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  1. Howdy, Are there any CAS stage designs online? Thanks in advance, SJS
  2. Hornady One Shot gets used on all pistol loading on my bench As well. Saves a lot of elbow grease:)
  3. Good morning, Could use some help identifying this shotgun, approximate value and mostly suitability for CAS. It is described like this: " Beautiful 1940's - 1950's Ithaca Double Barrel Shotgun is in 98% overall condition. The metal bluing is 100%, the wood finish is 98%." I am pretty sure it is not an SKB. Does anyone know the story on these? Thanks Pards and Happy Mothers Day!
  4. Knob Creek is pretty good as well. https://www.knobcreek.com/
  5. Hardpan, Thanks for sharing this report for what it is like up close and personal to the pandemic in NY. Prayers up for those that are sick and their caregivers! May the caregivers have the courage to rush towards the sound of gun fire or into a burning building. Because what they face each day is just as deadly.
  6. Do you have a routine when it is your turn to head to the loading table? It is nice to do things the same way each time. Then when your guns are loaded just focus on the stage instructions rehearsing them in your mind. I like to repeat in my mind "Let the front sight determine your speed". But you could vary it and say "Put the sixguns back in the holster" or "Eject those empty shotshells". Really anything positive to occupy your thoughts to an outcome you want. It may sound over simplified but just don't think of negative things:) The classic example Lanny Bassham gives is the baseball coach telling his player, "Don't strike Out" which leads to the player striking out. Instead the coach could say "Hit the ball" which leads to the player getting a hit. You really should check out Lanny's book, With Winning In Mind. The Shooting Sports is a great pass time and the first two rules are the most important: 1) Be safe, 2) Have fun! But performing your best also adds to the enjoyment. Shooting Bull, its like you to have positive thoughts. Happy trails, SJS
  7. What is the one tiny distraction causing you to do? Do you shoot the targets out of order or something else?
  8. "Beware the man with one gun, he probably knows how to use it." And because he has THREE BULL WHIPS
  9. Also if you don't mind that it is a forum mostly about USPSA/IPSC the Brian Enos forum has a whole section on Mental Conditioning: Click here---> https://forums.brianenos.com/forum/18-mental-conditioning/ I will say having dabbled in IPSC and CAS as a hobby off and on for many years they are a little different. I can have my buddies rag me and still shoot an IPSC stage pretty well. CAS though I must really focus on to shoot some of the target orders. One distraction and I can train wreck:)
  10. Here is the summation of the article linked above: "The bottom line is: Stop focusing on the negative. Stop complaining, making excuses, bitching around, or in any other way negatively reinforcing what you don’t want in life. Instead be nice to yourself and others, focus on the positive, talk about the good things in life, and just generally try to reinforce what you want more of in life."
  11. Lanny Basham, has a nice book about mental management as it pertains to competition. Here is a nice summary article about it: Click here---> https://www.njlifehacks.com/with-winning-in-mind-lanny-bassham-book-summary/
  12. Paul. My load was given to me by Curly Cole years ago and Ive been loading it ever since. Its a near duplicate of the Winchester featherlights. 


    Gray WAA12L wad

    7/8 shot

    15.0 grains of Clays

    any 209 primer

    With a Mec loader its bushing #28. This bushing will throw 15.2 grains but its close

    Next time we meet, Ill give ya some loads to try and compare

    P.S. You can load AAs and STS hulls without readjusting anything.


    1. San Joaquin Shootist
    2. Southpaw Gringo, SASS # 74217

      Southpaw Gringo, SASS # 74217

      I forgot you just got a 366 loader. The bushing for 15.0 grns of Clays will be #429. Somehow the bushing chart for your loader is showing that the 429 bushing is the smallest for Clays powder. They got it listed for throwing 16 grns of Clays. Of course your going to have to weight that one. 

    3. San Joaquin Shootist
  13. SJS -

    Here's one I loaded for several years for ex.  She liked it and won with it.


    WAA12L (gray) wad

    7/8 ounce shot

    14.0 to 18.0 gr Clays  (the whole range worked for me, just put a little more pressure on wad with more powder, just wad touching powder with the low end)

    Any primer, but I use Cheddites or Win 209s almost always


    Good luck, GJ


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