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  1. Thanks , Sgt. Duncan. I do not do PayPal , have no set-up to do any electronic transfers. Just old timey cash , check , or money order. Sending PM with info. Rex
  2. Pards , I have here 3 blue SBH hammers. Asking 75.00 each , or all three for 200.00 Thanks for looking , Rex P.S. I don't know what caused that spot on the top groove of the left hammer , lint maybe. As soon as I saw it on the picture , I grabbed them all and looked , nothing there. Looks like rust on the image , but that would be difficult on Ruger hammers , as they are all stainless.
  3. Ivery Keys , I sent a PM yesterday with my info. Did you get it?? Rex
  4. It's yours , Ivery. I will mark it sold. I think your going to like it , very accurate little unit. Thanks, Rex
  5. Rex,

    I would like to purchase your Kimber .22 conversion kit for 1911.  I can do MO, personal check, or Paypal, and am willing to try any other method you prefer...



  6. Pards , have for sale here a Kimber conversion kit for the 1911 , lightly used ,(I had it mounted on my Colt three times in the last 7 or 8 years , however long I have had it). Round count maybe 200-250 rounds. It should go to a new home where it will be used more. The times I used it , it worked flawlessly. I always shot CCI mini-mag. Comes with 3 mags , I bought two not to long ago thinking one wasn't enough. I did run 10 rounds thru both new ones to make sure they fed O.K. ; they do. On the front of the case , it says kit works on most 5" or 4" 1911s , but I could never
  7. I have what you seek. PM me , Rex
  8. One of the nicest gun shops I was ever in was in a Walgreens Drug in Midland , TX. About 45 years ago. Rex
  9. Do they still have the Bar-D Wranglers? We used to go over a couple or three times each summer the years we lived in Farmington , from 97 till 04 Fun place(I really like Western music) , good eats. Rex
  10. That is the proper name of the part you slide the cartridges over and into the magazine. The springy thing. Rex
  11. The early .45 Colt cartridges had a very small rim. I have no idea when they changed to the modern size , one of our more knowledgeable historians may chime in with some answers. Rex
  12. I think it's pretty ugly myself , but two questions come to mind. Isn't Steel Challenge shot with .22s , and start with gun-in-hand , so no holster needed?? Not sure , why I'm asking. Rex
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