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  1. Come on TW, be a good sport and play the game!
  2. Rolan Krapps is the unofficial father of Steam Punk as far as I know, he set up some guidelines for the category for clothing and guns but I don’t have any idea where too find them and to my knowledge they are followed quite loosely!
  3. Did you login to practiscore,it shows your squad by your email address (I think),your squad is the only one you’ll see!
  4. I hear it should be posted later this week. I bet they will be posted on Thursday!
  5. Joe or Cat should have Johns contact info for Kentucky State, he usually shoots with us at Green River Gunslingers in Bowling Green, Ky but I don’t know his email address, he was having problems with it last season.
  6. Prayers for you and Pinky and all your family.
  7. We don’t give out anything at our monthly matches, that’s all we have. Usually 8 to 15 shooters, we keep scores on a tablet and read them off from high to low at the end of the match. The scores are also posted on Facebook and the website usually within a day or two. We do give a box of Remington STS shells to clean shooters!
  8. Dang, I was expecting you to tell me!
  9. Congratulations TW, somebody buy that man a naner split!
  10. Then what would we do at Wartrace for shade?
  11. Long Hunter sells a replacement lever spring I believe, at least that’s where I got mine a few years ago. Might as well get the hardened firing pins while you’re at it.
  12. Sorry to hear that the Burt Clan can’t make it, always look forward to seeing y’all!
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