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  1. Goody, yes, separate room for SG. In 3 different buildings
  2. I have the same one as John Boy. Works well. I keep it in my pistol reloading room. I have an old Mettler PM 100 lab scale in my rifle reloading room. Current price about 1K. If it ever dies I will buy another newer one or the Sartorius equivalent.
  3. You might want to look into the MantisX system. I know some 3gun shooters who have them and the LIKE them a lot.
  4. IF you have a "Star" type target that is defective in that it doesn't balance properly every time it is easy to make a mark on the back of each arm (1-5) and mark the plates the same at the base where they don't get hit and that way the target is the same for every shooter. There are a lot of people making star type targets and I suppose the QC on some is not quite as good as it needs to be.
  5. I still have a flip phone (have to drive 50+ miles to get a signal)and we fill out all forms on a typewriter. Only have satellite internet because I have to as a TG. Don't do anything on it except email and SASS stuff and an occasional purchase from Brownells.
  6. I have had a number of names and passports over the years depending on the mission. (I'm not the only one by any means)
  7. If your target is properly lubricated it will find the same position on its own for every shooter. I have 2 of them and they always come to the sase stating position on their own.
  8. As long as it is staged in a legal manner there is nothing in the rule book that says you can't. It might be a bit slow figuring what to do with the hat when you get ready to use the rifle.
  9. It costs a bit more but unless you are loading many thousands of rounds it won't make much difference. VV 320 is wonderful in light loads for 38Special.
  10. Born and mostly raised WV. Rappeled and climbed back up the rope off the New River Gorge bridge before they opened it (still under construction at the time, VERY illegal) did it legally later before they allowed base jumping. Used to train river guides on how to recover breached rafts, canoes, etc. for the commercial guide companies on the New and Gauley. Did both in rafts at flood stage many times. (before Spring runoff lowered enough to take paying customers) trained the guides. Got my BS at WVU.
  11. Most of us shooting JP 6.5 Creeds get over 3000 rounds but they do have far better than average barrels.
  12. I, and many other competitive shooters have used the 1911 slide stop as a slide release over the past 50+ years. Replace it if it gets worn. I do NOT use it as a slide release when shooting a Glock.
  13. Instead of fiddling around with all the consumer stuff get a BAD BOY Renegade diesel. But once cry once.
  14. It costs more but we bought our in chamber vacuum and sous vide equipment from J B Prince Co. in New York. They are a supplier to chefs.
  15. Todd still brings military teams to my place for specialized long range training as I have some unique ranges. He now lives on Eddie's (Waggon Boss) ranch in W. Texas and trains there when not overseas.
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