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  2. I do not recall, in my entire life, ever eating a nacho anything. Nothing against them...and with my Swiss cheese memory I may have eaten something with "nacho" in its title...it just never came across my plate.
  3. I learned up to 12 X 12, I can figure out easy ones above that like 20 X 16 etc. but when it comes to for ex: 17 X 43, I use the old 43 over 17, or the calculator!! 17 X 43 _______ 51 680 _________ = 731
  4. Mernickle set CA5-6 REF1 - border tooled - mahogany color. Belt is 47” at center hole of 7 holes. Belt loops are for 38/357 caliber - holsters are for 5 1/2” clones or new Vaqueros. Ordered for Uberti El Patrons and only used for a few matches - as in picture. One edge blemish on right side shown in pictures. PM with email for any additional picture requests or questions. Looking for $285 shipped.
  5. That's undoubtedly him. The interuniverse society conference was, if my memory is working, at the tail end of Number of the Beast. Of the five Lazarus Long books, Number is #3, but in this rereading I started with Time Enough for Love (#2) and then skipped down to Sail (#5). Thanks Pat.
  6. Appreciate the post. Certainly got my interest. Price seems right for quality, even if model is lacking some cosmetics (that might eventually get scratched up anyway). Now if Sassy just read the SASS Wire she would know a little toy to get Billy for his 74th birthday. Billy could also wait until Christmas too.
  7. Heat the refrieds, dump into bowl, top with shredded cheese, salsa, sour cream or greek yogurt, and sliced scallions. If I have avocados on hand they go over the salsa and under the sour cream. Serve with chips. * *I HATE putting down chips, then dumping the stuff on top. Chips get soggy and, towards the end, all you have are soggy chips with almost nothing on them. More like a layed dip than "Nachos." Kind of amazing how they have evolved from simple fried tortilla chips, individually topped with cheese, then heated, and a slice of pickled jalapeno added, to the gloppy mess we have today.
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  9. We had several kids in my small rural school who spent time in iron lungs. I was unsure as to what was going on but I was aware that my Mother was scared to death for quite some time until the vaccine( administered by a drop of vaccine on a sugar cube) became available to us.
  10. Using cannabidiol oils is not, per the feds, drug use.
  11. ...and the temperature dropped and stayed that way for days even though the furnace worked perfectly...
  12. Yep. They'll go through all your ammo, all your friend's ammo, then raid the rest of the firing line looking for more.
  13. I only recall learning up to the 9’s. Multiplication tables bored me and for some reason I just could not memorize them. I was that kid that always got the question “Quick, shat’s 7 times 8?” And then I would get the “look of disdain” from Mrs Lively and then she would move on to the next kid. I really disliked that woman. I wonder if I wouldn’t learn the “Times Tables” just to irk her. I was a weird kid...
  14. Grandson, in high school, asks “what’s multiplication?”
  15. We had to memorize through 12 x 12. My wife's kids, born in '83 & '84, didn't have to memorize any of them.
  16. She is at what looks to be a counter in a burger joint. Future News Story: Police baffled by explosion at local diner. Police and Fire responded to an incident this afternoon at a local diner. There was an explosion that rocked surrounding businesses. At this time the dead toll is only one person who appears to have been carry some sort of explosive device though the police can find no evidence of explosives being used. The injured all have concussive injuries. The explosion did not cause a fire but the concussion demolished the interior of Joe’s Big Booty Burgers, famous for their huge servings and muffin top deserts...
  17. I've been wondering how she got 'em zipped and buttoned.
  18. Alpo, click this and scroll down to Jesse F. Bone. http://www.heinleinsociety.org/concordance/books/nb_hc.htm Is this what you are looking for? Apparently this is a “concordance” site for Heinlein books.
  19. What if she put it on just to have the photo taken, her own version of 15 seconds of fame.
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