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  2. The pills finally kicked in did they?!?
  3. And we have eletrick fans on all the stages!
  4. Man! Funny, funny stuff! This thread should win something. I don't know what, but it should win something!!
  5. Pards, had to withdraw from the Bordertown WB match because of numerous jams with my 1911, don't want to hold up the posse. Are any of you 1911 gunsmiths coming to the match that have an extractor and possibly a slide lock that will fit my Kimber match grade pistol? If so would you consider bringing them and maybe I could get the 1911 working again. Are these parts universal, or will I have to get them from Kimber? Right now I am in limbo, ha ha I'll be there all week and then some! Thanks Regards
  6. In that case, make sure the bolt is "resetting" (so that it will move when you start the cycle again). If not, that is the problem (at least the primary prob.). As you have seen, a locked cylinder won't turn. If the bolt is resetting, the hand is too long (bolt isn't out of the way before the hand engages the ratchet. One of these corrections should allow the action to cycle, so now you can "setup" the action. 1st step is having the bolt head snap into the locking notch simultaneously with reaching full cock (this involves adjusting the hand length). Once that happens, Step 2. Adjusting bolt drop ( bolt "dropping" onto the cylinder) to basically a bolts width before the locking notch (about midway in the approach if one is present). This involves adjusting material on the left bolt arm (in a Colt type action) or the tail of the bolt on a Ruger style bolt. Holler if you need help with that. Mike When you say a broken hand, are you referring to a spring mounted on the hand or an actual "broken" hand?
  7. Congratulations. That now means there is a 96.2% chance something else is about to bust in your house. It never ends.
  8. 45 Colt blue cylinder, looks like new. It fits in my Cattleman and it is 1.853 overall $70 or trade me for something I need but haven't seen yet
  9. sold. I will take. Send email with mailing address so i can send check. My email is - svb7001@humboldt.edu
  10. There's nothing to feel guilty over. Colt SAAs are investments as long as you take care of them. I've never felt guilty over buying anything I knew I could make my money back on.
  11. Perhaps, but from personal experience I can tell you that beer and Cap'n Crunch is NOT a good combination....
  12. Today
  13. The Cabelas store brand for clothes used to be pretty good. Now that Bass Hole has taken over, that Redhead brand is the store brand. The quality control sucks. I only go there for a few small items that I have a hard time finding anywhere else.
  14. I work in a really secure facility. I'm not worried about 99% of the people I work with. The other 1% I avoid at all costs. Since the incident happened after work and off premises, I will change my habits to do my best at avoiding the situation my co worker found herself in. For me, that's the best solution right now. I presented this as a caution to others. Unfortunately, things like this are happening and we need to be aware and able to avoid them if we can, protect or defend ourselves if we can't.
  15. There goes Yul's chance to run for Governor. Rex
  16. That's okay, some of these folks drink after shave lotion, vanilla extract, brake fluid, or anti freeze. It all comes out alright. Usually.
  17. Twas brillig and the slivey dodes did gyr and gimble in the wabe.
  18. I have carried a gun on me when I wasn't supposed to on many occasions. Would you rather lose your job or your life?
  19. You need to check out http://www.americanlongrifles.org/forum/ If I were going to start with a pistol I'd get a Chambers kit: http://www.flintlocks.com/pistols.htm Jim is a master builder and one of the most respected in the flintlock world. Call and talk to them, you'll likely get his daughter, Barbie, who is very knowledgeable and helpful. You could start with a Kibler kit as well, VERY easy to put together: https://kiblerslongrifles.com/collections/rifle-kits Jim is also a master builder and over the years has started making all CNC kits. For more challenges you can get kits from Pecatonia River, Log Cabin Shop and a few others. I'm building one now from a pre-carve that I had a guy in North Carolina inlet the barrel and shape the buttstock. Another master builder that doesn't sell kits at the moment is Mike Brooks, but he did create a great tutorial: http://americanlongrifles.org/PDF/tutorial.pdf
  20. In Southern, that's "Lawsa murcy".
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