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  1. Paul. My load was given to me by Curly Cole years ago and Ive been loading it ever since. Its a near duplicate of the Winchester featherlights. 


    Gray WAA12L wad

    7/8 shot

    15.0 grains of Clays

    any 209 primer

    With a Mec loader its bushing #28. This bushing will throw 15.2 grains but its close

    Next time we meet, Ill give ya some loads to try and compare

    P.S. You can load AAs and STS hulls without readjusting anything.


    1. San Joaquin Shootist
    2. Southpaw Gringo, SASS # 74217

      Southpaw Gringo, SASS # 74217

      I forgot you just got a 366 loader. The bushing for 15.0 grns of Clays will be #429. Somehow the bushing chart for your loader is showing that the 429 bushing is the smallest for Clays powder. They got it listed for throwing 16 grns of Clays. Of course your going to have to weight that one. 

    3. San Joaquin Shootist
  2. SJS -

    Here's one I loaded for several years for ex.  She liked it and won with it.


    WAA12L (gray) wad

    7/8 ounce shot

    14.0 to 18.0 gr Clays  (the whole range worked for me, just put a little more pressure on wad with more powder, just wad touching powder with the low end)

    Any primer, but I use Cheddites or Win 209s almost always


    Good luck, GJ


  3. This is an example fo what we are up against: Click here---> http://www.latimes.com/local/lanow/la-me-ln-leland-yee-q-and-a-20160223-story.html And here---> http://www.latimes.com/local/lanow/la-me-ln-a-guide-to-leland-yee-corruption-scandal-shrimp-boy-to-guns-20140328-story.html And here---> http://www.sfexaminer.com/chow-trial-political-fallout-looking-back-at-the-shrimp-boy-saga/
  4. Well you cannot have as much fun with it but there is also a movement to split the state into two states. Click here to read about it---> http://www.soj51.net/ The county I live in voted 2 to 1 for Trump. I suspect we will pay for that as the California Legislature drafts laws to punish our county. Our County Sheriff has a shall issue policy for CCW permits and at a Pro Gun Rights rally I attended he spoke and stated "I will not put law abiding citizens behind bars for violating these new gun laws." So make your jokes but make no mistake, the good fight is being fought here and we are severely out numbered by the leftist leaning LA and SF populations. I ask you to ponder how you would do in similar circumstances? SJS
  5. Well as a resident of California I always joked the state government would build a wall to keep the tax payers in:) truthfully I expected it to be a virtual wall built with some legislation to attempt to tax anyone leaving with funds earned while in California. Then of course they did try this with retirement income but were not successful......yet:\
  6. Howdy, I am installing a new mag spring in my 73. It is extra long since my rifle is the 18 inch barrel Taylor Trapper. How much should I trim off? I heard that if I trim it so 3 inches sticks out of the mag tube that should be about right. Does that sound about right? Thanks in advance, SJS
  7. I have had it with Photobucket also. This is what I am using now---> http://imgur.com/
  8. I'm kind of confused by the post you made here Red Cent. Those pictures are not the same 97 I am talking about. Where those pictures just examples of other random BD 97's?
  9. I will have to ask the buyer. We are in different cities. What is the value either way? Is it a shooter or a wall hanger?
  10. Pictures are not that good, but here they are:
  11. Good morning, I was offered a Black Diamond 1897. It shows quite a bit of wear since it is 100 years old. What is the value of this model? Does anyone use one of these in SASS? Would it be a crime to cut it down for SASS? Thanks in advance, SJS
  12. Here is another story/legend of local lore---> http://noehill.com/sanjoaquin/cal0214.asp
  13. Howdy, Years ago I was headed to a SASS match and I needed an alias. I was going the "back" way and saw this historical marker and used it as an alias. Sad to see the plaques missing---> http://noehill.com/sanjoaquin/cal0777.asp SJS
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