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  1. OMG is correct. Robert has been around for a while, just not as a regular shooter. He's used borrowed guns, but now he wants to get outfitted & play with us. His budget is tight.
  2. Boulder Canyon Bob had a Pedersoli for sale here recently. Nice rifle at a good price. Don't know if it sold. Do a search.
  3. I prefer short barreled (16-18 in.) bolt action hunting rifles. I'm right handed. I carry muzzle down on my left sholder with the sling to the front, rifle to the rear. This way I can grip the forearm at hip level with my left hand for control. This carry allows me to lift the rifle, swing the butt across my body, take a right hand grip & shoulder it. I am also able to keep my left elbow in the sling with this technique to aid shooting support. This carry style probably has a name. +1 for Pat Riot. Get a good, grippy, wide shoulder strap. Mine are hooked with the shou
  4. I'm with Redd. Whatever happened to Randolph Scott?
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