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  1. Yeah, my LGS received some 9mm Remington this week.
  2. Adjusting timer sensitivity: What Crisco said.
  3. Turn up the sensitivity level of the timer. At the 22 steel action shoots I have been too, that’s what they do.
  4. Mr. Shane Starrett I believe...
  5. I placed an order for in stock Bullets on January 6th from Chey Cast. i have not received a shipping notice yet. Hope they get to mine soon...
  6. There have been M&P semiauto pistols for about 15 years... I believe that is what is meant.
  7. Here is a link to calculate the break even cost of purchasing reloading equipment. http://dillonprecision.net/break-even-calculator/ Thought it might come in handy...
  8. The SDQ was not awarded it was earned... All penalties in CAS are earned by the shooter.


    Safety is number one.

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