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Pat Riot

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4 minutes ago, Sedalia Dave said:

Why is the dolphin smoking a cigar?  :lol:


I'd say that's probably a ballyhoo that one of the women threw him...either that or he likes smoked fish.

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21 minutes ago, Black Angus McPherson said:



I can hear that last photo:  "Hold my beer."


Odd how there's no wind out there:lol:

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13 minutes ago, Black Angus McPherson said:


I wondered the same thing.  The way that door opens the wind should be trying to slam it shut.  Photo-shop?

Not to mention blowing his hair and tee shirt! Doesn't look like anyone in the pilot seat either unless him. Shadows aren't quite right either. Now that we've ruined the humor of the picture, carry on!

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1 hour ago, Cold Lake Kid, SASS # 51474 said:

They use REEAALLYY good hair gel.


Episode of NCIS. They find a cargo pod that fell off a plane, and it has a dead man in it. Someone suggested that he was trying to desert from the carrier in that cargo pod.


Gibbs says, "I doubt it. Air is cold and thin at 20,000 ft. A pilot would have known that."


The guy standing on the wing - he's going to be less than 10,000 ft. Those planes aren't pressurized so he can't go any higher.


But that guy sitting on the jet engine - seems like he'd be awful high to not be wearing a shirt. Then again, maybe that's why he did it - because he was awful high. :P

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