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  1. Thanks Billy ,It was pretty bad. Biggest problem was getting to hospital. 3 1/2 Hours to get me in a helicopter to hospital in Grand Junction, CO. Said another half hour and I would't have made it. Had to go into my brain and take out stuff. Total paralysis on right side but I am doing better. Can walk, climb stairs, etc. have regained use of right arm, only thing still a problem is fingers on hand but that is coming along nicely. I can't shoot SASS but am making do with the long range stuff. The only disadvantage of living remote with no phone service.
  2. Todd (Handlebar Doc)flew up to see me a week ago. Concerned about how I was recovering from the stroke I had. We had a good visit. I am doing well and it was like old times. Looked at the ranges we use for the military and shot some rifles. Damn he is a good shot
  3. I've been a member since 1957. i have been towed by them many times. I definitely got my money's worth.
  4. You could step it up a bit and get a bottle of Gentleman Jack. From jack Daniels.
  5. According to Frank De Hass in his book single shot rifles and actions the Rolling Block is much weaker than the falling block action such as the Highwall.
  6. NOTHING beats SUPERSWAMPERS in the mud. I run them on my H1 hummer.
  7. I use an Annealing Made Perfect machine from New Zealand. Can't screw up a case and they are all annealed Perfect.
  8. Well Creeker we just disagree on the relevance of the ROC.
  9. THIS ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
  10. Both mgm and action target are 100% as good as you can get. Both companies use hard steel and they will last practically forever.
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