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  1. Here is a holster I made for a friend to use for hunting. It is a right strong side for a Ruger 44 Mag. Lucky
  2. It appears that you value my opinion as much as I value yours. Lucky
  3. The action is definitely a Stevens and it looks like there is a visible takedown screw. It is most probably a Stevens Favorite. Lucky
  4. My thoughts exactly Mr. Phantom. I would also like to know what Mr. Brules could have done to prevent this accident. Lucky
  5. I would have to disagree with this statement. If he shoots a 5 or 6 stage match with real black powder and does no cleaning between stages, he is going to have some really fouled out guns that might not even cycle. Lucky
  6. You might check out Frankfort Arsenal scales. I bought one several years ago on e-bay and it has served well. When we shot long range we threw a charge from a Lyman #55 about a grain or so less than the desired weight. With the charge on the Frankfort Arsenal scale we used a trickle charger to bump up to the desired weight. You can also use the scale to weigh bullets you have cast to group by grain weight (.2 - .5? variance) and to find voids in the bullet. Lucky
  7. Warden nailed it. You could pay more but not necessarily get better. I bought a pair of 38/357's awhile back and didn't do anything to them except change the grips. Lucky
  8. You should be aware that there have been two different bore sizes and two different cartridge lengths used for the 38-55. The chamber cast is a good suggestion and you should slug the bore. Lucky
  9. I agree that the AWA was a good choice of a pump action rifle, at least in my case. I was able to get one from them not too long before they closed. It worked flawlwssly for me for several years before an AD broke some parts that were no longer available. I sent it to a world famous Lightening gunsmith who said he could fix it. He didn't. I bought the Pedersoli Lightening in 44-40 a couple of years ago and have been very happy with it. Slicked it up a bit using instructions from Roger Rapid's manual. If you have a Lightening I would suggest getting a copy of the manual. It has complete takedown instructions and tips for slicking up the action. So, Cowpoke Chris, if your heart is set on a Lightening the Pedersoli would be an excellent choice. Lucky
  10. That little groovy thing around the bullet where you crimp is called the cannelure I think. Lucky
  11. I bought a pair of the 5-1/2" brass framed models the last time they were on sale at Cabelas. I already had a pair of the steel framed model with 7-1/2" barrels but I wanted to see how the brass frames would hold up and I wanted the shorter barrels. The only modifications I have made to date is to install Tresso nipples and a plug on the hammer faces to make them smooth. I have used them in two matches so far and have had NO problems at all either mechanically, with ignition or cap jams. I plan to make them my main match pistols and see how they hold up. Lucky
  12. Judge, the best way is to buy a mould and make your own. That way you can have exactly what you want. I would recommend bullets over round balls. Get bullets with a big lube groove and use a good black powder lube. You will be able to shoot all day without worrying about fouling. Hope you are doing good. Lucky
  13. Here is a loader I built a few years ago. It and the loading box really speeds up the loading process and allows us time to help out with other posse chores.
  14. The pouches on my shotgun belts hold two rounds with a small space between pouches. When I don't do a fumble fingers it works great. Lucky
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