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  1. If five blasting caps went off in your shirt pocket if it didn't kill you it would be a miracle and you might just wish it had killed you. We used chunks of C-4 to heat up our C-rats in Vietnam, It burns real nice.
  2. DANG !! I wish these had been for the 1872 Army. Nice looking grips, Grashorn (Executioner) makes great grips.
  3. I broke down and bought a Ruger PC9 yesterday,But I would have preferred it in 45 acp using 1911 Magazines, Looking on the bright side if Ruger does bring it out in 45 I'll have an excuse to buy another gun.
  4. I was in the 82nd we were attached to the 101st at Camp Eagle in Vietnam, I never heard the 101st referred to as anything other than than the 101st and I never heard them refer to us as anything other than the 82nd.
  5. I replace the extractors, springs and holder plate on an original 1887 with IAC parts, I didn't do any fitting everything dropped right in.
  6. I live very close to MCAS Miramar Osprey's are flying over my house most days, It's kinda neat to see them transition from vertical to horizontal.
  7. A few of the guys I shoot steel challenge with have them and really like the way they shoot, I have shot one a friend bought and was pretty impressed with the way it shot. I'm planning on picking one up in the near future.
  8. It's been awhile but I don't think the M14 strippers worked in mine but they are cheap it's worth a try.
  9. Howdy Forty Rod I tried to find stripper clips for my 300 Savage model 81 which are the same as the 35 Remington, I found clips that would hold the cartridges but they all have the stops that limit how far into the magazine they can go, on the ends of the clip for the Remington 8 and 81 the stops need to be in the middle of the clips to allow them to get far enough into the magazine to feed. I picked up a few clips for my 81 and model 8's in 30 Remington off ebay but they were downright pricey. I haven't looked in quite a while but I thought at the price the clips were going for someone would start making repro's but I haven't seen any. Good luck hope you find some. Willy B'
  10. Howdy Moe T.

    This is Willy B' I shot with you at Dulzura last month. I have one of these perfected models and they are proofed for smokeless, The NYPD requested these from S&W as too many of their officers were having their revolvers popped open during fights, so they wanted two actions to take place to open it, They were built on hand ejector frames not topbreak frames.

    If you want to look at one I can bring it out to Dulzura on Saturday.

    Willy B'

    1. Moe T Vator

      Moe T Vator

      Howdy Willy,


      I missed the shoot this past month as I was at sea chasing pirates. I would really like to check it out next month if you can bring it by! 



    2. Willy B.SASS#26902

      Willy B.SASS#26902

      probably going to have to wait until May but if you let me know I'd be happy to bring it out, I'll be over on Oahu when we have next months shoot, I'm depending on you to keep the pirates in check until I get back.

      Willy B'

    3. Moe T Vator

      Moe T Vator

      HA! ok.

      I will be shooting in corona and cajon this weekend too! get excited!!

  11. Howdy Conestoga I sent a PM your way. Willy B'
  12. I'm looking for a .44 Magnum cylinder for either a Ruger super Blackhawk or Vaquero, If you have one you want to sell or know where to find one please let me know. Thanks Willy B'
  13. He went out doing what he loved, I hope I get that lucky.
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