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  1. My good Pard Dirty Dave Rudabaugh, RIP, won the Modern category at Winter Range a number of years back shooting that way. I've shot DD and GF for years but can't get both hands/ mind to work on my pistols that way.
  2. I've been shooting a Mod 24 for about 15 years, with BP loads exclusively. I've never had any issues with it except the time, in a moment of stupidity, I took the top screw out to remove the stock. I forgot, it went thunk, I knew I was screwed. Fortunately, I took it to a local pard that could fix it. He had one of his own to compare it to. He got it back together and said he'd never take one apart again.
  3. If you run a Master Caster, Magma makes the mold. I know a caster in the UK that has them from Magma. He brings me a few every year. I wouldn't want to pay the freight from there. Good luck getting much from Magma right now. I think all they're making right now are molds, but you'd have to call. I don't know if they can be used as hand-held.
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