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  1. Mark , the 44 Specials are the New Vaquero size frame. But to really make things clear , Ruger marked them with just the word "Vaquero" on the frame. Rex
  2. This one's serial number is just 14 digits from one of mine.. No matter , I couldn't get it if it was consecutive. Before I got the pair that I am shooting now , I had a pair of 3rd gen. Colt 44 Specials. Needless to say , I liked shooting the Rugers better; Colts went to a new home. Rex
  3. Pards , I am entering this here in the saloon because I'm not sure if it crosses some line in the other forums. Anyway , there is a Lipsey's blue 4 5/8 in. Ruger Vaquero in 44 Special listed on GunBroker right now with a starting bid of 900.00. The listing ends on Wednesday , best I remember. This is not mine , I have no idea who has it listed. But it is about as common as a Unicorn. There were 500 units in this group in 2010. I have a pair myself , they have been my match sixguns since 2010. No way I can bid on this one , but I would rather someone in our sport should have this rare specimen than some dough-ass plinker that doesn't or wouldn't appreciate what it is. Rex , a hard-core 44 fan.
  4. I would like the Speer 240 gr jacketed soft-points. Thanks , Rex
  5. Wishing you good luck and speedy recovery. Can't let anything get in the way of that Uncompagre Elk hunt. Rex I had a touch of that stenosis about 5 or 6 years ago, right at the bottom of spine. Just needed some PT for a couple of months , and kept at it. Nothing like what you are up against. Hang tough.
  6. Pat , take extra care thru Utah. I-80 has an over-supply of morons until you get past Coalville. Rex By the way , welcome to 'Merica !! .
  7. I was involved in IHMSA Silhouette shooting from about 1981 -1996 . and perfect runs with a revolver on the 40 targets was not unheard of. The fartherest targets were at 200 meters. With the other handguns that were used , single shots of several different styles , if a competitor had a miss , he was pretty much out of the running for winning that day. Rex
  8. Ken Griner (Griner Gunworks) of Bloomfield , N.M. did mine. It was the same model as yours , pistol grip , 24 " barrel. Because of where the magazine hanger is , it is cut at 19" ,but I couldn't be happier. Rex
  9. I can tell you this , I loaded BP rounds for about 10 years with an RCBS Uniflow. And I use a Dillon now. Not saying it is right or wrong. Just my experience. Rex
  10. Dos Equis Amber !! Used to be one of my favorites. Haven't seen one for several years. Rex
  11. Hank Jr.'s mother was Audrey Williams. Lycrecia Ann is his half-sister. Rex
  12. The real answer to Alpo's question , it depends on the boot-wearer. Some take 'em off , some leave 'em on. That simple. Rex , who wore buckles on the outside , back in the day, and took the spurs off most of the time.
  13. I think you would be just as happy without the short-stroke. Later on , if you get a chance to handle a short-stroked rifle , and fall in love with it , you can always send it back to Long Hunter for the fix. For just having fun like you alluded to in the O.P. , you will never miss it. Rex
  14. Hey Silver , does it have 5 or 6 chambers.? If it has 6 you are good to go. Rex
  15. I know that bats have a significant place in the animal order ; and they eat a lot of insects , but they are also the number 1 carrier of rabies. Be careful out there. Rex
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