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  1. Oh , yeah , Maureen O'Hara. And three ladies that were in a lot of westerns in character roles ; Jeanette Nolan , Virginia Gregg , and the great Olive Carey.
  2. That wasn't exactly what the Modern category covered. Had to do with adjustable sights on sixguns. Shotgun and rifle rules were the same for all. Rex
  3. Looks tacky to me. Just kiddin' , Rex
  4. I'm sure John Boy will chime in later , but he does in fact reload rimfire BP loads for some vintage target rifles. Rex
  5. I'm with you there , Capt. I grew up eating cornbread an average of three times a week back before mixes were invented , so am not a newbie to it. I check the ingredients list to make sure it has zero sugar , or as close as I can get. Will not buy any with 2 grms or more. 1 is bad enough. Rex , who's childhood diet was mostly cornbread and pinto beans. Often.
  6. I'm not sure I could be grammatically correct even if I worked at it. Has been near 60 years since my last schooling in proper English. If I remember correctly , I wasn't exactly a genius at it then. By the way , Warden , that is Skeeter. Rex , a long-time fan of his.
  7. It is a bit shorter to take 491 to Shiprock and then over to Farmington to get on 550. I don't remember exact mileages , been several years since I knew those roads well. Cortez usually has the "Revenge of Montezuma" match the weekend before EOT. Good luck , Rex
  8. The Gold Label was a nightmare for Ruger , and now they have even dropped the Red Label (2011) , and they sold quite a few of those. They do not seem too interested in shotguns at this time. If they did build a SXS to the dependability of most of their other products, it would be a neat one to own. Long time Ruger fan , Rex
  9. Have supremely enjoyed the last 10 1/2 years of shooting with all you guys and gals in the West Texas area. I have now relocated back to Utah. Hope to see you down the trail at EOT or some other gatherings in the future. There is no longer a local CAS club here , so looks like I will have to travel a bit to shoot in this area. It was that way when I started back in '95 , so nothing new , just unhandy. Hold center and keep 'em smokin'. Till we cross trails again , Rex
  10. I just checked my profile and see that I joined the Wire Oct. 31 , 2004. So only been around a bit over 14 years. Didn't have a computer much before that , still a novice at using the thing. Been a SASS member since April or May 1995. Rex
  11. "tied up" like busy ; or "tied up" like being held prisoner. Rex
  12. Gotcha , I thought maybe so. My experience with micro-waves and metal has never been good. Dense , Rex
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