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  1. I have only been in one "5 Guys", that was in Odessa , Texas. But their fries were on another higher plane than any of the other fast food venders. Burgers were O.K. , but not any better than most of the others , Bout the same as What-A-Burger. But that is just my opinion. And I am far from West Texas the last 4 1/2 years. Rex
  2. O.K. Cholla , just got mine in the mail today , haven't read it yet. Rex
  3. The Lee Loader was my first , was all I could afford at the time (1968). A few years later, (1972), I got an RCBS Jr. , and life got a lot better. My son-in-law still has the RCBS. Rex
  4. Done. And thanks for your extra effort. Rex
  5. Oddly enough , I would prefer anything else than Starline. I have about 1500+ Starline 44 Specials for my match loads.All my match sixguns and rifle are 44 Special. No use inviting aggravation . Anything else you can make up 50 or 100 of ,Remington , Winchester , Hornady , Federal , will be fine. And thanks , Rex
  6. Wild Hair Larry , any chance that all 50 in a bag would be all same headstamp. Also , curious as to how many in total you have. Thanks , Rex P.S. I realize sorting is a PITA and impossible with as much brass as you are dealing with , but I don't need very many. If you don't have a big amount of these 44 Mag , I might just take them all and sort them , keep what 50 or 100 I want and sell off the rest. Rex
  7. I pick imbecile , like Alpo says. You could call back and hopefully get someone who knows what the hell you are talkin about.
  8. My all-time favorite Western theme is "The Call Of The Faraway Hills" from Shane. Ken Curtis had a record of it with the lyrics. Rex
  9. Is Stag Arms still in business? They used to have some pretty good AR's. I used to have a kinda high-end AR , a KAC (Knight's Armament) , but it was a safe queen for years. I sold it not too long ago to a lad in Florida. Rex
  10. Well , that is close , Rooster. I didn't buy a set from you , but you provided me with the name of the dealer that I did buy them from , for which I am eternally grateful. It was a lady dealer up in your neck of the woods. That was in 2010. I got them a week apart. In 2020 I got a third one from a good Pard from Texas. They are all blue. And about all that I have in my safe for CAS sixguns. Still have the old 3-screw flat-top , but what others I have are either double-action or autos. Rex
  11. I have been running 44 Special sixguns since 2004. Finally got a 73 in 44 Spec. in 2006. That has been my main battery ever since. For a good bit of that time I shot BP , and used 44 Russian brass in the sixguns for several years. Not too long ago I got rid of the Russian brass , just to streamline the reloading to one load. And that was the second time that I did the very same thing., about 5 years apart. I expect that this will be my setup for the rest of my shooting days. My very first CAS match , in 1995, I used an old Ruger Flat-top 44 Mag. We only used one sixgun at that time. Used 45's and 357's at various times before I got the first set of 44's , and that was it for me. Rex , who likes his 44's.
  12. Utah , New Mexico , Arizona , Texas ,Wyoming , Colorado ,and Oregon. Yep , That's all. Rex
  13. The Sportsman's here had only large pistol (CCI) a couple of months back , limit 2 boxes , so I went back almost every day until I had 1000. They were still not close to sold-out ,but I had enough to tide me over until they get more supply .Our other sporting store here had a bunch of small pistol primers a month or so before that and they sold out in just a few days. They both have a fair selection of powder, but like Wyatt said , no Unique. Rex
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