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Just what is Starline making?

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I just checked again a few minutes ago, and they have the following cases in stock (green status) -


10 mm
30 Carbine
30 Luger 
30 Mauser
32 acp
32 S&W short
357 Maximum
357 Sig
380 acp
40 S&W
45 auto +P
45 auto
5 in 1 blank
9 mm Luger
9 mm Makarov
9 mm Win Mag
9 mm +P


260 Remington

300 Blackout

300 HAM'R

45 Raptor

45 Bushmaster



They must be turning out copious quantities of .380acp, 9mm, .40 S&W, and .45acp because I don't think the rest of those are much in demand. Maybe I'm wrong. :mellow:

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Wow.  I have a pretty varied "stable," but there's not a lot on that list I can use.  :mellow: 


Where's the "common" stuff??  :huh:

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I think it will start to swing back in the next 12 months with more runs across the board. Pretty much everyone has shitloads of 9mm and 5.56 and 300blk and we are starting to see 'sales' again as demand's slows.

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A lot of the brass on the list is extremely UNPOPULAR.  This means Starline ran off a batch of 9mm Win Mag ten years ago and still has some in stock.  When that is gone they will not run off another batch for another ten years.  I just watched a video on Remington that was filmed less than a month ago.  In that video the plant manager said they make a ratio of 20 to 1 in 9mm over the next most popular round.  I have an old IPSC gun in 9 x 21.  No one has used that in about 20 years.  I suspect the brass Starline is selling is probably almost that old.

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I waited literally 12 full months on back order for 44 Russian, then finally gave up and cancelled.
I have 200 pc in stock, and that should be sufficient.


30-06 and 223 seem to be scarce as well.

I was lucky... right time and right place for a goodly stock of 38/357 44sp/44mag

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