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  2. I dug up where the service line comes up into the house. No leak. I dug up the yard hydrant I had replace about 10 years ago. No leak, but I kissed the pipe with the backhoe bucket and bent it. Had to buy another hydrant. Water company said their meter was functioning okay. Finally got American Leak Detection to come out. About a 3 hour drive for them but I had used that company in Florida before and they were great. After a couple of hours they pinpointed the leak just outside the water meter about 100 yards from the house. So yesterday I dug down where they put their flag and hit mud. I channeled over to the meter pit (with my 1968 entrenching tool) and when I got to the meter pit it appeared the leak was directly under the pit. So I got the water company out to take a look. They get all kinky if you mess around in their meter pit. This morning at 8:30 they showed up with a backhoe and a crew, replaced the meter, new connections, fixed the leak, and were done by 11. So the only work I did really was digging up the yard 3 times with the backhoe and replacing the hydrant. The water company fortunately took care of the bulk of it.
  3. Rod, I will be driving down the second week of November, however I will not have room in my truck for the cart. It will be shipping with the movers. Maybe we can meet somewhere comparable. Last try before the move!! Anyone interested in southwestern PA?
  4. Still the greatest franchise in Major League Baseball and will be for longer than any of us will live to see!!!
  5. Damnyankees. You don't throw the dirt on 'em 'til the fat lady sings. JHC
  6. Pistol Rig with three holsters were sold. Shotgun Belt, Knife & Sheath are now for sale
  7. What staggers my imagination is they can find any of these wrecks at all. I'm accustomed to navigation by visual checkpoints or radio signals like VOR, LORAN, NDB, GPS etc. These coordinates were recorded during a running battle without benefit of such things -- which to me is a guestimate at best. And now these guys are using those logs as a starting point 77 years later. Amazing!
  8. We went to see that when my son was 4. Funny movie. When we left we were in the car and I asked him how he liked the movie. ”It was good”, he said. “And I didn’t even get kicked out”, he added, seemingly quite pleased with himself. ”Whaat?”, I said. Then my wife started to laugh. “I don’t get it”, I said. She said, “He must have heard me talking on the phone to my friend Leslie. I told her we were taking Billy to see Caveman because he’d probably get a kick out of it”. No wonder he was on his best behavior.
  9. So Bob... how hard was the repair project?
  10. Ya. Some of the knotheads in the capitol have been trying for years for statewide well metering - it's just incomprehensible to them that "country folk" should enjoy "free" water. Free like hell! Cost to put in a domestic well around here is up to $35,000. On top of the operating costs, taxes are paid on the installation service, the equipment, the power to run the pump, repairs, plus on the actual the operating costs. And to top it off, starting in 2020 we will be limited to 55 gallons per day in this state, dropping to 50 gallons/day by 2030. Don't plan on showering on laundry day!
  11. Just about all those mentioned by ya'll, but I gotta add Who Framed Roger Rabbit Raising Arizona The Nutty Professor CS
  12. I'm surprised... I had visions of the Lazy Bob Ranch being something like the Ponderosa! Maybe a teensy bit smaller... but not much!
  13. Sounds like just another way for local government to take money they are not entitled to!!
  14. Yeah, no - did not forget her - but you can see Russia from her porch! (Not!)
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  16. I don't think it's universal (yet!), but I know a few people who were required to install meters on new wells or wells that had major repair work. Homes on acreage in unincorporated areas with their own septic systems. Cost was well over a thousand bucks per.
  17. We don’t have a well. Montezuma Valley water system.
  18. Even if you are not on city sewage?
  19. Donovan's Reef for all time favorite. It's a western if you consider the middle of the pacific western. The Quiet Man ranks high as well
  20. Do you have to meter your wells in Colorado? Now required in california.
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