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  1. For those who live in a dense urban area and never go far like S J I think they might be OK. For those of us in the Wilderness not useful at all. Went to closest grocery store Friday. 126 miles round trip. Taking my Kawasaki bike to the closest dealer for service tomorrow. 176 miles ONE WAY. There is a Tesla only charger station 69 miles away. Closest for other electric vehicles is 148 niles away.
  2. Tom, interesting you would mention Rafael Mendez. I was a HUGE fan. Started College on a trumpet music scholarship. Soon changed to chemistry though. My auditions for the scholarship I played some of his stuff. His "flight of the bumble bee" has never been equaled.
  3. I actually have the first 7 you list. You have pretty good taste in music.
  4. Was driving back from EOT towing the Airstream. A little bit West of Shiprock, NM came upon a pickup truck with an old homemade outhouse in the back. NOT tied down. When we crossed into AZ the speed limit went up and I could see it was just barely balanced. Sure enough after a couple of miles it blew out and completely exploded on the highway. Fortunately I was far enough back to get stopped. The driver got out, looked at the mess, said he just bought it at the Shiprock Indian market, got back in his truck and kept driving. I called 911, reported it and drove on home.
  5. I have a Bryston BCD-3 dedicated CD player but unless the rest of your system is high end it is gross overkill. The issue with the inexpensive Blue Ray. CD/ DVD/DVD-R etc. it does it all is that they are NOT optimized for any of the different formats they will read. To get the accurate sound from CD's you need a dedicated player.
  6. I am left handed and would NOT consider changing the opening lever on a SXS at all. Works great for a lefty.
  7. Quit wasting your time looking Buy the TORO 7000 series diesel and get it over with Will last 2 lifetimes.
  8. Bonus targets SUCK !!! I quit writing stages with bonus targets 10 years ago.
  9. Has there been a decision about the local SASS clubs use of the ranch??
  10. Led Zeppelin in the early 1970's. After that nothing big. I still like going to Blues Clubs occasionally to hear up and coming newer groups. The older I get the more I like early Blues.
  11. Same thing happened to us yesterday. Utah tourist season is beginning. Last 4 months I could drive the 65 miles to town only see 3-5 vehicles. Yesterday rent-A-campers, regular RV's, plenty of regular vehicles and the motorcycle clubs. Winter wasn't so bad after all.
  12. I didn't know he was still working. He did 4 revolvers for me about 15 years ago. AMAZING !!!
  13. You do NOT have to be a member of a SASS affiliated club to be a SASS member and participate in Sanctioned matches. A club can at any time apply to be a SASS sanctioned club whether they have ever been one in the past or not. I don't know if the required 50% membership in SASS is still a requirement or not. As mentioned above Ruby is the one handling club memberships.
  14. Standard velocity only. Shooters Handbook page 5 No bullets can be "plated" Shooters Handbook page 26 22 bullets are often "copper washed" which isn't clearly addressed in the Handbook. "Coated Bullets" such as moly or polymer are listed as legal.
  15. i always anneal new brass from Starline. It is work hardened and they do not currently have an annealing line for straight cases.
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