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  2. Before the match begins, ask your Posse Leader if you can work the Unloading Table while recharging your revolvers. When a shooter comes to the unloading table, give him your full attention, then return to the task of recharging your cylinders between shooters. It will help if you are among the first shooters on the stage. You should be able to get all four guns loaded by the time the other shooters come through. And they will appreciate your effort in doing posse chores. I'm glad you are enjoying your percussion revolvers! They are addictive. As you gain experience, I'm sure you will find ways to make the loading process more efficient.
  3. Dawn was just breaking over the little town of Stone Creek and the surrounding community, the clouds in the east all turning various shades of pink, purple, and orange. The night had been cool, but the coming spring day promised to be pleasant and warm. Not many of the townsfolk were up yet to see the sun peeking above the horizon, but there were a couple of exceptions. Down at the livery stable, DocWard was getting ready to feed the horses in his care. There was no official station in Stone Creek, but he had an agreement with both Wells Fargo and Overland Mail companies to provide them with fresh horses whenever a stagecoach did pass through. Next door at the blacksmith shop, Blackwater was busy starting a fire in his forge. With planting season in full swing, there was always a steady stream of people needing something fixed, an early start to his day was a necessity. A lamp was burning in the newspaper office as well, as owner/editor/writer/copy boy Hardpan Curmudgeon was getting that week’s edition ready for printing. Not that there was much real news about their sleepy little town to be written about, but he did at least try to keep folks updated on any major news stories from back East, as well as filling the rest of the paper with local events and funny anecdotes. Most folks weren’t too sure how much of Hardpan’s stories were to be believed, but they did make for good reading. Calamity Kris’s combination dress shop and millinery, Grumpy Old Man’s butcher shop, and the general store owned by Sixgun Seamus and his wife Cayenne Kay wouldn’t open until at least 8:00. Neither would the bank run by town mayor Prairie Dawg, although that title was more honorary than anything, the town basically ran itself for the most part. Stone Creek did have its own lawyer, J Mark Flint, even though there wasn’t a whole lot of need for his legal services. He made up for that by also handling the land office duties in the area for the government, as well as installing the town’s one and only telegraph. Both Sheriff Tyrel Cody and the town’s doctor Okie Sawbones were available to anyone needing help 24 hours a day, but even they had to sleep sometime. The saloon run by Whiskey Business was also technically open around the clock, but most of her customers didn’t start showing up until late afternoon. Neither she nor her head barkeep Michigan Slim had seen such a pretty sunrise in over a year, and the saloon’s piano player Rye Miles only saw them if they occurred on Sundays when he pulled double duty helping out Preacher Linn Keller at church services. The town’s schoolmarm, Lorelei Longshot, would not need to arrive at the schoolhouse just yet, some of the students lived quite a ways from town and needed time to take care of their chores before making the long walk to school. Chores were already well underway at one of the two biggest ranches in the area, the S Bar D owned by Sedalia Dave. He and his ranch hands, Stirrup Trouble and Gateway Kid, were too busy getting an early start on their work to pay much attention to the sunrise. Daylight was too precious to waste standing around staring at the clouds. At the nearby Lazy B ranch, Utah Bob had a big pot of coffee on, but that’s about all that had been accomplished yet. It wasn’t called the Lazy B for nothing, Bob and his partners Badger Mountain Charlie and Chickasaw Bill saw no point in getting in a big rush about much of anything, the work would all still be there for doing when their hired hand arrived for the day. The young man from a neighboring farm that they paid to do most of the physical labor for them would be there soon enough. Young Charlie had earned the nickname “Evil” for the amount of trouble he had gotten into as a young boy, but had actually grown up to be one of the most dependable men around. His older sister Calico affectionately referred to him as “Critter”, but they were actually very close. Their parents had died the year before, leaving the small farm to the two of them, and Calico did her best to keep the farm going while her brother worked for Mr. Utah. As the sun continued rising over the still prairie, none of these fine people had any idea of the trouble that would soon overtake their close-knit community, and threaten to rip it apart…
  4. the only problem with that idea is breakfast is canned, lunch and dinner are dry food....yeah, there are some autofeeders that work with canned, but I'd need two of them and it would be a huge hassle...plus I doubt those spoiled brats would like it much... and no, ain't got my car problems fixed yet....the guy at Auto Zone wasn't any help, the one at O'Reilly wouldn't even hardly talk to me, and Saturday appointments at the mechanic up the street are next to impossible to get...
  5. The numbers match E 472723 choke tube is a Modified choke
  6. P-38, I have one my uncle brought back from WW2 Imis
  7. There is no flour or corn meal. That means no fresh bread, biscuits, or corn bread.
  8. A Pard of mine had a bad day yesterday, he has Uberti Colt Clones, and the base pin got pushed into the "Safety Position" and kept the hammer from hitting the primers. I heard there is a fix for this by cutting or grinding off a certain amount from the back of the base pin. Can anyone enlighten me as to that measurement? Thanks!
  9. Long way off your range Outrider....T Bone runs a first class outfit and always makes a fun day for all every time I’ve been down there! BD
  10. I shoot Stoegers First purchase was in 2003.. The basic cheapest Stoeger.. 12 ga. SxS Double trigger.. All blued.. I put a recoil pad on it.. Disabled the auto safety.. Chamfered and polished the chambers.. I also had a local gun shop open both barrel chokes up on it to improved cylinders.. My wife took it away from me late 2004.. To replace it I purchased a Stoeger Coach Gun Supreme.. 12 ga. SxS Double trigger.. Blued barrels.. Polished receiver.. I Put improved cylinder chokes in both barrels.. Disabled auto safety.. Chamfered and polished the chambers.. 2019.. Both still running strong.. Rance Thinkin that's just me
  11. With great sadness to report the loss of our friend and founding member of Sandusky County Regulators Hoss Big aka Bob Staudinger passed away at 12:45 am. This Easter Sunday . He was the go to guy for building our range and we wouldn't have what we have today without him . I could go on and on about this great friend but I can't find all the words . Please keep his wife and family in your prayers this Easter he will be missed by all who knew him may he rest in peace . With a heavy heart , Woodfox
  12. Whoever made that video has never been south of NEW YORK CITY!!!
  13. Great archive post there in “Frontiersman setups” pards. A lot of great info and perspective. Now I’ve only shot cap and ball twice. The first was a week before the actual shoot and the second was the season’s opening shoot. I practiced at the range prior to see how the whole process worked. I loaded each gun on a stand which worked well. I have one flask for each gun because the caliber and charge is different. I prepped my colts by doing some diy smithy work on the uberti’s actions and cylinder pins. Setup the cylinder to barrel clearance. Fitted all with SliXshot nipples (no cap rakes installed) The day of practice and match day I liberally greased the cylinder pin with mobil grease. I thought that I was very successful in that I shot the equivalent 6 stages (30 rounds) through each gun without needing to disassemble of spray any extra lube in the works. The last shot was as smooth as the first. I was intrigued by the loading stands and am trying to figure why that might be faster than leaving the cylinder in the gun. The obvious to me is the ability to see clearly and perhaps the fact that the gun works are not in the way. The biggest challenge is over coming guilt. If any have some of my post in the short time I’ve been on the wire, you may have picked up that I prefer shooting JWS over anything else. I found loading (4) cap guns during a stage did not allow me to help on the posse or watch the other shooters. It was good that so many shooters turned out and the posse was big. I am seriously considering collecting spare cylinders for the 1860 then the 1851. The (2) Walkers may come later but if it gets to be too much I have gated Kirst cylinders but I found out they just don’t give the same satisfaction. ps. I kept all my stuff at my cart and load up right there I just keep an eye out for the occasional smoker.
  14. It would be all about stopping distance
  15. Brawn, however, is head cheese, and they have 12 cases of that. There's no milk because these are GROWN MEN, and have been weaned.:D 500 pounds of baking soda. That's a lot of upset stomachs.
  16. Happy Easter to my Cowboy Family and Friends! Enjoy the time with your families and remember those who can't be with their families. And most importantly remember the true reason behind Easter.
  17. Thanks for the reminder, I need to send that in.
  18. http://www.imfdb.org/wiki/(The_Man_from_U.N.C.L.E.)_-_UNCLE_Custom_Pistol
  19. That falls under fraud laws and should be reported to his State's Attorney General, the local authorities in his area, and the US Postal Inspection Service. If it's too late to do all that, just me, but I'd also be filing a civil suit.
  20. Today
  21. Please consider using SandboxIE. SBIE is a highly effective "internet condom" I place it with all my clients because it is more effective and much less invasive than malware scanners. It has no database to constantly update.. it simply prevents everything downloaded inside the sandbox from executing. You have to take an extra step to move any downloaded item from the SB and back to the "real" disk. Yes, you can shoot yourself in the foot doing this. If you download a bug, and knowingly move it out of the sand box, you will need a bug treatment software. WebRoot and Malwarebytes are two commercial products that work very well, and better than the others. SBIE operates in a protected address space where any downloaded bugs are vaporized when the browser is closed. Think of it as a "roach motel" where the bugs get in.. but cannot get out. The vast majority of bugs come from dirty web sites and emails. Most home users employ a web browser for both, so SBIE is ideal for this use. I have no vested interest in SBIE.
  22. Ok I didn't realize that this show was just an advertisement for NWO. When I was a kid I just liked it. What was the gun that Solo and Kuriakin carried? Real or just a Hollywood creation?
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