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  1. We could make it simple like many other shooting sports: Only 1 penalty on the books a MDQ. If it is unsafe a MDQ, if not a no call.
  2. A P Sorry, my apologizies for being wrong on your engraving method. I have seen a bunch of your work and it is beautiful.
  3. Bummer, I just upgraded to a new Verizon 4G Flip Phone because I was sure the 3G would be shut down. Cost me $40.00 to register it . I cold have waited a bit longer.
  4. Krazy Kurt was a member of the WBAS Committee. An amazing 1911 shooter and instructor. It is too bad that sometimes his tempe rand language got in the way and he had to step away. He was a personal friend and did some great things for this country when he was in the service which still cannot be disclosed.
  5. Covid 19 is the LEAST of our problems. It appears the Democrats just took over the Senate.
  6. If money is no object the CURRENT top end small rifles come from right here in the US. State of Utah. VUDOO arms. If I buy another micro bolt action instead of another Annie I will buy one of theirs. They don't make Olympic position rifles but offer both normal stocks and chassis rifles. I am not sure but I suspect they get their barrels from Benchmark.
  7. I don't have or want one, but we occasionally pay a shop with a METAL 3D printer to make prototypes for us. Nearly always cheaper than custom machining for one up. If we like it can move the program to autocad for production.
  8. You only live once so buy the last rifle you will ever want. Get the REAL thing, not a knockoff copy. STEYR Mannlicher SM12 Fullstock. Can get in about any caliber you want.
  9. I have 2 KIDD Supergrade rifles here. Both with Nightforce 12-42 target scopes. Only shoot ELEY Tenex ammo. They will shoot with my Annies all day long. The Volq's don't compare to the KIDD's.
  10. While the Official quiet hours are about 10-6 I know that some move further up the hill and with the quieter generators run them to support CPAP etc. Best to ask your neighbors about it if some are close. I sadly doubt it will be too crowded in 2021.
  11. I am satisfied with the one on the Dillon 650. I have 7 of them on different tool heads. I load my 223 for 3gun on one of my 650's and don't seem to have a problem with false positives. Make sure your powder bar is clean. I have switched from Varget to 8208 powder for 223.
  12. I have one. Bought it when they first came out. Serial # 13. Works GREAT !!!
  13. I keep about 10 different Bourbons on the shelf. For your purpose probably Basil Hayden.
  14. If you have to have the BEST and money is no object: OPPO UDP205 A more reasonable choice if the rest of your system isn't audiophile: Pioneer UDP-LX500
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