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  1. Camp Elliott is right over the hill just north west of my house in Santee, My Dad trained there in 1942 said he had humped over everyone of those damn hills. He also trained at Camp Mathews which was where UCSD is now I remember seeing the rifle butts at Mathews when I was a kid.
  2. I've got seven rifles in 44/40 the bores slug out between .427 and .429, I load them all with .429 bullets with good results.
  3. I've had my APP press for about a month now I've used it for decapping 38's, 357's, 45 Colt's, 44 Russians and 44/40's, I've also used it for sizing 44/40's. I've set it up with the 4 tube case feeder with collander and just picked up another case feeder so I don't have to change things around too much when I go from small to large cases, I've also picked up guided decapper pins for the universal decapper which help a lot in getting the cases centered in the shell holder. Overall I really like it, It's the fastest depriming \ Sizing system I've ever used, It can be a little fussy on 44/40's I need to help a few of the cases into the shell holder but on straight wall cases its really fast. Other than it being a little Fiddley(Is that a word?) It's a keeper. And yes Warden Callaway is an enabler( But I'm glad he got this post started ) Willy B'
  4. When we had the fuel shortage back in the late 80's somebody siphoned some fuel out of my diesel pickup, Later that day I noticed one of the kids up the street trying to get his VW to start, I think he got a lesson on the difference between gas and diesel.
  5. My Dad was with the 5th Marine Division 26th Regiment he went ashore on Iwo in the fifth wave, One of the few things he told me was the first thing he did when he hit the beach was throw away his carbine and pick up a 03 Springfield from a pile of equipment taken from the dead and wounded, He never trusted the semi autos he said with the 03 you could hit what you aimed at and what you hit didn't get back up. He was one of the really lucky ones that got off the island without a scratch. He had also been at Dutch Harbor when the Japs bombed it and he finished out the war with occupation duty at Sasebo.
  6. Per Mark Twain " Rumors of my demise have been greatly exaggerated "
  7. I was doing just fine this year until one of our club members trolled a really nice pre safety S&W 686 under my nose, All I could tell my wife was " But Honey it was big and shiney and said Smith & Wesson on it" How could I say no. At least she says their are worse things than being a gun junkie
  8. For what it's worth Lee says the 4 tube case feeder works with the APP press
  9. I like the way this outfit works and I do believe it's going to really speed up the processing of my black powder brass. Midsouth supply has them listed but they are on back order, I went ahead and ordered one anyway with any luck it won't take too long to get to me. I also picked up some paint powder at Harbor Freight today, I don't know how serious I'm going to get about coating my bullets but I thought I'd try it.
  10. I've got lots of Jet loaders and Safariland comp II and III's for K Frames, But I was hoping to buy a couple L frame loaders. Anybody?
  11. I picked up a S&W 686 recently which is built on the L frame unfortunately I found my K frame loaders don't fit, If you have any 6 shot L frame speed loaders you don't have a need for and want to sell please let me know. Thanks Willy B'
  12. Howdy KG

      You can send me your personal check or a money order whatever is easier for you for $120.00 to

    Bill Schutt

    8541 Big Rock Rd.

    Santee, Ca. 92071

    Send me your shipping address and I'll get it ready to go.


    Willy B'

  13. Howdy Moe T.

    This is Willy B' I shot with you at Dulzura last month. I have one of these perfected models and they are proofed for smokeless, The NYPD requested these from S&W as too many of their officers were having their revolvers popped open during fights, so they wanted two actions to take place to open it, They were built on hand ejector frames not topbreak frames.

    If you want to look at one I can bring it out to Dulzura on Saturday.

    Willy B'

    1. Moe T Vator

      Moe T Vator

      Howdy Willy,


      I missed the shoot this past month as I was at sea chasing pirates. I would really like to check it out next month if you can bring it by! 



    2. Willy B.SASS#26902

      Willy B.SASS#26902

      probably going to have to wait until May but if you let me know I'd be happy to bring it out, I'll be over on Oahu when we have next months shoot, I'm depending on you to keep the pirates in check until I get back.

      Willy B'

    3. Moe T Vator

      Moe T Vator

      HA! ok.

      I will be shooting in corona and cajon this weekend too! get excited!!

  14. Ordered mine a couple weeks ago and it came in yesterday, I tried it on a 1860 Uberti and 1851 Pietta with Slix nipples and a Remington NMA with Treso's, At first it didn't work the caps weren't staying on then I figured out that I had to put them on firmly and wiggle the capper just a bit before I pulled it off, Putting the cap on and seating at the same time is nice! I really like not having to fill the inline cappers the darn things took forever to load and I needed 5 or 6 of them for a match, I didn't mind the snail capper for the Colt's but the Polish one is nice since it seats the caps which eliminates one step in the loading process.
  15. Greybeard just turned 80, He had a pacemaker put in last week but other than that he's doing OK.
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