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  2. If you say it with a Chinese accent it reads better!
  3. G W would probably take those warnings as a challenge
  4. If it is more than $1.25 I let it sit
  5. Hi Doc: I'll take the schofield brass. Send me a PP invoice or your e-mail address, and I'll send you the $$. Thanks --Dawg
  6. What are they really trying to say? Some of this stuff is for idiots who never were taught, as kids, not to stick metal objects in the wall outlets! One warning sign I've never seen advised not to pee on an electric fence!
  7. I’ll take the 45 Colt... message me your email for PP
  8. Something about those labels makes me think of 3 monkeys. GW
  9. gunslinger, he did both of mine when I got them back I thought dang shoulda done this a long time ago.
  10. 212 - once fired 45 Colt Brass, mainly Starline, BHA, Top Gun head stamps plus some minor others. $20 172 - once fired 45 Schofield Brass - greater than 90% Starline. Can't guarantee all Starline because I didn't look at every piece. $20 PP only please, prices include shipping. Doc Faraday
  11. Word is there are some rustlers comin' in from afar hoping to take the herd home with them. We need your help stopping them!
  12. If you jumble the letters in Krazy Kajun, you can spell KunAz! ..........Widder
  13. Another point of clarification regarding overloading a REVOLVER in the OP scenario: If a shooter loaded 5 + 5 for a 9-round revolver string, but only fired the required 9 rounds, there would be NO PENALTY for the extra round in a revolver. (as long as the hammer is down on a fired case).
  14. Tyrel, Do you know how those compare with the "new" model Vaqueros as far as weight and width? Red Wolf
  15. Someone said it is a Remington.223 that was made a few years ago. I don’t remember the model . Maybe this is it. https://www.remington.com/news/2008/remington-model-7615-pump-action-rifle-now-available-durable-synthetic-carbine-version
  16. Watch and you can see the sabots hitting the ground.
  17. Where did you buy your grips and how easy or hard did they install?
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