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  1. I've got two in .30 Remington, Fun rifles to shoot.
  2. Just send me your address and I'll get these off to you.  It may be a few days I picked up a bit of food poisoning and I'm not venturing far from the house right now.

    I used to work in the county garage the deputy's knew I was a shooter so when someone turned in ammo they usually gave it to me, I'm pretty sure that's how I got it. glad you can use it,

  3. I don't want anything for them, Just paying back what others here on the wire have done for me. I've had these for years I'm just tickled somebody can use them. I'm pretty sure I can send them by UPS. I'll send you a PM
  4. Hey 40Rod I found 13 rounds pf 8mm Mann-Schon in my junk box, 12 Western and one looks like a military case was used as a base. Do you want them?
  5. Don't forget 38-40 is a .40 caliber, Besides having the cylinder bored out or replaced you would also have to either rebore or replace the barrels, On original Vaquero's it's doable but going to be expensive on New Vaquero's I don't know if there's enough room for the case rims to fit.
  6. I have a pair in .38 both needed to have the arbors lengthened, I've used the Dillon locator pin method in 1851 Mason Richards .38's, 1872 44's and 1860 army's with good results.
  7. I got brave today and installed the new arbor in one of my Richards mason conversions, Drilling out the arbor pin was the only part I was worried about and it turned out to be a cinch, I used a 3/32 bit like the Warden suggested I had drilled in about 1/8 " when I pulled the bit up to see how deep I was getting and got lucky when the rest of the pin came out with the bit, The old arbor screwed right off and the new one went on and indexed correctly made a new pin and set it in Everything was going along just fine until I tried to put the hammer back in and it wouldn't go all the way forw
  8. I've also got a Marlin 93 in 32/40 the outside of the rifle looks like it earned everyone of it's years but the inside is pristine, it shoots very well out to about 300 yards with my light lead loads, I also had a Marlin 93 in 38/55 it shot pretty well but I really liked the 32/40 better.
  9. Thanks Warden You're timing couldn't have been better, I just got a notice from VTI that the arbor for my Richards Mason that I ordered in Jan. 2018 was in, Your video will be a big help when I replace it.
  10. A friend of mine has one of the old Century arms 45/70 revolvers, It had a fairly mild recoil but the muzzle blast and noise was really bad, I fired all five rounds out of it but that was enough. He also has a 475 Linebaugh that I only fired one round from and felt that it was enough for a lifetime. I also fired a friends 45/410 derringer with 410 rounds It really surprised me with how bad the recoil was.
  11. I already had a Cowboy Limited 24", 44/40 with wood from the Century Limited on it so this one's going to join it in the lineup. I only have one 45 colt rifle left, With this new addition I have 8 44/40's so I think the 45 will get a new home. My daughter has a 1894 Cowboy in 357 that was shortened to 20" it's a slick little rifle.
  12. I was at the Yuma gun show this weekend and right inside the door a guy had a rack of lever guns, I wasn't too interested as I have a bunch of lever guns until I saw 44/40 on the tag, I got down right excited when I saw it wasn't a carbine but a short rifle, I've been looking for a 1894 Marlin short rifle for over 20 years so after some dickering I bought it, as I'm walking away the dealer calls me back and wants to know if I want the box" Well Yeah". When I got back to my place I did a little closer inspection and found the rifle to be perfect outside and apparently it had been fire
  13. Thanks Warden C. I saw that, I'm waiting til they have the primer pocket swager back in stock if I get both that and the handle I'll be over $50 and get free shipping.
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