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  1. It was worth reading the whole thread to get to that knee-slapper!!!!! Rex ,
  2. At a CAS match , probably 50 yds. on a bonus target. Some years back , I shot IHMSA silhouette , rams at 200 meters were part of the course. Once in a while got to shoot at smaller stuff at 200 as tie-breakers. Rex
  3. Dave , re-read second sentence in OP. Rex
  4. He was in one of the group pictures , along with Ben Johnson and some others that deserve a bit more recognition.(My opinion). Rex Answer to LG's question.
  5. All of the ending times are Eastern time zone on GunBroker. Guess they had to pick just one as a standard to avoid confusion. The "watching" feature is handy. Rex
  6. As far as the "load one drill" , it is legal to load two in a 97. And there are lots of really fast 97 shooters that load one. Just takes dedicated practice. And dexterity. Good luck with whatever you decide. Rex
  7. Cleaning out a few odd and ends from my parts boxes , have here a set of off-set sights for AR-15 (or anything else they would attach to ?). They are not one of the high-dollar brands , have no maker's name on them. Will ship out for 50.00. Thanks for looking , Rex
  8. Pards , have some grips here taking up room , for sale cheap , postage included. Hogue rubber grip for S&W N-frame round-butt. Hogue rubber grip for S&W K-frame square butt. Hogue rubber wrap-around grip for full-size 1911. Maker unknown checkered wood grip for full-size 1911. Maker unknown composite "Punisher " logo grips for full-size 1911. Asking 15.00 each for the Hogue grips , 25.00 for the "Punisher" set , and 30.00 for the nice checkered wood set. Some discount for multiples , 5.00 each additional unit. If someone would want them all , would ship for 75.00 Thanks for looking , Rex
  9. I sent in my 9000G to MEC a bit over a year ago , runs like new now. They sent back the replaced parts in a bag , from the looks of them it was a wonder it was working at all before I sent it in. I am totally happy with the results. Do not remember what it cost , but was worth it to me. Rex , who still keeps an eye on that flushinger primer system.
  10. I will second what Lumpy said about a mentor. Lot of good pards at CTS , I know , I was a regular there from about Sept. 2008 until last Feb. Tell 'em all howdy from Rex.
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