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  1. LGS has 7 boxes of 45-90 factory ammo (20/box). One Ultramax 300g RNFP & six Goex Black Powder 405g RNFP. $55 per box. It's all been on the shelves for quite a while. LGS would probably deal on price or shipping. Reply for info if interested.
  2. Thanks for the update OMG. Sounds like good news. Please keep us posted.
  3. Sad news. May the Good Lord watch over her.
  4. For me it's volume down drop tube from a Lyman 55 BP. I've found weight will vary.
  5. OMG is correct. Robert has been around for a while, just not as a regular shooter. He's used borrowed guns, but now he wants to get outfitted & play with us. His budget is tight.
  6. Boulder Canyon Bob had a Pedersoli for sale here recently. Nice rifle at a good price. Don't know if it sold. Do a search.
  7. I'm with Redd. Whatever happened to Randolph Scott?
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