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  1. Well Creeker we just disagree on the relevance of the ROC.
  2. THIS ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
  3. Both mgm and action target are 100% as good as you can get. Both companies use hard steel and they will last practically forever.
  4. I haven't bought Girl Scout cookies since the organization went on their all out Second Amendment attacks awhile back. When they change their political attacks on the Second Amendment I will buy some again. I don't support organizations that attack what I support.
  5. Widder, make it easy on yourself. Call sprinco (where I get all of my 1911 springs, and they are color coded) Tell their their tech guys what you have and they will tell you the correct spring (and sell it to you as their springs are a bit different from Wolf etc.
  6. The Mantis system is more about learning trigger control. It is the BEST for that.
  7. Gator, the Vortex RZR HD27-60 X 85 is a very nice reasonably priced spotter. Of course I would recommend you look at the high end KOWA with the fluorite objective. Clearer than Swaro and thousands less. Cheap spotting scopes are no better thn a good riflescope at a few hundred yards. From the rifles you mentioned I doubt you will be shooting much past 600yds.
  8. I agree with Michigan Slim. I shoot the same bullet but sorted to +-1grain. No problem reaching 1000yds accurately with it I have a new 1260yd. target that I will try it on when the weather breaks in early April. While bullet weight is important even more important at those long ranges is MV variance. Try to keep SD below 10fps.
  9. Snake, you aren't the only one. I've been moved from WBAS Chairman to Member to now Emeritus. I'll be like you soon.
  10. Wilson magazines changed a few years back when he bought out Chip McCormick. After fighting with 1911 magazines over 50+ years I only buy Tripp magazines anymore. Always work perfectly.
  11. bgavin, I also use Quickload a lot. More things you need to add to your data is the efficiency and % burned at the muzzle. I don''t care enough to do it myself but since you already have the data entered I suspect there will be differences.
  12. While there are a number of "laser dry fire " systems available the one that is by far the best is from MANTIS. They even have barrel adapters for revolvers, old style rifles etc. The series 10 is amazing.
  13. I've never been to one, never going, haven't seen nor spoken to anyone I went to HS or University with for at least 50 years. I like it that way.
  14. H H If cost isn't important RCC brass in Amarillo, TX will lathe turn them for you. As for dies, Maybe CH-4D could help you.
  15. The only powder supplier I spoke with at SHOT that expected to have even minimal inventory this year was VV.
  16. I know some of you shoot obscure or rare cartridges with almost no brass available. At SHOT this year there was a company that will make ANY case you want. They already make more than 1500 different ones. Lathe turned from a special brass alloy. rccbrass.com Amarillo, TX
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