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Long ago, in NYC, I arrived to pick up a gal for a first date.  Can't recall how or where I met her.  Arrived at her Apt at the agreed upon time. she wasn't ready and she invited me in.  I always had cats as a boy along with dogs and was a cat person, so when I saw a very large tomcat, no worries.  Sat on the couch and the cat looked at me like I was prey.  Stalked toward me and launched itself at my leg, biting and clawing.  I had knee high Frye Boots under my jeans, so was unharmed.  Gently swung my leg and it came off.  Repeat twice!  Never had that experience before, and didn't want to hurt the cat, so I stepped out into the hall and closed the door.  When she came out, I didn't explain, nice enough date, but a one off.  I'm sure she thought I was pretty strange.  Wonder if she knew about her attack cat.

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I freely admit I’m a dog person not a cat guy. On the second date with my future wife, Susan, I was invited into the house to meet the DAD. It eventually turned out that her father and I became friends, not just related through attachment to my wife. However, her cat, Thumper, and never did become close. Thumper’s name was a result of him having six toes on each foot. Apparently the sixth toe was an extra and as the cat walked across hardwood floors the extra toe would make a little thumping sound. What do I know, I said I wasn’t a cat person.


As Susan and I sat on the sofa, with an appropriate space between us, Thumper jumped up on the back of the sofa. He then proceeded to  march across the back to the open space, jump down between us, turn to look at me, give me the evil eye and hissed at me threateningly. Sue picked up Thumper, carted him into her bedroom and shut the door on him. That cat had no use for me from then on, but he didn’t try to intimidate me after that.



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Blackie was ship's cat on HMS Prince of Wales during World War II. He did his work quietly till a day in 1941.

That day, prime minister Winston Churchill was on the ship, after a secret meeting with US president Franklin Roosevelt in Newfoundland.

As Churchill prepared to leave the ship, Blackie approached him. The great man bent to greet Blackie, and cameras clicked or whirred; Blackie became a celebrity.

In fact, he was renamed: Churchill.

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Stolen from the WWW.


According to lore, the first interactions between Disneyland staff and feline residents occurred in 1955, when workers found vast numbers of cats inside Sleeping Beauty Castle. Rather than put them down, workers adopted many of the cats, but their removal prompted a rapid, unwelcome increase in park rodents. So, the solution was to bring the cats back in a more structured partnership with the park. Today the Disneyland cats are free to roam the park at night, and are provided with vaccinations and feeding stations. In order to prevent overpopulation, they also undergo a Trap-Neuter-Release program (though accidents still happen, and kittens are adopted by park workers). Perhaps ironically for an amusement park, cats that are found to be too friendly with human visitors are removed, again adopted by park workers

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