag FC nickle brass. (175). PM inbound. I'd like a shot at the brass 10 gauge and 12 gauge shot shells, and .50 caliber offerings. Please let me know.
  6. It's all about possession. You didn't have possession. As per Joe, contact the "reputable" seller and ask for your money back. If you desperately want the 37, stay in the game and get the police report. Is this the documented J-frame that went up San Juan Hill in Teddy Roosevelt's pocket? No? Well, then the cost and grief is not likely worth it. If you were in possession, you'd be right to push back on a demand to "immediately turn it in" if you can prove you purchased it legally. A stolen gun can be recovered. A recovered gun can later be sold legally by original owner, the
  7. Still need the .41 Colt brass? I just found my stash of brass. 50 unprimed Starline cases. The brass appears slightly dull on the outside as looking through a thick plastic bag, but otherwise appear to be unfired. Need to take the entire bag, $25, shipped. I don't even have a 41 Colt revolver, just bought the bag at a gun show for a just-incase scenario. I like the idea of shooting external-lube bullets in an original black powder era revolver. Too many projects in line to do that, anyway.
  8. I think I regret the loss of every gun I ever sold. ('Cept for that HighPoint carbine, purchased during a major brain cramp as a "cheap-to-shoot truck gun".) Dad and the uncles used to argue over who was owner of an H&R "Sportsman" .22, with all other family members being mere borrowers of said revolver. Fortunately, dad was owner by right of possesion. Most accurate pistol I own. No S&W or Ruger beats it as a grouse gun during Washington deer season. The little half-moon shaped extractor-actuator was wore out when I got it, and I have shot it so much that I
  9. Of the few used that I handled over the years, all seemed to be good West German build and quality. Frame is full sized, not Vaquero or Model P, and adjustable sights. Probably would want to pay less than a used Blackhawk .41. https://www.shootingillustrated.com/articles/2011/7/21/herters-401-powermag
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