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Ruger/Volquartsen/other semi-auto 22LR

Chief Rick

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I'm looking for a plinker/steel challenge-type rifle of the 10/22 variety.


Not sure what a Volquartsen would offer over and above the Ruger (specifically looking at model 31172 - Talo Exclusive Tactical) or another 10/22 clone.


I also see the Bergara BXR and Radical Firearms RF-22.



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1 hour ago, Sedalia Dave said:

@Widder, SASS #59054 should have some good input.


For Ruger Mark series PISTOL mods, its very hard to beat Volquartsen, with Tactical Solutions right there in quality also.


But with the Ruger 10/22 RIFLES, I honestly don't think you can beat KIDD (Coolguyguns.com).   All their options are superb.

There triggers are super nice.  And if you really want that fine touch..... their 2-stage trigger systems may be the best

on the market.   And their regular Single Stage trigger systems will put a smile on your face.

I also think KIDD can set your trigger pull poundage and/or ounces to your preference.


I have both the Single Stage trigger and the 2-Stage trigger in a couple of my rifles.   I think my Single Stage

was set by KIDD at around 2 pound.   And my 2-Stage trigger is set at around 6 & 6 ounces.

The very slight pre-travel is approx 6 oz and then a super crisp clean brake at approx 6 oz.


If you want to piece build your 10/22, not only are KIDD receivers great, but you should also consider F.J. Feddersen.

The Feddersen picatinny rail is integral with the receiver, but I don't know if you can get a particular MOA.

With a KIDD receiver, you have options as to your preferred MOA.


I have both the Feddersen receiver 10/22 and a KIDD receiver 10/22 and am totally happy with both.


In my opinion, hands down one of the finest 10/22 model rifles you could own would be a complete KIDD model.

You can pick out ALL your preferred parts, including style of bolt handle, magazine release, barrel style, etc.......... and

let KIDD put it together for you.    I have a complete KIDD 10/22 and very proud of it.


P.S. - KIDD also can 'stock' your 10/22.  But if you don't like any of their stock options, check out BOYDS gunstocks.

The BOYDS stocks are beautiful.


Good luck and happy shooting.


EDIT:  I can't say anything bad about Volquartsen rifles because they are also top notch.

My friend has a couple of the Volquartsen rifles and he also has 2 or 3 of the KIDD rifles.

The KIDD models just seem to have something extra that makes them a favorite of mine.





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I can't say anything bad about Kidd or Volquartsen.  They are awesome.  


I've got by for years with a stock 10/22 and a BX trigger kit.  It gives me a 2.5 pound trigger, and the rifle can outshoot me any  day of the week.  Used 10/22 for under $200, and a $70 trigger.  

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You might look at the Thompson Center T/CR22 lightweight made in the Smith & Wesson custom shop, It's based on the 10/22 and most 10/22 parts work in it, It looks almost identical to the Volquartsen that I use for steel at a whole lot less money.

It has a carbon fiber barrel and what looks like a Boyt stock about all it would need would be a trigger kit and a red dot.

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I have several 10/22’s…and takeoffs. Check out Magnum Research. I have one in an AR style with a carbon fiber bull barrel. I think the scope weighs about as much as the rifle. I have a Ruger BX trigger group in it. I have a Kidd trigger group too…but it is in another rifle right now 

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I have 2 KIdd Supergrade rifles built by Kidd. they are awesome.  the Supergrade have screw in barrels unlike other 10-2 style receivers. I think that is why they are so much more accurate. 

both of them will shoot with my annies.

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Many options and combinations out there.

Chief AJ finally did pass over to that big hunting ground.

I found Beyer barrels to be a great lightweight alternative.

I have yet to shoot the BX trigger but you could put one on

the 1022 of your choice and put on a Beyer barrel.

This would be pretty inexpensive.

Whatever you do leave off that hunk of metal that goes over

the barrel of millions of carbines.  

And spend some time finding the ammo your rifle likes best.

And from the Chief himself remember    

All Rugers are NOT created equal.

Meaning if your 1022 seems to just not work for you then

try a different one.  

Dont free float the barrel. Again from the Chief.



I might sell you one of my Chief 1022s....maybe..... I dont know.


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2 hours ago, sassnetguy50 said:

Are you sure you want a heavy rifle for steel challenge?  There are many light weight speed options for the 10/22.  5-16oz barrels vs 3# range for steel .920 barrels.  


No sir, I'm not sure.  This would initially, if not permanently, be for informal matches.


That's one of the reasons I don't want to drop ~$1500 on a rifle right now.

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2 hours ago, Chief Rick said:

No sir, I'm not sure.  This would initially, if not permanently, be for informal matches.


That's one of the reasons I don't want to drop ~$1500 on a rifle right now.

A used 10/22 sporter with Williams fiber sights and the cheap plastic stock can be a competitive way to dip your toe in.  Add grip tape to the stock and one of the ebay Volquartsen trigger kits for $25.  If you like it then you can invest more in a crisp single stage trigger or full race gun.  Speed is more important than benchrest accuracy, like in SASS shoots.

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