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  1. Lots of great suggestions... I use foaming bore cleaner. Set rifle in rest ejection port up Shoot some into the top and let it sit. It drips out the bottom
  2. Make that “forgings used to be made in Brazil”. All Springfield 1911’s who’s serial numbers begin with “NM” have forgings made in USA They have been that way for many years.
  3. CCI, Federal, and Winchester have all updated their packaging within the last year and I have purchased all three in the new packaging within the last 6 months. Also purchased new manufactured Remington primers this year. They are out their it’s just that supply cannot keep up with demand.
  4. Letter from Vista below. Doesn’t say no primers, it does say no new primer orders until further notice. December 21, 2021 Dear Customer: Thank you for your business and for your continued support of American jobs and manufacturing. As we continue to see supply chain constraints and increases in our raw materials, we are increasing our pricing to help offset those rising costs. Effective 4/1/2022, CCI, Federal, Hevi–Shot, Remington, and SPEER ammunition will take the following price increases: Primers – 5% Powder – 5% Handgun – 2-8% Rifle – 3-8% Shotgun – 3-12% Additionally, due to continued demand, NO new Primer orders will be accepted until further notice. Unless you notify us to cancel an order, we will reprice all existing and future orders shipped on or after 4/1/2022 to the new prices. You will receive your finalized price list no later than March 15th, 2022. Thank you for your continued support of our brands and our American workforce. Jason R. VanderbrinkPresident, Ammunition
  5. Super Blackhawk hammers are wider and lower... They came with original vaquero hammers which I believe are the same as regular Blackhawk hammers.
  6. Donnie Miculek hasn’t owned Bayou in quite a while... He sold it to concentrate on being the supplier for the Hi-Tek coating in the US.
  7. Take a look at the ADI website. They make trail boss. http://www.adiworldclass.com.au/2021/12/16/propellant-update/
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