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  1. The mission has been restored and is in daily use, I don't know if that particular bell is still there but they do have a bell.
  2. Just a coincidence but I picked up a Ithaca 37 20 Gauge two weeks ago, Mine was made in 1939, It was on the bargain rack at a local gun shop for $250 the action was crunchy and overall just plain dirty anyway I couldn't resist and it came home with me, I spent a couple hours cleaning it up and was pleased to find it in really nice condition, The bore is as shiny as the day it left the factory and the action smooth it's missing some blue but I'm not as old as it is and I'm missing some of my original finish too. As light as it is I think it's going to spend some time with me when dove season
  3. I've had two disassembled guns given to me, one was a Remington model 8 which has a million small pieces, The other was the previously mentioned Colt 1903 which was by far the worst. I don't remember the brand but I put a 22 auto together for a guy I worked with the only way to get the recoil springs back in was to compress them in aquarium tubing.
  4. I think I've got a couple hundred at home, I'll be there tomorrow afternoon and see what I have and get back to you.
  5. I've always liked May the fleas of a thousand camels infest your arm pits.
  6. No Thanks, I think the price I'm asking is fair

  7. Just send me your address and I'll get these off to you.  It may be a few days I picked up a bit of food poisoning and I'm not venturing far from the house right now.

    I used to work in the county garage the deputy's knew I was a shooter so when someone turned in ammo they usually gave it to me, I'm pretty sure that's how I got it. glad you can use it,

  8. Thanks Warden C. I saw that, I'm waiting til they have the primer pocket swager back in stock if I get both that and the handle I'll be over $50 and get free shipping.
  9. I set up quick change decappers in .38, .44, .45 using the guided pins, I think the guided pins really help when the case is just a little off from the die, I also set up the four tube collator and like the Warden had to chamfer the ends of the tubes to get 44 WCF case's to feed, The slide still needs a little push once in a while to get it lined up but its just a small inconvenience considering how fast you can run cases through the press. I ran three 3lb. coffee cans of 9mm through the press last week I don't have any idea of how many cases were there but it was a bunch I finished in ab
  10. I've had my APP press for about a month now I've used it for decapping 38's, 357's, 45 Colt's, 44 Russians and 44/40's, I've also used it for sizing 44/40's. I've set it up with the 4 tube case feeder with collander and just picked up another case feeder so I don't have to change things around too much when I go from small to large cases, I've also picked up guided decapper pins for the universal decapper which help a lot in getting the cases centered in the shell holder. Overall I really like it, It's the fastest depriming \ Sizing system I've ever used, It can be a little fuss
  11. For what it's worth Lee says the 4 tube case feeder works with the APP press
  12. I like the way this outfit works and I do believe it's going to really speed up the processing of my black powder brass. Midsouth supply has them listed but they are on back order, I went ahead and ordered one anyway with any luck it won't take too long to get to me. I also picked up some paint powder at Harbor Freight today, I don't know how serious I'm going to get about coating my bullets but I thought I'd try it.
  13. Howdy KG

      You can send me your personal check or a money order whatever is easier for you for $120.00 to

    Bill Schutt

    8541 Big Rock Rd.

    Santee, Ca. 92071

    Send me your shipping address and I'll get it ready to go.


    Willy B'

  14. Howdy Moe T.

    This is Willy B' I shot with you at Dulzura last month. I have one of these perfected models and they are proofed for smokeless, The NYPD requested these from S&W as too many of their officers were having their revolvers popped open during fights, so they wanted two actions to take place to open it, They were built on hand ejector frames not topbreak frames.

    If you want to look at one I can bring it out to Dulzura on Saturday.

    Willy B'

    1. Moe T Vator

      Moe T Vator

      Howdy Willy,


      I missed the shoot this past month as I was at sea chasing pirates. I would really like to check it out next month if you can bring it by! 



    2. Willy B.SASS#26902

      Willy B.SASS#26902

      probably going to have to wait until May but if you let me know I'd be happy to bring it out, I'll be over on Oahu when we have next months shoot, I'm depending on you to keep the pirates in check until I get back.

      Willy B'

    3. Moe T Vator

      Moe T Vator

      HA! ok.

      I will be shooting in corona and cajon this weekend too! get excited!!

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