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  1. Pat, Morgantown is pretty cool. Got My BS in chemistry there. All oof downtown in on a mountainside and the streets can be tough in a snowstorm. It is definitely a "College town" if you get my drift. Outside of town there are some pretty nice areas. I grew up in Buckhannon and lived on the Ohio river shore for many years but stayed on the WV side.
  2. Born and raised in West By Gawd Virginia. Sadly moved away to the wilderness in UT 27 years ago. WV is "Almost Heaven". Miss it a lot. Carried a gun to school from 7th. grade on. A pocket knife from 1st. grade. No-one ever go stabbed or shot. WV is still a great place to live.
  3. Since you are in KS try getting in touch with Lonnie at Run-N-Gun. They do amazing things there.
  4. It would be a HUGE blessing to mankind if they NEVER get them working again.
  5. I gave up on beam scales many years ago. However being a chemist I was used to Accurate scales. So I have 3 electronic scales. A great 35 year old Mettler, A newer Sartorius,(20 years old) and a 2 year old A&D out of Canada. All 3 weight perfectly, A&D is least expensive, about $800 but works fine. All weight to .05grains easily. Buy once, cry once, and have perfect numbers the rest of your life. If you don't need precision there are plenty of $100 electronic scales that will work for you.
  6. One possibility is a mini double detonation. They can be caused by powder being separated in the case. Light load large case ??? We have seen that on rare occasions with 50BMG loads and attempting to make subsonic loads with smaller rifle caliber cases.
  7. I had that problem with Federal SP primers occasionally. Realigned the press and got a new primer seating punch?? from Dillon whatever they call it. Problem went away.
  8. As a retired chemist who has made black powder in the past my advise is DON'T DO IT !!!! If you do manage to make some it will be only useful for fireworks, etc. Impossible for the "home chemist" to make high quality BP fit for firearms.
  9. Go to Pyramid Air website. If that doesn't give you enough info to make a choice call them. By far the best airgun supplier of consumer/pro quality airguns in the US. Extremely helpful and honest outfit.
  10. Alpo, think you meant to say like playing a 33 record at 45 ?????
  11. bgavin, Feinwerkbau and Weirauch ??? NICE, very nice
  12. I have Cowboys, Indians, Mexicans, Card suites, Train engines and cars, Buffalos, Cows and various wild animal targets. I think they are great but it seems anymore most just want BIG squares.
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