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  1. I've had two disassembled guns given to me, one was a Remington model 8 which has a million small pieces, The other was the previously mentioned Colt 1903 which was by far the worst. I don't remember the brand but I put a 22 auto together for a guy I worked with the only way to get the recoil springs back in was to compress them in aquarium tubing.
  2. I think I've got a couple hundred at home, I'll be there tomorrow afternoon and see what I have and get back to you.
  3. I've always liked May the fleas of a thousand camels infest your arm pits.
  4. Abilene-- that looks like a good way to take care of it, I'll keep it in mind Muley Gil-- Those are the same fat screws I'm trying to get rid of but thanks for trying. TN Mongo-- I haven't called Lisa yet, Usually somebody here on the wire has a quick solution. Thanks for the suggestions
  5. I'm looking for screws or set screws to replace the screws used to attach the buttstock on Colt 1860 revolvers, I'd settle either for thinner screw heads or headless set screws. Dixie used to have these but apparently not anymore. If Anybody knows where to get these I'd appreciate you letting me know. Thanks Willy B'
  6. Well you made me look, I have a H&R officers model trapdoor and the trigger on it flops around a bit, It doesn't really reset like a rifle with a trigger spring. I'd say as long as the sear engages the hammer in all three notches and releases cleanly you probably don't have a problem.
  7. Gimmyguns Their all yours, I just sent you a P.M. with the details. Send me your address and I'll have your package ready to go. Thanks Willy B'
  8. Windex with vinegar doe's a good job cleaning up APP
  9. No Thanks, I think the price I'm asking is fair

  10. SOLD I haven't used these in a while so somebody else might as well put them to work. 2 1858(New model Armies) revolvers, .44 Cal., 8" Barrels, Consecutive serial numbers, Excellent condition a little bluing wear on the cylinders but not bad. 2 spare Cylinders, all cylinders have treso nipples. 8 Ted Cash two lip inline cappers. 10 extra treso nipples, 12 stock uberti nipples, 2 extra mainsprings, 2 extra hands with springs, 1 extra hand spring. 1 Powder Inc. cylinder loader. $ 775.00 for the set shipped
  11. Actually it was "Slow But Deadly", Silent But Deadly refers to the mass intake of bean burritos.
  12. I have the Davidson's version and it has Ballard rifling.
  13. I have one of these rifles, I bought it last year at a gun show for $800 in fired once and put away condition, It's a nice rifle, Hard to find the shorter one's I also have one of the 24" 44/40 Marlins.
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