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  2. That is exactly the issue I had with hard cast bullets as in Chey-Cast. Went to Ringer Bullets and Missouri with a BHN of 12 and no more leading at all. Also good luck with Desparado Cowboy, but too much lube on em kept clogging my seating die. I now use coated and haven't had an issue except for fouling in the middle of my pistol barrels. Not sure if it's the coating or if I'm over crimping and getting blow by B4 the bullet obturates. It cleans out easy, so it's not lead. I'm using C45S cases with a taper crimp & wonder if I'm crimping too much and shrinking what little bullet there is in the case. Using 160gr. bullets. Softer bullets make an amazing difference in leading at our velocities.
  3. Some have found that they don't have to count the rounds going into a gun. Shooter comes up with a loading block, you can quickly see the number of rounds they have brought with them. Stage only has 9 rifle, say, "Hey, only 9 in the rifle." Shooter pulls a round out of the block or whatever they need to do.
  4. For supposedly educated people they aren’t very bright. I think you are right in the money, Sixgun. It was a cache of confiscated weapons.
  5. I agree with OLG on the MEC 600jr. It's just plain reliable. I had a MEC 650 Sizemaster and 600jr in 12 ga. I converted the 600 to 20 ga a couple of years back to load for the misses. The 650 did fine but as with most progressives you have to keep an eye on it because if you have one misstep everything gets messed up. A month ago I bought another 600jr in 12 ga on ebay for $100 with shipping. Just going to sit back and take my good ol' time.
  6. To the top again - daddy needs a new backup rifle...lol
  7. Every ones loads a bit different. My loads are based on what the target showed me. My testing was done at 500yds. OLG
  8. Mike Beliavau shows and talks about the case rims being countersunk. He had the back of the cylinder cut back on the one he owns.
  9. this rifle is fantastic for eastern long range events that require offhand shooting
  10. Col. Falcon- I’m new to the SASS world (actually haven’t even joined yet). Regardless, I’m interested. Can/ will you give me a holler? Ben 719-237-O999
  11. British archaeologists are baffled as to why a large cache of Bronze-Age weapons was found, but with all being broken or smashed. It sounds to me like confiscation and destruction of weapons goes all the way back to ancient times in that part of the world. https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/home-news/bronze-age-weapon-sword-dagger-axe-london-archaeology-treasure-a9164976.html
  12. The Apostle-got up and walked out at the movie theater .
  13. Depends on how much time you have. I can very comfortably do about 4 to 5 boxes an hour on mine. The 600 Jr. is questionably the most popular reloader on the market. If you're retired, it should be able to do what you want. Edit: By 75 rounds do you mean 3 boxes?
  14. And they may go 16-0 only because they are not scheduled to play the other undefeated team...until post season. At which point, the 49ers with hang a "loser" sign on their no good cheating necks! Patriot fans are spoiled.... It has been a long time (1990) since my team had a 6-0 start!
  15. Hush up. Before you know it you're going to have to make reservations. The Board has dibs.
  16. you really don't need to mess with round count to make the game interesting,,, I went to a regional once that had only 5 revolver rounds and you couldn't split them for gf, and only 9 rifle on that stage, 4 sg, and nothing else,,, told them I'd never be back, and haven't! you want interesting? try rifle, sg p sg p sg,,,, doesn't matter the target sequence,,,
  17. I'm shooting 75 rounds of trap every week now. This will go up higher when we both start shooing CAS matches. Now that Walmart has dried up, shotshell price is about $0.32 each here in CA. Availability is sketchy, and will no doubt get worse. I ponied up for all Redding equipment for cartridge reloads. Q: is the MEC 600jr you mention in a similar class? I want to buy once, buy right.
  18. Part of the LTO's job IS to count rounds. That is why so many people object to the LTO, having to wait their turn to load while he an count the rounds is too inconvenient for them. The penalty for overloading still goes to the shooter but the LTO can help him avoid this. As LTO I have seen a shooter overload his rifle. He preferred a trip to the unloading table to a P for overloaded rifle. If you never make a mistake counting, good for you. I am sure that you have neve used an eraser, also. Duffield
  19. If'n I was runnin the match ya could do anything you needed to in order to be able to shoot. Come to Bar 3 - you can shoot any way you want.
  20. Today
  21. I have not heard from Colorado Jackson sent you a PM to let you know I sold the loading strip to Josey Kidd
  22. I am pretty sure it's specifically not allowed. I was giving this as an example of a taking something to a ridiculous extreme.
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