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  1. from experience make sure you get a Lee factory crimp die. Parson
  2. is kinda nice to keep the headstamp correct tho. 32's are 321 cal. 30-30 is 308 cal. I have a bag of 50 new Win brass i can send to you for $25 shipped. and see if I can round up any used. Parson
  3. I may have a bag of new Win brass. I think there is 50. Interested? Parson
  4. IF someone has one for a '51 that this pard doesnt buy, I need one too! Parson
  5. Anyone out there shoot one of these? Here again, caught in the CA copper bullet only ,so had to rebarrel the 222.So, I have; 1. 150 new mixed headstamp brass, And a small lot of once fired.$40 shipped. 2. A 788 Remington barrel shot maybe 500 times, $40 shipped SOLD 3. What I think is a 722 Remington barrel, I will sell it for the cost of shipping. $15? SOLD BOTH BARRELS ARE 1X14" twist. will not shoot the longer copper/alloy bullets!!!! (I tried!) Parson
  6. I know, this is a real long shot(pun intended) I've got a nice 64( fancy 94) in 32 Win Special, but..... since I live in the wonderful state of california, I cant buy NON-LEAD bullets in 32cal! Even the Hornedy FXT are lead core and the lead has killed off, I m not sure what. So, if you have one thats in shootable(straight) condition, give me a yell!! Parson
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