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  1. What an awesome thing 44, big congrats to the new owner
  2. Southern Comfort with Powers Boothe , and The Long Riders with all the boys are two of my favorites. too bad he got dealt the aces&eights at the start of Deadwood.
  3. Thanks Scout , my original plan wasn’t so wide , but that’s the way it worked out . Definitely heavy , fortunately I can move it . Don’t know about another ten years , but five shouldn’t be a problem.
  4. Little bit left , but almost finished.
  5. Mine never missed a beat , except the one time I had the safety engaged . .45 , made in New Haven - like my 12 ga . Model 24 . This is my Ranger model ( 9+1 ) ,I since upgraded to a Trails End 20”, which also never failed me. i will say I have shot nothing but Remington 250g wheel gun ammo in both . Guess I got 2 good ones - MADE IN USA
  6. So , cleaned up the hideous brass with some oak trim . Routered two inlays for case 50’s for the .45 cartridges, and afterwords made another “ frame “ out of black walnut - for smokes n zippo... Also some more copper trim to hide some seams .
  7. Mrs. Robstock would pay me every week in mercury dimes . ( paper route ) Couple weeks ago I went to a gun shop to pick up and pay for something I ordered. it was 429 plus tax , I previously paid $200 down payment . I paid with two one hundred dollar bills. i again brought two one hundred dollar bills , I think two twenties a five , and maybe a quarter and a nickel . i also brought a roll of nickels ( $2 ) , to make up THE exact change . Gave the counter man my receipt and dropped the money on the counter , and told him what I was here to pick up ( they called to tell me it arrived ). I immediately noticed and said to him - You look confused. He said something stupid , and in addition- I don’t think I can take that . i told him - you ARE taking it , I want to see the manager or owner . needless to say , I walked out with my paid full in cash purchase . Didnt care for this young , lazy looking employee the first time . i bit my tongue , I think he’s lucky I didn’t start telling him the facts of life... his life.
  8. Thanks kid , definitely no need to be sorry . I’m sorry my execution is not better . if I had my own shop , I think I could do better. My friend who is helping me is a 10 x better craftsman than me . it all started bad with the plywood- which was the first piece . Thanks so very much for compliments, it definitely will be damn cool when finished. Rip , thanks for your comments and suggestions. Lot of BS I have to deal with when I need to rely on numerous people . its the equipment, space and materials . Mine is somewhat simple, the metal really isn’t bling , just to hide some things I don’t like . I like good stuff in whatever I have and do . I don’t like to settle , and rather wait ( long time ) and do without. To me , small details matter very much . It’s somewhat not how good something looks , but how bad it looked , or would look ........ Think axle on a Harley - stock blah , chrome “ plastic “ fake cover - horrible real chrome axle ... now we talking . i will share another pic from today , which sickens me . i am far from perfect , but I like my stuff to be . When building something, I STRIVE for PERFECTION- because I know I will get it that much closer to looking good .
  9. After reading , see I’ve been repeating myself . Today’s progress has me discouraged , but it’s progress. Horrible fittings on my part - the metal is square , but much is off.
  10. Yes kid definitely Weighs too much -fortunately it stays in one spot the whole match . The copper sheet is actually to save weight . The 2 pcs will stand vertically, to cover the L&R axles ( under pencil ) The long polished strips will cover the ugly plywood transitions , front and rear. Yes way too big in 5 or 6 descriptions , but it’s about 90% what I envisioned over last 5 years . The plywood dimension from the start was too long and wide. Other than that , almost everything is falling into place , finally. Really wanted top shelf routered for my yet to get Colt Zippo, but it led to black walnut ripped down , and fastened with tapered copper screws. I sunk all the cart screws , most were done too deep .I will rip a piece too for the ‘94 stock stop. I will nut & bolt that with 3 brass. The “24 will rest perfectly on the main poplar 5/4 cross beam. Two more brass 1/4 20 for plow also . I got a few more tricks , as stated ... I’m pretty damn happy . Trying to keep it simple , less is more
  11. Little something, really happy and can’t wait to fasten.
  12. Watab is correct . I will knot 2 pcs ., Run through hole and wrap towards rowel. Then over and under , square knot - with excess left to wrap around front of long arms and tie off.
  13. Thanks Jack , my father bought them for me in Pennsylvania like 2 years ago . Think he said they were $ 40 or $50 . I wouldn’t have ( or couldn’t have ) paid that .... but thanks Father .
  14. Today’s work that I’m happy with
  15. Thanks for comments - yes definitely too wide and deep , and probably heavy . i am too far in to not continue though . I made and designed on fly . Learned for future modifications to trim down and lighten . i went through trial and error and I’m overall pleased . I do have some more touches and look forward to finishing , sharing progress and finally using at match. Todays purchases - my first piece of maple ( to box in axle ). Actually it’s a cv now , I had three different , threaded last two - and still too short so I said let’s chop in half . The 2 ft poplar is the L/S inboard axle, which I will reinforce with steel washer to not egg shape the wood . These 2 boards today were $30. Mostly all twisted and warped at Lowe’s - have gotten 50% discounts a couple times though.
  16. This is the original chopped muzzle and bead off my (real) cool Winchester 24 .
  17. Here is one gun for you , Callaway . You wanted plural - so here’s two barrels
  18. Thanks Rip , I am very blessed - and dedicated. You best get home , I saw the black Mercedes in front of the cabin .... I think Beth has some steaks on the table and a twinkle in her eye .
  19. Been planning for the five years I have been shooting CAS. Everything is damn expensive- handful of brass hardware $25 , one 6’ pc of poplar $25 etc. Still got some birch and oak trim , then some brass inserts and edging . Trying to figure out axle mounts , then math for upright height- so I can do length and angles of Amish plow handles. Been a long time thinking and planning , basically on the fly . Kinda bummed I had to use plywood for base - couldn’t really figure nothing else to use ( 1 piece ) Also , it’s a little over 30” wide - but it kinda centered around the ironwood (?) inlay . Nothings easy , or cheap .... I see why they cost big bucks . Wish I was a better craftsmen with better equipment and a shop, but I am pretty psyched with the way it’s comin out !
  20. One piece Buffalo
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