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  1. Here is a look at my setup. I use specimen vials for powder and a press to load with. Lucky
  2. I bought a new 1911 about a month ago, It took about 5 minutes for the salesman to call for an OK. Here in Tennessee most folks are gun friendly. Lucky
  3. It did not work for me until I signed in. After that, I could see the PDF. Lucky
  4. I have a Pedersoli in 44-40 that handles full cases of black powder and a 200 grain bullet with no problems. Usually use about 3-4 grains of Red Dot for smokeless. Lucky
  5. I tried some Bertram brass several years ago for my 25-21 Stevens. The case mouths were so thin they would be damaged if you even touched them with the die when loading. Many split when shooting. At the time that was the only brass available for the 25-21 Stevens. Several years ago I found about 100 pieces of original UMC brass on Gunbroker. Most of it was of original length and in good condition. That should last as long as me. The 25-21 is a really neat cartridge to shoot and has been been gone for a long time.
  6. If you can find a Browning in 40-65 It would make a great choice. I have read that the barrels on the Pedersoli guns are very good. A good barrel and great sights are the backbone of a long range gun. Lucky
  7. This the Colt Single Action sold by Pyramid Air. It is made by Umarex and is very good to use for practice. It is a bit slow to use because you have to remove the six cartridges, load with a BB and ten reload. One co2 cartridge lasts long enough for me in a practice session.
  8. The cylinder pin on the Pietta has two functions. If you push the pin all the way in it acts as a safety, not allowing the hammer to completely fall. In the other position it functions as the cylinder pin. I have two of these pistols and they work just fine. the first guns I ever bought that I didn't have to work on to make right. All I have done to them is change the grips. Don't know if it makes any difference but bought them from Dixie Gun Works instead of Taylors. Lucky
  9. I bought 25 pounds once in a plastic bag in a cardboard box at Friendship. I was told it was firecracker powder. I think I paid a dollar per pound for it. There was no consistency to it at all. It was dirty and went from dust to 1F. It worked great for SASS shooting. I put it into one pound cans my friends saved for me and stored them in a small floor safe in my shop. Wish I could find some more of it at those prices. Lucky
  10. All of my cap guns are set up to use only thumb pressure to remove. I never have a problem with that. If the little spring lock thingy is engaged the wedge will not shoot out. Slight pressure on the lock and against the end of the wedge will let you pull it out. It works for me. Lucky
  11. The person in the picture you posted was Capt. Jeb. Forrest from North Carolina. He told me the shot where the barrel came off hit the target. He picked up the wedge, mounted the barrel, and finished the stage.
  12. Here is a pair of Slim Jims I made for my '51 Navies. They were dyed with walnut hulls. Lucky
  13. Here is a holster I made for a friend to use for hunting. It is a right strong side for a Ruger 44 Mag. Lucky
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