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  1. Randy, I have used the Ballistic Products roll crimp tools for some time with good results. Here is a picture of examples in 16, 12, and 10 gauge. Lucky
  2. If the caps are not seating all the way on the nipples, check to see it the mouth of the cone has been bradded by hammer falls. Tresso's are made of fairly soft material. If you are running heavy hammer springs you could be bradding the cone. Lucky
  3. I attached a pair of old holsters to the side of my gun cart. When I come off a stage I just drop the guns into the holsters on the cart. You do have to remember to put them back into your gun belt when you go to the loading table. Lucky
  4. My first CASS rifle was an AWA Lightning in 45 Colt. It would run flawlessly for me as long as I didn't screw up. It was sensitive to the nose profile of the bullet being used. I had an accidental discharge and broke a couple of parts. AWA was out of business by then so I retired the rifle and later bought a Pedersoli Lightning in 44-40. It has also worked flawlessly for me so far. I would recommend the Pedersoli to anyone who is thinking about a Lightening. Lucky
  5. APP has a propriety called "deliquescence" which basically means "to absorb water". When this happens it clumps but all you need to do is break up the clumps. I pour the powder out into a small bowl and use my hands to crush any clumps. Unless you live in the driest of deserts you will have this happen. The powder will still shoot fine as far as APP goes. Lucky
  6. Hey Warden I got the Tresso's from Buffalo Arms a couple of years ago. The Tresso part number you listed is the correct one for the Pietta 1851 Yank revolver. I have attached a picture showing my pistol, label from the nipple pack, and copy of the Buffalo Arms invoice. Hope this is helpful. Lucky
  7. Hey Warden, put Tresso nipples in those pistols and you should have no more problems. I have been using #11 CCI Magnum caps for several years in my cap guns and they match up fine with the Tresso's Lucky .
  8. Here is a look at my setup. I use specimen vials for powder and a press to load with. Lucky
  9. I bought a pair of the 5-1/2" brass framed models the last time they were on sale at Cabelas. I already had a pair of the steel framed model with 7-1/2" barrels but I wanted to see how the brass frames would hold up and I wanted the shorter barrels. The only modifications I have made to date is to install Tresso nipples and a plug on the hammer faces to make them smooth. I have used them in two matches so far and have had NO problems at all either mechanically, with ignition or cap jams. I plan to make them my main match pistols and see how they hold up. Lucky
  10. Judge, the best way is to buy a mould and make your own. That way you can have exactly what you want. I would recommend bullets over round balls. Get bullets with a big lube groove and use a good black powder lube. You will be able to shoot all day without worrying about fouling. Hope you are doing good. Lucky
  11. Here is a loader I built a few years ago. It and the loading box really speeds up the loading process and allows us time to help out with other posse chores.
  12. The pouches on my shotgun belts hold two rounds with a small space between pouches. When I don't do a fumble fingers it works great. Lucky
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