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  2. I don't have to, but if I knew how, I would. It's an annoyance and I don't need any more, not even a little one like this, in my life.
  3. Billy - that msg appeared on screen right after I hit the SUBMIT button.
  4. I spent 15 years resisting drug use because my parents, my church, my school, my country and everyone else for whom I had respect told me that it was bad for me, physically and emotionally, and because my own brain told me that avoidance was the better choice. I spent another 15 years convincing my son of the same thing, and hoping that he would reach the same conclusions; he did. And now along come the pandering politicians, with the full support of money-grubbing "entrepreneurs" and those who value escapism and mental distortion above all else, and tell us "Never mind....you were all wrong...hemp is fine....try some...you'll like it!". And your on-line gun dealer is now your on-line drug dealer. That's the end of that relationship, as far as I am concerned. LL
  5. Smoken D


    Like the commercials "These are real people not actors". I guess according to this statement actors are not people.
  6. Sorry for your loss Rolan, but think how lucky you were to have known her and have her love. Prayers for y'all.
  7. My late high school biology teacher used to tell us that he was a corpsman with the Marine Raiders under Jimmy Roosevelt. (Not sure if that was the 2nd Raiders after Evans Carlson relinquished the command to Roosevelt, or the 4th Raiders under Roosevelt. He never said, and I didn't know enough history of the Raiders to ask! )
  8. California is not part of another country. South Carolina was part of another country - the Confederate States of America. And even though the CSA had tried, through diplomacy, to get the USA to withdraw their troops from CSA soil, Lincoln didn't do it. There for the CSA attacked an invading foreign army. Your comparison of California and South Carolina is like comparing apples and oranges. If you wish to compare apples to apples, compare the United States rebelling against England in 1776 with the Confederate States rebelling against the United States in 1861. That is the same thing. The only difference is that the South lost the Second American Revolution.
  9. I believe Neanderthal were pre-Homo Sapiens, whereas Cro-magnon were Homo Sapiens...in other words...US! But, genetically there was some interbreeding. Hence our genes contain about 2 percent or so of Neanderthal's! (In some instances, I've known some individuals that were a lot higher percentage than that! At least that's how they acted!
  10. Activists Urge Approval Of Proposal To Require Fingerprints For Illinois Gun Licenses, More Background Checks For Firearm Purchases
  11. In Canada our generals wear a silver maple leaf as opposed to a star, but we refer to them as a one star or two star general, obviously an American influence.
  12. I think I have one pair of GF bisley white grips may take me a few days to find them let me know if that will work they are smooth

  13. Fighter jets have environmental controls for the cockpit. Once airborne they do an excellent job of keeping the crew comfortable even in direct sun . All of the avionics in the cockpit and avionics bays have a separate source of conditioned air that is always cold just to keep it from overheating. On the deck all aircraft environmental systems struggle to keep things cool on hot days. This is due to a combination of factors but mostly it is because the heat exchangers that cool the air cannot cool it much below the outside air temp. Cabin and avionics air is provided by the engines by siphoning off air from one of the compressor stages. This air is at high pressure and very hot so it has to be cooled via a heat exchanger before it reaches the cabin. Typically the heat exchanger is a combination of a radiator and venturi type of pressure reducer. The combination of the rapid reduction in pressure and the direct transfer of heat through the radiator cools the air. Using mixing valves the system varies the ratio of hot and cooled air to regulate the temperature of the air entering the cockpit or crew compartment. All of the avionics receive air that is as cold as the system can make it. While there is some recycling of air on commercial airliners a lot of the air is purged back into the atmosphere via the cabin outflow valve(s). These work as pressure regulators to keep the crew compartment at a safe pressure altitude. Commercial aircraft usually keep the cabin at the equivalent of 8000 feet no matter what altitude they fly at. All of the military aircraft I worked on were usually set to 10,000 feet if they were large aircraft. Fighters and other tactical aircraft maintain a specified pressure differential above the outside air pressure. This is why they have to wear masks that have a constant supply of oxygen. In older aircraft this O2 was supplied by 1 or more containers of liquid oxygen. In modern fighters there is a system on the aircraft that continually generates oxygen for use by the crew.
  14. DOJ Submits Proposed Regulations Regarding Upcoming Ammunition Transfer Background Check Requirements to Office of Administrative Law
  15. I received this a few days ago before it was posted on the site.  I was going to scan and post it but the NRA & NRA-ILA  beat me to it. Charlie
  16. Thanks for all the great replies. I figured the experienced hands here would have answers and save me from re-inventing the wheel. The loads I worked up for 38SP with Trail Boss, Clays, Titegroup and Bullseye all fall in the 750 to 985 fps range. Pressures indicate BHN range of 6 to 12, only Clays maximum load is BHN=12, the rest are 10 or lower. I'll load up samples of each and see how they do at the range. The coated Missouri Bullets in 125gr are very appealing right now.
  17. Today
  18. Softer bullet = lower amount of leading at 700 FPS = more accuracy Some folks have different goals than others. Desperado is a great supplier. Most other commercial casters use the common hard bullet alloy 6 Sb/ 2 Sn/ Pb The alloyed materials make that more expensive to make than a soft bullet alloy. Mixing that 6/2 with soft lead in a 1/1 weight ratio gets the hardness down to about 8 Brinnell. Good luck, GJ
  19. On my 'phone service, it kept letting me know there was a call waiting. It got too annoying and distracting for me.
  20. Harder Bullet = LOUDER Clang = LESS Misses but that isn't the question he asked
  21. If you were shooting bullseye or precision long range the hardness of the lead matters for CAS distances it doesn't matter. In addition to the hardness of the lead the type of lube matters greatly. What you are going to find is that the lube on commercial bullets is almost always way too hard for the velocities we shoot at. The reason for this is that a hard lube doesn't get all over everything when bullets are bulk packaged. Especially in the summer. For CAS I switched to Hi-Tek coated bullets and haven't regretted it one bit. When I want precision bullets I cast and lube my own.
  22. Desparado Cowboy Bullets 8-9 BHN http://cowboybullets.com/
  23. Wow!! What a great range tool ... Thanks for sharing!!
  24. Alpo


    We've all seen them. At the beginning of a book or a TV show or a movie. "This is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to real people is a coincidence." That kind of thing. I found the following in a book I just got. Opinions expressed are those of the sometimes screwed-up characters, and do not necessarily reflect those of the author, though some may reflect the opinions of the author's dog. Author has already told said puppy not to be a jerk. Dog responded by eating author's new boots. Good luck suing that slobbery punk.
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