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  1. At current retail prices for primers, powder & bullets, my cost per round is $0.171 for .38 Special, $0.209 for .45 Colt & $0.273 for 12ga. cowboy ammo using my brass & hulls.
  2. + Doc Shapiro. A local club did that a couple years ago. It was a small group, only one posse. Everyone participated. It was a HOOT. Gunfighters had the advantage.
  3. 25-20 SS & 25-20 WCF have similar characteristics though different cartridges. You can probably use 25-20 WCF pressure data. I too, have a Low Wall In 25-20 SS. 1892 mfg. with a single set trigger. Fun shooting.
  4. My Dad returned from WW2 Italy in March of 1945 under hardship leave. He & Mom married in April. When leave was up they packed his old Plymouth, which had been up on blocks mostly, found the best four tires from the farm's wagons & headed to Kentucky under orders. Then traveled, over the next few weeks, to a couple different places in California & then back to Ft. Snelling in Minnesota for discharge in June. A soldier enroute under transfer orders didn't need ration coupons to get new tires. So by the time they returned home, he had a brand new set of four tires & the old ones to put back on the wagons.
  5. Ordered 1/19/22. Received yesterday 2/15/22.
  6. I have a Rossi 92 in .357. It wears a Lyman globe front sight & a Pedersoli vernier tang sight in the rear. My usual pistol caliber match is 100, 150 & 200 yards. But sometimes for fun, we go for the 250, 300, 400 & 500 yd. targets. Hits can be made.
  7. In need of brass for a .41 Mag Blackhawk. Looking for Mag or Special brass or ammo to get started. What do you have?
  8. Sad news, Drifter. Sorry for your loss. Cap was one of the first cowboys I met when I started 20+ years ago. A true gentleman, he was always ready to give good council or a positive word. The Cowboy world will miss him.
  9. Yes. The Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings, The Silmarillion, Middle Earth tales etc. numerous times. Long & complex stories, but well worth the read. So are Peter Jackson's film versions.
  10. Kiev is the Russian spelling & pronunciation from the USSR days. Kyiv ("keev") is Ukrainian.
  11. I'll take Shooting Sixguns by Venturino. Will contact you pm.
  12. If you have a .40 or .45 caliber single shot rifle, consider getting a Lee Shaver or Dave Crossno barrel liner. Check Buffalo Arms. They convert your rifle/sight package to .22 LR. Will work in Sharps, Rolling Blocks, Highwalls, H & R Handi Rifles, etc. Either are extremely accurate and an inexpensive way to get into .22 silhouette. I used a Crossno in my 45-90 Highwall before I got my CPA 44 1/2.
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