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  1. E-mail will be headed your way shortly. Many thanks, Rex
  2. That is odd , I don't have much stuff in there. Cleared it anyway , plus sent you an E-mail. Rex
  3. Well , there is one thing , a Model 28 Smith & Wesson , 4". That is what I intend to buy with the proceeds from selling the 629.(If it sells) Tell me what you are thinking on , can't hurt. I might be fickle. Rex
  4. What has changed for the last couple of years was the label. It is just a plain , white diamond. Doesn't have "ORMD" printed on it anymore. The ones in the picture four entries above. ^ Thanks , UB Rex
  5. PT , the Browning resets are mechanical. Two trigger pulls , two hammer falls. Rex
  6. Pards , have for sale here a S&W model 629-8 , stainless steel , round butt , 4" barrel , 44 Mag. Is wearing Hogue wood grips , and will ship with an additional pair of Hogue rubber grips. It has had a gold bead front sight put on it , makes for a dandy sight picture. I am not original owner , so doesn't have box or paperwork. A nice tight sixgun with smooth action , I just have the hots for something else and want to sell this to raise capitol for the other geegaw. Asking 750.00 , shipped. Thanks for looking , Rex
  7. Quite a few years ago I tried running Schofield brass in my Ruger Vaqueros but had to give it up. Some of the rounds would not chamber , the slightly larger Schofield rims would catch on the cylinder ratchet. Rather than trim the brass or the ratchet , I just sold the brass and used all 45 Colt. This was in the days before C45S. Rex
  8. Not hardly. That is the Zions Bank in Vernal , Utah this very day. The story about mailing the bricks is fact , but it was to Vernal. Rex
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