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  1. This is for non railed govt 1911s and has a matching single stack mag pouch. These are NEW. It is not a lined holster $115 shipped lower 48
  2. Great for an unthreaded barrel but works with threaded barrels also. Manufacturer states specifically supported on stock GLOCK 17 slides. It has an off fit on my zev dragonfly so I went another direction. $70 shipped
  3. This is a synthetic M1907 National Match or service rifle sling. Its brand new. Its the 50-52 size and brown. this is CMP and NRA approved for comps. 1 1/4 width 50$ shipped I can provide more pics if needed
  4. These are cool for a steampunk class look or use in ISSF/Bullseye pistol which is really what they are for. Also possible for target rifle with either hand. These are CMP legal size for lens holders. You put in Blank lenses or have them made for your prescription(s). 2x 1.3" lens holders CMP legal from shootingsight (which can make you lenses) also includes hinged blinder which simply clamps on and the case. Knobloch shooting k1 frames in Case. Tried on never used. 180 shipped
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