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  1. From what was described I would say "no call" and offer a reshoot. Possibly interference by the TO.
  2. Swap the springs and see if the problem moves to the other gun. Look for something binding. Lucky
  3. Here is a stand I made a few years ago. I made three different pilots where the cylinder pivots. One for '51's, one for Old Armies, and one for '58's. To change pivots, The diameters do not make enough difference to affect loading. Lucky Messy but I hope you get the idea.
  4. When I shoot my 44-40 Lightning, I almost never get a majority of my brass back. There are several others usually on the posse who also shoot 44-40. Unless the brass is uniquely marked I cannot say "that one is mine". My solution was to mark the center of the brass with a colored ring, usually red, all the way around the case. Some have a red and a green ring on them. Lucky
  5. You might want to consider the 40-65 caliber. It is not nearly as punishing as the 45-70 and works great out past 500 yards. Lucky grin.bmp
  6. I have had a Roughrider for years. I bought it just to plink around with. When ammo got scarce, I bought a pair of Wranglers to use for SASS. While the Wranglers are head and shoulders above the Roughrider in fit-and-finish the performance is no better. In my opinion the Roughrider makes an excellent entry level firearm. Lucky
  7. Here are a couple I have done.
  8. The bores of the guns are as original at, I guess, .375. I have never checked them. As I said earlier, at SASS distances they do just fine if I don't mess up. Lucky
  9. I have a pair of Pietta '51's and '58's with conversion cylinders. Make my own bullets, using a Big Lube mold, and size them to .357. I have had no problems with accuracy at SASS distances. Lucky
  10. I have used melted wax to fill up part of the hole. It works great and stays in place. Lucky grin.bmp
  11. I have also used this mold with good results. Either 38 or 357 brass runs through my '73 like corn through a goose. Lucky
  12. I bought a Roughrider several years ago just to plink around with. It is definitely not a high dollar or high quality gun but it does shoot good. Last year I bought a pair or Wranglers to practice with. They are of good quality and work great with Wolf springs installed. The only negative for me is the loading gate. The spring must have come off a railroad car. Lucky grin.bmp
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