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  1. Yul, when we first setup our site 25 years ago I went with Lister Petter diesel generators. The only problem with them is as you noted. They have problems starting in cold weather. Super efficient but a bit noisy. The reason we replaced then 2-3 years ago is they are now bankrupt, no replacement parts are available and the original design engines no longer meet US pollution standards. Replaced the units with Perkins. I agree nothing in the world was as good as the old Listers. Too bad they are gone.
  2. I would recommend a Kohler over a Generac any day. If it will only run on rare occasions Generac is OK, but they run at 3600rpm. You want A 1800rpm unit if possible. I think Kohler makes one. I only use 20-30Kw diesels but I am totally off the grid with solar and generator backup.
  3. NO, Attendance was too low to pay for the facilities at the later ones. They tried a couple further East but the attendance there was lower than at Las Vegas. Finally stoped them due to loosing money.
  4. Rambler, I believe it was in either Shooting Sports Retailer or Tactical Retailer. (magazines limited to the trade) Was NOT in an NRA Publication.
  5. Saw in one of my firearm newsletters that Weatherby just cut the price of factory ammo in half. Not sure when that will trickle doown to retail stores but you might contact Weatherby direct. Those older rifles were GREAT.
  6. I hate problems !! So Copper Queen and I bought a 1 year old used Airstream 18 years ago. Seller traded it in. 28ft. wanted a 30ft. Still as good as new. You get what you pay for. It has 15" wheels and the ONLY good quality 15" trailer tires are the Goodyear Enduro. Made right here in the US. (came with them from the factory) I have replaced them twice just because of age. Other than that only a slight leak around the skylight. Store it outside year round. Just keep the heat on at 40 in the winter.
  7. Almost all my punches are from Starrett or Snalp On. However I have a set of the "replaceable pin" punches from Brownells. Not as sturdy as the fixed steel ones, but you can get short pins for them that are great for starting small pins. Long tiny diameter pin punches from the best companies bend easily and the short Brownells replaceable pins solve that problem.
  8. I don't know about the auto phone programming stuff, but CREE corporation makes high end LED stuff that lasts for years in the worst environments. They supply almost ALL the street lights for cities on the Coasts. Also make some lighter duty stuff. Contact a store that does industrial lighting. They can get the CREE stuff.
  9. I think it is time to put the hummingbird feeder away. Got a trace over here close to Bullfrog Marina on the lake.
  10. Contact Boggus Deal. He can fix you up. NM State CAS match is going on this weekend so you might need to contact someone you know and have them get in touch with him. He has parts and does pretty good 1911 work.
  11. Nine mile canyon is just South of Price,UT. Most famous for the numerous Native American petroglyphs.
  12. In the traditional category replacement larger fixed sights are allowed. At the moment only 2 non-manufacturer supplied replacement sights are listed as legal. WBAS targets are smaller and further out than CAs targets. Even with larger sights and adjustable ones on the modern category pistols only 1 person has ever shot WBAS clean at EOR. It's a shooting match. Come and have fun. No silly target engagements, just good fun shooting.
  13. + 1000 Kate did a wonderful job. Too bad it is over. I will never look at the Scholarship fund the same way again.
  14. I ave pulled hundreds of lead LARGE(38, 40, 45) rifle bullets with a Hornady cam lock puller. For little short pistol bullets I have only had good luck with a hammer type. Using the same RCBS one for years.
  15. I have 3 Pythons. None are for sale. The finest DA revolvers made in my opinion. Actually a Korth from Germany might be better but I have only handled them. Not shot one.
  16. maybe send a copy of the picture to Buffalo Arms ???
  17. The difference between the AMP and the others is ABSOLUTE temperature and time control determined for the exact case you are using. I had good luck with my Bench Source for years but it wasn't really perfect. The AMP annealing is done by induction, not by a variable flame. It just depends on how particular you are about your reloading procedures. For precision long range like I shoot everything matters.
  18. The AMP annealing unit from Australia (available here in the US from Brownells and Graffs) has a case insert for 45 Colt. I have one but haven't done any 45 Colt yet with it. Amazing piece of equipment. Sold my Bench Source annealer to help buy this one.
  19. I've had a Marvel for many years. Works perfect and is super accurate. Had it on at least 8 different 1911 frames and always worked fine.
  20. I remember this well. I initially thought it was a reasonable idea. Then before the EOT TG meeting I made a large plastic sheet painted in green and red showing the exact "cone of safety" being discussed and the true 170 angles coming from it. When the actual area was seen for real the idea died. BJZ never forgave me. I didn't mean it against him personally as I had initially thought it might work.
  21. HALT !!! You are under arrest. (In East Germany at the time early 1970's)
  22. I've had a Thumlers for years but if I were buying new it would be a Rebel because of the better bearings.
  23. ALL pesticides are organic. They contain the element carbon. Organic is just advertising hype.
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