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  1. Bullet must be supersonic when passing the target. Won't work for our big bore cowboy era calibers. A similar targeting system is ShotMarker (https://www.autotrickler.com/shotmarker.html ). I'll give them a thumbs up for targeting high power rifles.
  2. Check out Uber Leather in Owatonna MN. https://clpuber.com
  3. It was a very wrong action done by the Minneapolis cops who caused George Floyd's death. The legal process must proceed as rapidly as possible. However, liberal Mayors in both Minneapolis & St. Paul who are ultra PC & kowtow to the whims of the complainers & a feckless Mpls. police chief has allowed protests to turn to riots, looting & arson while the cops have been forced to sit on their hands. Even the local major TV & radio newscasters have acknowledged that.
  4. I shoot .38 special & have a 38-55 cartridge in the back of the bullet loops. I hang my ammo bag on the longer cartridge while shooting.
  5. I'm with Redd. Whatever happened to Randolph Scott?
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