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  1. I hope you are WRONG. Already registered and have Hotel reservations.
  2. I'm with Billy. Just got a new flip phone last month. Old one was only 3G and it ceases to exist in US end of this year. Got a new 4G flip. Kyocera Dura XV. Great phone.
  3. Wild Bunch match first Sat. Sun, Mon. Cowboy warmup Mon. Tues. Cowboy side matches, opening ceremony, Wed. Main CAS match Thurs. Fri, Sat. Awards and top gun shoot off Sunday.
  4. Since it will be at the ranch I expect it to be the same as past years. No changes in the schedule for at least the last 3 years.
  5. If you can find it in some online archive look at the May 23 1955 Life magazine. An interesting article on uranium mining in the US. It features a mine Copper Queen and I now own.
  6. Back in the old days when I had a spot on the line at Knob Creek there was a fellow with one that came every other year with it. Got to shoot it once. COOL !!!!
  7. #1 Surefire #2 Streamlight After that take your pick. I only use Surefire.
  8. A sad thing indeed. I have a couple of his hats.
  9. I have a MGW sight pro SP 100 Expensive but works like a charm. Especially with expensive sights and expensive pistols. Only one I know of that works without screwing up the super tight Springfield pistol sights.
  10. Actually 5 different people bought the Remington businesses. Marlin, Ammo, semi-auto stuff, etc, etc, The bid you mention is for the assets (machinery, building, etc.) in Ilion. Not sure what they plan to make there.
  11. I have 2 pair. Very nicely made. Excellent value. I think they run just a bit large. I usually wear a 12 D but need a very heavy sock with a 12 from them.
  12. Happy Birthday Pale Wolf. Thanks for all the help with rule issues I needed when setting up Wild bunch and your continued guidance to CAS.
  13. For some of us old timers the movement to LARGE targets has taken over in recent years. At almost all matches there are no targets smaller than 20". Many are actually going to 24". Only a few old targets are used that are 16". Certainly almost no-one buys a new target smaller than 20" now.
  14. You might try Lonnie at Run-N-Iron in Nebraska. He does some amazing stuff.
  15. I have a set of cobalt left hand drill bits. It is amazing what you can save with them. I only remember once just starting drilling it out didn't catch the broken screw/bolt and backed it right out. Only one time did I need an easy out to remove the bolt after left hand drilling.
  16. As I recall the ORM-D requirement was dropped 2 years ago for loaded ammunition. I have received 4 shipments from different vendors in the last 2 years and none of them were marked ORM-D.
  17. I'm left handed and have shot an SKB SXS for years. No problem opening the gun. I also shoot a 97 in Wild Bunch. Definitely a left hand friendly gun.
  18. NO. That is an external modification that is not listed as allowed.
  19. Tough day for me too. I lost some friends on FDNY on 911. Used to go into the city after the NY Fire Chief show and do the ride alongs with the rescue squads. Lost friends on 2 different teams. Haven't flown commercial since. Still really PISSED OFF !!!
  20. Bob, we set formal tables here all the time. Keeps me in practice. No other items of flatware on the placemat. Coffee mug handle facing left. I'm just being a bit anal. Freezing over here. Supposed to be 91 not 41.
  21. Bob, you just showed the whole world that you are left handed. The interworld already knows too much about us. Be more careful. Incidentally it is 40 and spitting snow/rain over here on the West side of the Abajos near the lake.
  22. Induction stoves require ferrous (iron containing) material in contact with the stove top. That is why cast iron, Stainless steel, etc. work fine. Copper and aluminum do not work.
  23. All-Clad !!!! You get what you pay for. Copper Queen has about 6 pieces. Been using them for at least 20 years. Still as good as new. Her original ones have copper on the bottle. Won't work with induction stoves. They make ones with a ss bottom over the copper. I keep offering to buy her new ones to add to the set but she says Why?? These are still like new and I don't need another size. She takes very good care of her utinsels. As a cook they are like tools. Buy the best, take care of them and you get the best results. No metal utinsels in them even though they don't have non-stick coatings. Clean up super easy. (we have a dishwasher but it hasn't been used in over 20 years. Actually never turned on since being installed) I am the dishwasher. She does have a 20 quart commercial stock pot with a huge aluminum bottom. Must weigh 10 pounds. Also a couple of those French porcelan coated cast iron casseroles. Uses the All-Clad pans every day for the past 20+ years.
  24. I get banded money at the bank all the time when cashing checks or making withdrawals. Usually 50's or 100's. They go in the vault and bring it out to me. No big deal.
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