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  1. OLG should be along shortly with good advice for Unique. Abilene has a good start , something around 4 to 4.5 in 38 Spec with 125 gr. , in the neighborhood of about 7 up to 9 grs. for 200 gr. in 45 Colt. Investing in some reloading manuals would also be a good move. Rex
  2. I have a stainless Vaquero trigger in my parts box , have no idea why. PM me. Rex
  3. I'm with the hatchet and chisel guys. Cut it into three pieces and it should fit into that big melting pot. Rex
  4. A thought just occurred to me , I've never tried a Guinness beer. Meanwhile , am content with Shiner Boch. Rex
  5. Muley Gil , it is the grooved target trigger. Thanks for asking. Rex
  6. S&W back up for sale , prospective buyer ran on to some health issues.
  7. Well , uuhhh , I have a Ruger Commander that has never bobbled. I would hope their full-size SR1911 would do the same. Rex
  8. If familiar with AR15.com , and their Equipment Exchange (EE) , there is a pair of Great Western II in 357 w/ 5 1/2" barrels for 500.00 each , shipped over there. Not mine , have no idea who or where , but that isn't a bad deal. There are single actions show up there occasionally. Rex
  9. It is yours , Uriah. I will PM details. Many thanks , Rex
  10. Model 12 sold to Salty Pawl. Thanks for the kind words , Ken. It does have the target hammer and trigger. It is not cut for moon clips , though. Rex
  11. Pards , offering here for sale a couple of items that see limited use. 1. Smith & Wesson Model 19-4 , Nickel , 4" barrel , 357 Mag , serial # puts it @ 1980. Pictures show it with the rubber grips that came on it when I bought it , will ship with two sets of wood grips , a set of S&W Magna style , not serial numbered to this pistol ; also a set of Hogue Pau Ferro finger groove grips. So many choices , new owner is bound to like one of them , or maybe all. This is a nice little Combat Magnum , but since I got it I have added a Model 28 that I like more , so this one is expendable.
  12. Hey , Bob , is the top picture looking toward Monticello ? I have traveled that road many times and it looks familiar. Snowpack looks thin for this time of year. Same holds for here , shaping up to be a dry summer. Rex
  13. A dead give away for a 3-screw pin , they don't have the spring loaded pin. Just a solid end. Rex
  14. Could it have been "Smoke In The Valley", 2004 ? Although I think it was somewhat deeper snow , and was the day before the match started. Mud was quite deep , made my big old guncart seriously hard to move around. Rex
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