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  1. I'd love to be able to shoot my webleys in a match, This picture is a few years old and a few more have joined the herd, I guess I like the darn things because of the history involved with them. the one on the lower right is an 1892 army that was sold in Bombay in 1893 it's chambered in .476 Webley.
  2. I just tried dropping a 455 Webley and the much shorter .450 Eley into a 45 colt Vaquero, Both chambered just fine but I'm not sure if there might not be head spacing problems due to the thinner rim on the Webley and Eley cases. Next time I get to the range I'm going to have to give them a try.
  3. That's interesting I'd heard that member's of the third brigade 82nd Airborne as a unit had been awarded the VCOG back in 1968 but it had never been authorized to wear it on our uniforms, I had no idea that it was awarded to all service members who served in Vietnam. Thanks for the post it clears up something I've been wondering about for years.
  4. Howdy KG

      You can send me your personal check or a money order whatever is easier for you for $120.00 to

    Bill Schutt

    8541 Big Rock Rd.

    Santee, Ca. 92071

    Send me your shipping address and I'll get it ready to go.


    Willy B'

  5. SOLDI have for sale the following for casting 38/55 bullets, The bullets lubed and with gas check weigh out at 270 grs. RCBS 37-250 Mold Lyman .377 H&I sizer die( No top Punch) 700 to 800 Hornady .375 gas checks 46 sized and lubed bullets Just about everything you need to cast 38/55 bullets for $120.00 Shipped
  6. a grenade fitted with a trip wire fuse makes an instant bang
  7. I just had Carlson's put choke tubes in my 20 Ga. over and under they did a nice job and were really fast in getting the job done and shipping the barrels back, The job was $235 plus shipping.
  8. There were only a couple very minor things I noticed in the book that I didn't remember seeing in the series, I think in the series they had Dick Winter using a 98K Mauser after he lost his drop bag, In the book he says he found a carbine, I don't remember this scene but in market garden they were trying to get off the drop zone as quickly as possible because it was raining helmets, rifles, gliders and about anything else being dropped I think it would have been an interesting scene, My memory could be faulty but I don't recall it.
  9. I just finished reading The Band of Brothers by Stephen Ambrose I was pretty amazed at how closely the HBO series followed the book, Even if you've seen the series the book is well worth reading.
  10. OK Bob!!! why did you have to show it off, Kamala and Gavin will have it banned here in California next week because it looks real scary.
  11. If five blasting caps went off in your shirt pocket if it didn't kill you it would be a miracle and you might just wish it had killed you. We used chunks of C-4 to heat up our C-rats in Vietnam, It burns real nice.
  12. It's been awhile but I don't think the M14 strippers worked in mine but they are cheap it's worth a try.
  13. Howdy Forty Rod I tried to find stripper clips for my 300 Savage model 81 which are the same as the 35 Remington, I found clips that would hold the cartridges but they all have the stops that limit how far into the magazine they can go, on the ends of the clip for the Remington 8 and 81 the stops need to be in the middle of the clips to allow them to get far enough into the magazine to feed. I picked up a few clips for my 81 and model 8's in 30 Remington off ebay but they were downright pricey. I haven't looked in quite a while but I thought at the price the clips were going for someone would start making repro's but I haven't seen any. Good luck hope you find some. Willy B'
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