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  1. I guess I would like to be able to use adjustable sights as a GF. As a gunfighter I would like to have a set of new vaqueros made up with octagon barrels and dovetail front sights,. Unfortunately the dovetail front sights are considered adjustable and therefore not allowed in GF category. I do not want to shoot in B Western category.
  2. When I loaded 185gr Golden Saber JHP’s in 45 Colt I seated them so that the crimp was just above the ogive of the bullet. That way no damage to the bullet when crimping. Unique powder starting load 8.5gr max load 9.5gr
  3. Big Ed has been dead for many years. I was one of the customers that never received my order that I placed with Big Ed. He moved his business to Illinois and I tried to contact him there. He never returned my emails or calls. Try an Internet search, amazing what can still be found about him.
  4. There have been M&P semiauto pistols for about 15 years... I believe that is what is meant.
  5. Here is a link to calculate the break even cost of purchasing reloading equipment. http://dillonprecision.net/break-even-calculator/ Thought it might come in handy...
  6. The SDQ was not awarded it was earned... All penalties in CAS are earned by the shooter.


    Safety is number one.

  7. Heee Haaa Howdy ..Cayuse I'm still interrested in those 38's.. Please let me know what ya might be askin..Crazy Mingo

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