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  1. I really do not know the history of the Model 44 and 44-1/2. I do know mine is a Model 44 with Schutzen style wood and hooked butt plate. The barrel also has an "X" on the top flat. Some will know what means. The 25-21 is an obsolete cartridge but Bertram made the brass for awhile. They were very thin walled and easy to mess up when reloading. I found about 75 pieces of original UMC brass on ebay a few years ago and am now able to shoot the rifle occasionally.
  2. What about the 25-21 Stevens? You might need to look a bit for this one. Mine is good, just barely, for 200 yards. Lucky
  3. I do not agree with the first part of this statement. There are several clubs in the Southeast that could, and have handled large Regional shoots. I do agree with the second part. The clubs in the Southeast that successfully handled these shoots in the past just kind of burned out and stopped holding them. Not much new blood coming in and the old guys just kind of give out. Lucky
  4. Here is an idea nobody has mentioned. Have your local cowboy club get a table at the next gun show. Man it with cowboys, cowgirls, and buckaroos wearing their western best. Exhibit all of the firearms that are used in the game. Play videos of "regular folks" shooting stages. Our local rod & gun club did this a few years ago to promote our trap and skeet program. We got some new members. Lucky
  5. A very good material to make shotgun wads with is Masonite siding. It comes in 4' x 8' sheets and can be bought at a Lowes or similar store. It is used as sub-siding for houses and is made from glued up wood fibers. I punch the wads and soak them with homemade lube. You can shoot for the weekend without the gun fouling out. Hopefully, here is a picture of my punches laying on a piece of the Masonite.
  6. My post was not to indicate how fast I can reload my pistols I was responding to a question in the OP "How do you balance "helping out" with "taking forever to reload"? I compliment you on your prowess with your pistols and your candor. Lucky
  7. If you want to shoot cap guns and work the posse a loading press is a must. I shoot ROA's and Pietta '51's, mostly the '51's, because they are lighter and easier to handle. Unless the posse is really small I can reload and still have time to work before the stage is over.
  8. I think Ace has the answer. I have the same problem with my '66. Yesterday I had to re-cock the hammer on two different stages because I pulled the trigger too soon. Lucky
  9. It is probably an inexpensive "Hardware Store" gun imported from Belgium during that period of time. Some were marked with makers marks similar to well known makers like Wesley Richards (W. Richards) . They had fluid steel barrels instead of the English twisted steel barrels. Usually a solid gun. Lucky
  10. It is really refreshing to see such a talented young person do well in our sport. Love her smile and personality. I am sure Granddad popped all of his vest buttons. Lucky
  11. I think you could use it but shots from that gun would not be counted.
  12. I bought a pair of the 5-1/2" brass framed models the last time they were on sale at Cabelas. I already had a pair of the steel framed model with 7-1/2" barrels but I wanted to see how the brass frames would hold up and I wanted the shorter barrels. The only modifications I have made to date is to install Tresso nipples and a plug on the hammer faces to make them smooth. I have used them in two matches so far and have had NO problems at all either mechanically, with ignition or cap jams. I plan to make them my main match pistols and see how they hold up. Lucky
  13. Judge, the best way is to buy a mould and make your own. That way you can have exactly what you want. I would recommend bullets over round balls. Get bullets with a big lube groove and use a good black powder lube. You will be able to shoot all day without worrying about fouling. Hope you are doing good. Lucky
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