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  1. Not to bust your bubble but the pictures you posted are of a short rifle not a carbine. Carbine would have the forend attached with a barrel band and have a lightweight round barrel.
  2. I don't know the op but judging by the picture I would say his undershorts are too tight...
  3. Sharp Shootr Wipe Out Patch Out for copper and carbon fouling. i usually use all copper Chore Boy pads to remove lead.
  4. These might be handy: Here is a reloading calculator: https://x-reload.com/load-cost Dillin has one too. https://www.dillonprecision.com/calculator.html
  5. No offense but... I have yet to see a gun that you haven't been able to break something on eventually!
  6. There have been M&P semiauto pistols for about 15 years... I believe that is what is meant.
  7. Here is a link to calculate the break even cost of purchasing reloading equipment. http://dillonprecision.net/break-even-calculator/ Thought it might come in handy...
  8. The SDQ was not awarded it was earned... All penalties in CAS are earned by the shooter.


    Safety is number one.

  9. Heee Haaa Howdy ..Cayuse I'm still interrested in those 38's.. Please let me know what ya might be askin..Crazy Mingo

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