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  1. I'm looking for a Wild Bunch rig in men's size 40 belt. PM me with what you have and price. Thanks in advance, SJS
  2. Firearms can be sold through Private Party Transfer. You could advertise them on Calguns.net as already mentioned: Link click here---> https://www.calguns.net/calgunforum/index.php Non-firearm items that can be easily shipped can be sold on the Sass Wire Classified ads. Depending on where in CA you are located some clubs could help you selling by word of mouth or an ad on their website. If you are near Ripon, CA Barnwood Arms does a fair amount of consignment, link---> https://thebarnwoodarms.com/ I have bought and sold a few over the years. Any other questions you could PM me.
  3. Thanks for the offer pard, I'm pretty firm on the price though.
  4. ***Rig is sold*** Here is a Kirkpatrick Leather "Lady Tequila Rig". Set up for New Vaqueros/Colts/Clones with loops 12 gauge and .38 Special. This was purchased then never used outside of sliding the sixguns in the holsters for test fit. Kirkpatrick sells these for $575 ---> http://www.kirkpatrickleather.com/double-rigs/tequila-ladies-rig-160 As for sizing this is what the Kirkpatrick web site says: " Adjustable straps make it versatile for most sizes. By simply changing the straps, one can shorten or lengthen the belt to the required size. " You can see the spare straps to adjust the belt size in the photos. I am asking $400 plus shipping or would trade for a Men's Wild Bunch rig belt size 40". Thanks for looking Pards!
  5. https://www.oag.ca.gov/firearms/certguns
  6. Thank you for the offer. But I will stick with a 73 or 66 lever gun.
  7. Back in the safe. Thanks for the interest, SJS
  8. I think where you zero the rifle can vary. If you know where it hits at each distance then you can aim accordingly. Also you may want to consider different loads for longer ranges if they come up often. YMMV, SJS
  9. Paul. My load was given to me by Curly Cole years ago and Ive been loading it ever since. Its a near duplicate of the Winchester featherlights. 


    Gray WAA12L wad

    7/8 shot

    15.0 grains of Clays

    any 209 primer

    With a Mec loader its bushing #28. This bushing will throw 15.2 grains but its close

    Next time we meet, Ill give ya some loads to try and compare

    P.S. You can load AAs and STS hulls without readjusting anything.


    1. San Joaquin Shootist
    2. Southpaw Gringo, SASS # 74217

      Southpaw Gringo, SASS # 74217

      I forgot you just got a 366 loader. The bushing for 15.0 grns of Clays will be #429. Somehow the bushing chart for your loader is showing that the 429 bushing is the smallest for Clays powder. They got it listed for throwing 16 grns of Clays. Of course your going to have to weight that one. 

    3. San Joaquin Shootist
  10. SJS -

    Here's one I loaded for several years for ex.  She liked it and won with it.


    WAA12L (gray) wad

    7/8 ounce shot

    14.0 to 18.0 gr Clays  (the whole range worked for me, just put a little more pressure on wad with more powder, just wad touching powder with the low end)

    Any primer, but I use Cheddites or Win 209s almost always


    Good luck, GJ


  11. This is an example fo what we are up against: Click here---> http://www.latimes.com/local/lanow/la-me-ln-leland-yee-q-and-a-20160223-story.html And here---> http://www.latimes.com/local/lanow/la-me-ln-a-guide-to-leland-yee-corruption-scandal-shrimp-boy-to-guns-20140328-story.html And here---> http://www.sfexaminer.com/chow-trial-political-fallout-looking-back-at-the-shrimp-boy-saga/
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