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  1. First gun - 1958 a Winchester single shot .22 birthday present from my Dad. I can still picture the $14.95 price on the box. Three years later we attended an auction & he bought me a used Remington 121 .22 with a fitted hard leather case for $23. Still have the Remington. Had to pass the Winchester on to my brother. A box of .22 Shorts cost $0.50 & the hardware store owner would sell them direct to me. First bought in 1976 - a Colt New Frontier (all steel) .22/.22 mag for $75. Still have it & the guy who sold it to me says he will double my money any time I want to sell it.
  2. Hi Two Ponies. I have your address, but sent you a PM with a payment request. Haven't heard back yet. Let me know, please, so I can send the gold. Thanks, Zeb
  3. I'll take it. PM me for where to send the silver.
  4. Atta boy, Vic! Well deserved. Good job. Hope all goes well for you & Kat.
  5. I'll take the lot. PM me with the specifics, please. Zeb
  6. Or a High Wall, or a Rolling Block, or a CPA Stevens.... And then a rifle caliber lever repeater & a pistol caliber set up for long range. There is no end to the fun!
  7. Buffalo Arms shows the 3 1/2" Sheriffs model (with ejector) in .45 Colt in stock. Out of .38s & 44-40s.
  8. I'll take the Resistol hat for $65 & the pants for $25 if they are too short for Driftwood Dan. Reply with info on where to send the gold. Thanks. Zeb. Oops, too late on the pants. I will take the hat, though
  9. I solved a recurring mag tube rust problem by re-bluing the inside of the tube. I thoroughly cleaned and polished the inside with brass chore boy scrubbers & Hoppes #9 to remove all rust. Then I washed with hot soapy water & rinsed with very hot water. After complete drying, I made half a dozen applications of cold blue. I didn't bother to polish between bluing application as I didn't care if the blue was shiny on the inside of the mag tube. That & stainless spring & follower has deterred any rust. I also clean periodically & for sure after loading damp ammo on a wet shooting day.
  10. The give-and-take between Chester & Doc especially, but sometimes with Matt or Kitty, in the older half hour B&W Gunsmoke shows is the greatest. They always had a sharp remark or little dig for the other. Not PC, but good natured kidding. Real similar to what goes on at our cowboy shoots. Makes life fun.
  11. I've used a canvas belt to carry my 1860 RM conversions in slim jim holsters & shotgun shell slide for 5+ years. It has held its shape well, no tilting, sagging or rolling. One real advantage is it flexes when you bend over. I believe I bought it & the holsters from Buffalo Arms.
  12. And I suppose you are sending the leftovers my way.
  13. I, too, first recognized him as Delmar from "O' Brother, Where Art Thou". He was also one of the cast members of the short-lived TV series CHAOS.
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