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  2. Both the .357 and .45 versions are listed as 10+1 on Uberti's Website. It doesn't show the .44 mag or .44-40 as currently available with an 18" barrel. Forty five Colt, .357 mag, .38-40, and .44-40 are all within .020" in case length, and .38 spl & .44 spl are only .005" different. Overall lengths are listed as 1.59" for .357 and 1.60" for .45 Colt, so only .010" difference, or a tenth of an inch in a magazine of ten.
  3. Michigan Residence Need to Steep up and Make some calls to there Representatives ! LEGISLATIVE ACTION ALERT: House Bill 4434 Concealed pistol license holders are among the most law-abiding Michiganders. Despite that, a CPL holder who carries concealed after letting their license lapse by even a single day is guilty of a felony under current law with a prison term of up to five years. House Bill 4434 introduced by Rep. Matt Hall (R-63rd District) with bi-partisan co-sponsors would change that draconian penalty and advance our long and successful efforts to reform Michigan's concealed carry laws. Under HB 4434 H-1, if a person's concealed pistol license expired not more than one year before the date of the violation, and the person remains eligible to obtain a concealed pistol license, and the violation is the person's first in the one year period, they would only be subject to a civil fine of $330. Furthermore, if the person receives their renewal license within 60 days of the violation, the fine would be waived. Second and subsequent violations would become a misdemeanor under the bill if the criteria above are met. MCRGO strongly supports HB 4434. Votes on the bill are being monitored by MCRGO-PAC for the 2020 election ratings and endorsement process. MCRGO Director Steve Dulan testified in support of the bill in committee. We are happy to report the bill was reported with recommendation from committee this morning for consideration by the full House of Representatives. Now we need your help! Please contact your state representative TODAY to ask for a YES vote on HB 4434. You can find your state representative HERE. Strong bi-partisan support for the bill in the House will increase its chances of being signed by the governor following consideration by the Michigan Senate.
  4. I'm looking for a 586 or 686 Smith and Wesson . Prefer a 4". Has to be a 6 shot, not a 7 shot. Prefer pre lock, but lock isnt a deal breaker.
  5. Who is the maker? I want it but it won’t fit me
  6. A friend (now now dont be cruel) gave me some 45/70 cast rounds to try (Lyman mold 522gr postel type). They werent lubed and so I have rolled them in some Lee Liquid Alox and dried them. Can I load them as is over smokeless powder (again dont be cruel) without contaminating the powder or should I clean off the bottom of the proj or use a filler (I dont like this last option at all)
  7. The gasoline in your cars tank, is a far more dangerous explosive. I have never-ever had a insurance company ask if I reload....... Like gasoline-I buy my powder and will never attempt to make it. OLG
  8. Howdy, When I was in high school we wanted to build and shoot rockets. We tried making several fuels. One was black powder. I got a pretty good formula for bp and managed to accidentally light it. In a second the entire basement was full of black smoke. It all burned without exactly exploding because it was not confined. I never tried that again. I wouldn't make bp if you paid me $5000 a pound. I quit when Im ahead. Best CR ps If you do go ahead be sure your insurance is good for it.
  9. Funny, folks are assuming 38/357.
  10. No Show, it should hold ten .357's and at least that many .38's depending on length. I'm wondering how you posted but still show zero posts.
  11. so I decided to actually sight in my Uberti-made '66. It's an early one, the rear sight slot being closer to the receiver. it shoots .452 bullets all over the place. !! Came home and found a few .454 boolits to slug the bore. VOILA, she measures . 454...does yours, if you have checked yours ??
  12. If BMC wants to catch fish all he needs to do is go down to Pike Place Market in Seattle and wait for one of those guys to throw one at him. Actually I was there a few weeks ago and nearly got walloped with a large fish when I tried squeezing past the crowds gathered there to watch.
  13. Get a hold of Badman Bullets or Cowboy Shooters Supply they have the Boggus Deal checker made by SliXpring products. Big Iron Buster
  14. Noz, you best hang onto that one. Sounds like a keeper fer sure …. MS
  15. I found the same issue. nothing resolves to a place to order or pricing.
  16. IME, the most accurate powders for the 30-30 are: RE7, RE15 & BL-C(2).
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