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yet another spin- what seemingly universally hated western (or movie) do you enjoy?

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So we have a thread for loved westerns, and a list of hated westerns.  As I read thru the loved ones, I saw some I didn't like.  As I read thru the list of hated ones, I saw some I liked.... So...


Quick and the Dead (Sharon Stone version).  I enjoy this one even though it always ranks high on the hated list.  It isn't accurate, and doesn't try to be.  It is a comic book version of a western made into a movie.  And, there is a wide array of hardware being used as opposed to everybody having a Colt sixgun.  Can you think of another movie that had both a Lemat and a Reid My Friend Knuckleduster?


So what "hated" movie is one of your guilty pleasures?

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I really like Quick and Dead & Unforgiven ... Gene Hackman probably my favorite gunslinger character of all time .

I think both movies have so many good scenes .


i Really also like Django and hateful 8 ... Samuel L plays characters so well in both - really dislike the views he seems to have though .  The opening score and scene in 8 is really awesome I think - as is whole movie .


Actually, I love all four above movies .



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I liked: The Wonderful Country, with Robert Mitchum. It was a hokey story, mostly, but Mitchum is one of my favorite actors, and he always plays a character that one would not want to mess with, when push comes to shove. 

I liked: The Mountain Men, with Charlton Heston. The critics hated it, but I thought it was pretty good, and had a good story-line. 


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