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  1. Did anyone actually read his posts? The OP has good pay and insurance but doesn't want to waste travel time that he could be spent with his wife. The just quit and get another job idea is silly so he can be low man in the pole! Why not help him out instead of the beat down? I checked real estate in Odessa and Midland it's certainly comparable to central ohio.
  2. If you're running windows.. Use their media player. Music, video, photo, etc.. You can couple to most any device with drag and drop. I have down loaded to mp3 for mowing all days and thumb drives for cars or to give away.
  3. Daniel Silva.. You won't be disappointed.
  4. My well is 360' deep and pump at 330'.. I don't think I could run it dry if I tried. The pump has been fried twice in the last 28 years by lightening. Insurance covered both times.
  5. The best thing your primary doc can do is admit he's no cardiologist. Go to a larger hospitals ER. IMO you are being way to casual about this.
  6. Remember outing this. guy also reflects badly on management. Since you aren't in charge i would mind my own business.
  7. People who drive in the left most lane with their cruise set at the speed limit minus 1. The left lane is not for cruising. Forcing people to pass on the right isn't cool.
  8. Word to the wise if your birth certificate isn't absolutely correct get it corrected then be sure everything matches. DL, SS, any insurance, wills, whatever.. Your heirs and widow will thank you.
  9. Get yourself a crock pot.. Add a block of Velveeta, can of Hormel chili (no bean), jar of your favorite salsa.
  10. I bought the p320 not long ago in 9mm so I could afford to shoot it a bunch. Im thinking modular would be great for grip size plus it comes in 9mm, 357sig, 40s&w and 45acp. Most folks could have a 9, special folks could go 357sig or 45acp.
  11. He seemed way too skinny and there definitely was something going on with that leg..
  12. I'm betting the guy on the left has a prosthesis leg of some sort.
  13. Get yourself a pair of wireless headphones.. They will block out room noise and you can control your volume independently of the TV speakers. Had a hearing test lately?
  14. Can you get on other web sites? Might want to clear your browser history and cache.
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