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  1. ++ Evil D. Use GPS by address to find the local sportsmen's club & you'll end up 2 miles away.
  2. Many thanks to the Cottonwood Cowboy Association of Clark, SD for their Fire on the Prairie weekend. It's a great shoot with fun stages, good food & great people. Fire on the Prairie has always been a good, ten stage, two day match & well worth the price. There's a fun team soot & the Saturday steak fry is the best. Hats off to all the folks of CCA who put on the match. THANK YOU!
  3. Not 3-gun, but my local sportsmen's club has a defensive pistol league using cardboard body silhouette targets. I once used my SASS revolvers shooting duelist on a 12 round stage which required a mag change. It opened some eyes about single action revolvers. After the match was complete, I did a CAS demo with pistols, rifle & shotgun on one stage.
  4. Glad to hear you are getting hooked on long range, Bob. Jackpine said to be on the lookout for a rifle for you. A Pedersoli or C. Sharps would suffice. Also a Highwall or Rolling Block will work if you're not totally sold on the Sharps style. I shoot black powder & have gone to wiping the bore after each shot. Wiping is more consistent than the blow tube. Temperature, humidity & your breath can vary where a wet patch doesn't. I run two Ballistol/water mix patches through the bore after each shot, retaining the second for the first wipe next shot. Fouling is kept soft & to a minimum. Cleanup is a snap with a vinegar Windex/water solution. Dry & lube the bore - done. Also, there is nothing wrong with the less expensive Pedersoli Soule tang or Lyman Globe front sights.
  5. I do it Widow style. It's fast.
  6. Just visited Jess' grave. Almost a year & I still get misty eyed. Thank God for the love of a good dog.
  7. I'm with Redd. Whatever happened to Randolph Scott?
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