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  1. The NIF is located at the LL Natl. lab in CA. It is a VERY legitimate facility. I do occasional work for them.
  2. HI Lumpy, The issue with the Sierra in 30 cal for precision is that the 168 has the wrong boat tail angle and won't go through transonic. Even here at 5000ft it won't make it to 1000yds. It is OK at 900 at this elevation but not at 500ft ASL. The 175 grain WILL go through transonic. We have a guy who shoots them out to 1620 yds. The military .308 round uses a slightly different jacket but is basically the same as the civilian 175. We have trouble with the plastic tipped ones in both weights. They don't have the consistency of the Berger bullets. MY new Oehler 89 will show up the difference. Berger just makes a better bullet. For 308 I really like the 168 hybrid and the 185 hybrid if you have fast enough twist(11). For the 300 Win I Really like both the 215 and 230 Hybrids. The 215 is a magic bullet out to 1 mile. Then the 230 out to 1 1/2 miles. I don't fool with the VLD's because of the problem with OAL and needing to change it every 200 rounds or so. Hope this helps.
  3. I won't get into choices you have already made, it is your build, but I will say that they would't all be my choices although I do only us Redding dies.. I recommend only ATLAS bi-pods for field use. On my mid range (out to 900yds) We have 8 of the 10 shooters using 6.5Cr's. Another 260rem. and 1 using 6Cr. On long range (out to 1 mile) we use magnums although with hand loads and Berger 140 bullets a good shooter can print descent groups at 1 mile. I STRONGLY you consider BERGER bullets if you can find them. Also the very low drag high BC bullets have a Secant ogive and can be VERY sensitive to OAL (jump to land) setting. The Berger hybrids are a nice balance of tangent and secant ogives and are not sensitive to OAL like the pure tangent bullets. We do a LOT of long range precision shooting at my place both military and civilian.
  4. I have 2 KIdd Supergrade rifles built by Kidd. they are awesome. the Supergrade have screw in barrels unlike other 10-2 style receivers. I think that is why they are so much more accurate. both of them will shoot with my annies.
  5. Those readings seem odd. IF you really have 150fps difference you need to work on your loads. CE chronos do not have a great reputation for accuracy so that might be part of it but you need to carefully clean the cell in it and that might help also put in new batteries..
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