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  1. I had the same results with Ruger about 5 years ago, They replied the pistols were in spec. and they wouldn't open up the throats
  2. Hey there senor Slim, I've got about 100 case I pulled out of the scrap bucket, PM me your address and I'll send them to you, I don't want anything for them Just chalk it up as good Karma. Willy B'
  3. l had a nice conversation with Cap down at Yuma just a couple weeks ago so this comes as quite a shock, Cap is really going to be missed truly a nice guy. My condolences to his family and many friends. Willy B'
  4. Driftwood That ad pretty well confirms the approximate age, I hadn't seen it before, Very cool. Thanks again
  5. Thanks Driftwood I hadn't even noticed the scoop flutes, Do you have any idea on when it was made?, I'm thinking right around 1880.
  6. Hey KR I'll send it back to you, Just keep checking your mailbox until it gets there. Willy B' It sat on a vendors table all weekend at Yuma, I don't think anyone realized what it was. I feel like I saved it.
  7. Last weekend I picked up a Merwin & Hulbert second model pocket pistol, It looks to be in pretty fair shape and has factory engraving, The serial number is hard to read but looks like 920? the last digit I can't make out. I also came with what looks to be the original flap holster. I'm thinking this was made about 1880 but if anyone has a better idea on the age I'd appreciate you letting me know. Thanks Willy B'
  8. Up for sale is my Pietta 1851, .44 Cal. Revolver, I picked up another 1860 for my backup gun so I no longer need this 1851. It's in great shape no pitting or much wear, Barrel and cylinder are also in good shape, The bolt to cylinder fit is correct. It has Slix-nipples and comes with the original nipples and a spare hand and spring. $275.00 Shipped Thanks for looking Willy B'
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