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  1. J-Bar sold me a revolver. And I live in CA!! He was willing to go the extra mile for me! THANK YOU! And it was just what he said it was-flaws(cosmetic only) and all. So just wanted to post a public thank you! Parson
  2. I know, hard to find just one, but I have one and its lonely. Would prefer the BP frame but not required. Used but not abused is great. Any finish or none at all works too. Can you read "inexpensive" here? Has to ship FFL to FFL, AND I live in that evil state of California(but Im not evil!!!) Thanks fer lookin, Parson
  3. Straight up and down cowboy..

  4. Dawg, this is what I get fer not lookin often enough!! Havent got to shoot fer couple years. 3 shoulder surgerys later, looks like Im on the upturn. Want the barrel. So, I'll take it!!! Parson
  5. As it says, have a carbine now, but want to duplicate my Grandpa's gun that my Dad gave him the 1st year the 336 came out. Had a 2-1/2 power post reticule scope on it. If you have a barrel you dont need anymore. So, if anyone has an old Weaver 2 1/2 or 3 power post reticule scope- no paralax- you dont need anymore. Post here or PM Parson
  6. One bad in 12 years. Lots of good. Always ship sold stuff on a "look at it first" then send the $. Even gunz. I thank the Moderators for thier time and interest. A great bunch, ALL!!! Parson Now if I could just get the state CA to acknowledge how good we are!!!
  7. My $1400 investment ended up as a wall decoration. Bought used here, tryed to get the guy to take it back. He wouldnt. admitted to me it didnt work AFTER I bought it.I made it a 22" short rifle. Parson
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