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  1. Phantom, the days of stages set up by the likes of Pecos Clyde are over., however WBAS was always intended to be a bit more challenging than CAS. Use of sights is necessary and will remain so
  2. The big Vortex Razer if you are hurting for money but much better: The best Kowa you can afford. Excellent Kowa's can be had for about 2K. I use a 4K Hensoldt but the only reason is I have to have the Horus reticle. A $2.5K Kowa with fluorite crystal objective is clearer than my Hensoldt. The big fluorite Kowa makes Swaro, Zeiss, Leica, etc. look poor.
  3. I would suggest if it is to be a hunting rifle that you zero it with a descent bipod (Harris)If you plan to shoot off a bench (target rifle) use a descent front rest like a Sinclair. If you plan to shoot it prone definitely zero it off a bipod. It does no good to zero the rifle on something like a lead sled as the rifle will move differently in recoil off the shoulder.
  4. ONAN. I've been "off the grid" for 25+ years now. Been through a bunch of generators. Obviously use stationary diesel and solar to power the site but one thing I have learned is buy the absolute best quality generators you can and Always get one bigger than you think you need.
  5. H.K. MOA =1.047" per 100yds. Often incorrectly called Shooters MOA which is 1" per 100yds. For example my 800yd. target is 4'X4' 6MOA at 800yds is 50.25" I do have 10 of the Longshot target cameras on my range but a high quality spotting scope is good out to 900yds. After that the cameras are Wonderful. Also great for small bullet hits (5.56,6mm,6.5mm) out past 700yds. I use them on all targets past 900 and closer with small bullets.
  6. I have 2 ranges we use for "traditional rifles. For short range (mostly lever action) 30-30/38-55 etc. 200yds to 400yds. The long range one is 450 to 800 yds. Single shot, mostly 45-70/45-90 but with a heavy bullet 38/55 works. Both ranges have targets every 50 yds. which helps shooters work their "way out". Targets on both ranges are 5-6MOA in size. Many new to setting up long range targets forget that most misses are due to Windage, NOT vertical drop. Make sure targets that have different width/height measurements are wider than tall for ease of hits.
  7. Lawdog, You need to decide what you are requesting. Light intensification (commonly called "night vision") that impart a green color (except the white phosphorus (which are the same but remove the green) or the newer technology that is becoming popular "Thermal" Good night vision units are reasonably priced.($1500-2K) Useable thermal starts about $3K and good units go to 7K quickly.
  8. I have about 20 "stick holder " stands for paper targets. I get them from ACTION TARGET Use 1X2 for uprights. They are the heaviest ones I have seen. Work GREAT. I only need some weight on them in winds over 15mph. Been using the for 20+ years for IDPA and IPSC and also for training on paper.
  9. Traditional "mil dot" scope reticles have gone out of vogue. Many problems with the uneducated trying to use them. Different mfgrs set the reticle up different. Some 1 mil was center to center on the dots on others it was BETWEEN the dots (which was better). Some didn't use round dots but oval ones. IF the scope was a second focal plane variable magnification the mil reticle was only correct at a certain power. Some mfrgs even did the totally stupid thing of using MOA adjustments with a mil reticle. All of these issues have been eliminated with the modern FIRST focal plane scopes and the "
  10. The most interesting thing I gleaned from the paper was that SOLID COPPER bullets produced the HIGHEST probability of ignition. That was unexpected by me but determined to be due to large fragments heated by impact caused deformation of the bullet. As expected lead core copper jacketed bullets performed the best at preventing ignition. Also the graph showing contact angle between the bullet and target revealed that hot fragments ( the cause of ignition) were reduced significantly as the angle of contact approached 80 degrees. They did not test 90 degree contact angle. This shows me that based
  11. Sankebite, why don't we just go back to traditional and modern?? We don't need no stinkin' age or costume categories !!!
  12. Terribly dry here. Our weather station shows a TOTAL of 1.77 inches of precipitation since January 01. Even the juniper trees are dying.
  13. Just the lines past the pump. Tank acts just like a cictern, etc.
  14. Are your chickens going into molt?? They stop laying then. Sometimes a drastic temp. change will make them stop laying for a few days. Usually if here is an "egg stealer" around there will be some evidence such as broken shells etc. If you have squirrels, rats, etc. they can easily get through the holes in a chain link fence. I had to cover the Queen's outside chain link chicken yard completely with "chicken wire" top, and all sides to keep out squirrels and rats.
  15. Having lived "off the grid" for 25+ years now there are multiple solutions to your issue. First of all you do NOT need 30psi for a sink or shower. 15psi will do OK with either. The simple solution is a cheap trailer and a 100 or 250 gallon water tank (remember water is 8# per gallon so it gets HEAVY in a hurry. Fill it up at your house pull it over to where you want it, hook up a RV potable water approved hose to it and then since you have 120volt gat a Sureflo 115 volt pump (the people who make RV 12 volt pumps) for about $100. The pump automatically turns on and off as water is flowing to g
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