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  1. Prairie Dawg the 44/40 is yours. I sent a pm. J Frank Norfleet it is and it's yours. I tried to pm you and it says you are not taking messages.
  2. Prairie Dawg the 44/40 is yours. J Frank Norfleet it is and it's yours. I will pm you both shortly.
  3. The 44/40 would be considered new old stock. I have had it for a few years but never loaded it. I have plenty more I do load. I have 300 for $90 which will include shipping. I also have 380 once fired Federal Match 308 brass and 32 pieces of Norma 308 brass that has been reloaded, and 20 pieces of Winchester 308 brass that has been reloaded. $100 which will include shipping.
  4. I have approximately 500 30 calibre bullets of various types. I have not shot 308 in several years so these are probably dated but still good for practice at least. I would like to trade for .223 match bullets like the 69gr smk or similar if you have it to trade. If not $100 plus shipping. The picture shows what they are and the number of them. Don't be afraid to make an offer.
  5. This is a 26" large shank stainless steel Criterion bull barrel 6.5 Creedmoor with a 1-8 twist. I took it off a rifle I rebarreled to .223. It has some pitting near the muzzle in one area like it was leaning up against something. I don't see any damage to the interior of the barrel. I also have the complete bolt head, reloading dies, 142 Hornady cases 20 of which are once fired. The rest have been reloaded 3/4 times and 47 bullets. I know I put approximately 400 rounds through the barrel but the friend I bought the rifle from did not remember how many he put through it as it had been sometime since he had shot it. Also included is Hornady Lock and Load tools to reload 6.5. See picture. More pictures available. $150 plus shipping.
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