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Barbara Eden birthday!

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image.png.7d5699fddef42444fe5d8efdb333ae86.pngShe looks great at 91!:wub:

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The “Navel Controversy”!!

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28 minutes ago, Wallaby Jack, SASS #44062 said:

 ..... but Maryann could cook ........  :wub:

Depends on what you're hungry for . . . .  . .

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A little trivia


Jeannie Was Trapped In A Bottle That Originally Held Jim Beam Whisky


Sometimes the prop department works wonders -- other times they just repurpose an everyday object. The latter was the case on I Dream Of Jeannie when it came time to create the bottle in which Jeannie (Barbara Eden) lives. In fact, the bottle you see on TV was available in local stores -- well, as long as it was a liquor store.


The bottle used on the show is a 1964 special edition Christmas decanter sold by Jim Beam -- for an estimated $5.99 at liquor stores of the day. The original bottle was smoke-green with a badge on it that said "Beam's Choice;" for the show it was painted with gold leaf accents and the badge was removed. Over the course of the series' five-season run, about 12 bottles were used. 

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