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  2. You really shouldn't get me started on Get Smart.
  3. Barrel is abbreviated as bbl for the same reason that pounds are abbreviated lbs. English is a screwy language
  4. Had a pastor once who named his twin boys David Jonathan and Jonathan David. In response, one fellow in the church said he was gonna name his son Shadrach if he ever had one. Praise the Lord, he had three girls.
  5. Come on, guys. Ms. Ocasio-Cortez has bigger issues to think about. Like the Balance Guam bill she and Hank Johnson are co-sponsoring, putting sanctions on Romainia because their contaminated lettuce keeps making Americans sick and convincing President Trump to put Jean-Luc Picard on the Federation Reserve.
  6. Ok, that makes sense now. Reholsterhing doesn't apply in the OP's situation because the revolvers were shot last.
  7. Question answered. No further discussion needed.. This is an example of how threads get locked... Question answered, Original Poster happy with answers, and a lot of off topics posts, and unnecessary comments.
  8. No sir. As I said, lapse of concentration. I had no intention of doing it when I began the stage. Never did it before, never intend to do it again.
  9. The current machined component manufacturing is all CNC. It took a while for Remington's engineers to reproduce the old school Marlin drawings in CAD.
  10. Well, beer has that effect on some people.
  11. Just finished shooting the Shootout at Fort Miller. The setting is in a simulated 1870s town, in the green foothills of California's Sierra Nevada range. IMO, a great match--definitely not easy, but not terribly difficult either. 10 carefully written stages were clear, and creative. 6 had moving targets, 1 whole stage was shot while seated in a fast moving and bumpy ore cart. You definitely had to be able to shoot accurately, acquire targets rapidly, and make decisions fast. For me that meant slowing down on the cadence just a bit in order to avoid missing. Those who didn't do that paid the price. 104 shooters had 7 SDQs, 64 Ps, and a boatload of misses. Only three shooters shot the match clean. We shot flying clays, swinging targets, a charging buffalo, saved an outlaw pardner from being hanged, and rattled down the bumpy track of an ore cart. We did a great deal of laughing with good friends, then sat down to a superb barbQ rib banquet. IMO Everything a good CAS match should be. If you prefer multiple stages with stand-and-shoot at close targets, this may be a good one to skip. But if you like the traditional CAS model, with props and all the trimmings, then this is definitely one to think about for next April.
  12. I’ve never had anyone even question me about if they are safe when I holster, they almost always say “I guarantee you are more familiar with em than I am” lol...:as for the windows, I have some got conversion cylinders for my New Model Army Remington's and they have the windows and are 6 shot, and folks still are clueless....don’t worry no one will give you any trouble, just load em up, put the hammer on a safety notch, holster em and go have some fun!! BD p.s. I shoot light smokeless loads in mine all the time, as long as I keep em under 800fps I’ve never worried about it.
  13. Were the pistols shot last?
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  15. So I have to ask a question, cuz it happened to me and was my own fault. Did the stage instructions say “ reholster”? Mine did and I was so focused on the pattern of the stage, I missed that very important piece of the puzzle. I chose, spur of the moment to stage both pistols with the intent of reholstering upon retrieval. Oops... got the appropriate “P”.
  16. i picked up one in 45 and it is a fairly nice rifle , not as smooth out of the box as any of my other four but i felt the need to add the marlin to the henrys and winchesters , im glad i got it - ill see if i can smooth it out some ,
  17. Yup... that's what I said... but for the price of $179.98, I won't mind pre-ordering. Unfortunately, Turner's seems to be only a California chain. And the only reason they can do this is because single-action revolvers are exempt from the state's egregious handgun law ~ thanks to the efforts of the SASS leadership back when they were headquartered in this state.
  18. Pard, I don’t outdraw you often, but this time I beat you by 10 days!!
  19. Buckshot, that's why I was wondering about cutting the little window notches in the breech end of the cylinder, right at the rim. Then it's readily apparent whether the gun is loaded or not. I agree with that Garrison Joe, that's why I only run BP in my conversion guns. I haven't used light smokeless loads in it yet. I'm having too much fun with BP.
  20. The logic that posting a screenshot of the words someone typed out all on their own and sent to you, as somehow being a personal attack is not something I can get my head around. There was a disagreement on that thread about how a Ruger works. We were unable to come together on that subject and that’s Ok. One party took the others posts as somehow personally insulting I guess and escalated the situation and tried to turn it ugly. That’s unfortunate, but we all have bad days and we have all said things that we didn’t truly mean. This may or may not be the case here, but I personally don’t harbor any bad feelings towards him as I am sure he is a good guy. The typed word is often not the best means of communicating, particularly when emotions get involved. IMO, the mods did the right thing by locking that thread.
  21. Harder to find the Cimarron hammer guns at the moment. I wish my LGS had one lying about.
  22. ive found out that the list can be a good thing , the couple times ive forgotten things is because i forgot to check them off the list
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