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  1. I have heard of putting mercury in the bore and swishing it back and forth , or filling the bore and let it set for a while to clean out lead deposits. This seemed to be fairly common a generation or two ago. Never heard of shooting it though !!! Rex
  2. Cassalong Hopidy , I have no clue as to model on the Remington , other than Varmint model. I looked on the Remington website and also in GunBroker , and did not see one with this same camo pattern. I confess to not being fluent in Remington 700 variations. I was hoping the pictures would help. The Vortex is easy , I still have the box. It is a Viper , 6.5-20 X 44 , 30mm tube , with side focus parallax adjustment , Mil Dot (moa). The model number on the box end says VPR-M-05MD. Thanks , Rex
  3. Back in that time-frame they offered a version called the "Light Weight" or something similar. Had a slimmer forend and 20 or 22 inch barrel. Not to be confused with "Featherweight" which had a cheekpiece and schnabel forend. And cost more. Good find. Rex
  4. I remember Havre , I was living there in 1974 when they had the reported low for the nation at -42. I don't remember exactly the month ,probably Jan. or Feb. Oddly enough , a few years later , in Feb of 1979 , here in Vernal we had the reported low in the nation one day , it was also -42. Rex
  5. I already have a Traeger , and am wondering when the change-over downfall happened. No way I can afford to chunk it and get something else , just wondering if it is in the lower quality time frame. It hasn't given me any trouble yet , so maybe I got lucky. That would be a switch. Rex
  6. Big Sage and Utah Bob , that sounds pretty harsh. Back when I used to shoot at Cortez , I remember shooting at 4 different places. Although one of them was a kind of annual that Mancos put on at the fairgrounds , and maybe shouldn't count , a one-time thing. I would have thought the club was pretty safe at the present range. Whodathunkit Good luck , Rex
  7. No matter the song , if I am thinking the words , I also have the melody going in my head. Anyway , I thought Merengue was on Lemon Pie. Rex
  8. I prefer the pistol grip , just because. Feels better to me , plus , I like the looks. Rex
  9. I wish I knew how to slo-mo that sequence and study his technique(like it would do me any good). It goes so fast I my old eyes can't follow the individual shots. Well except for the 4 shotgun rounds. Astounded , Rex
  10. I have lived in dry climates most of my life , but haven't had this happen in about 50 years of handloading. Not saying it won't , just hasn't happened to me ,..... yet. Rex
  11. That isn't why at all. They developed the larger , longer frame to use longer , more powerful cartridges. It was still a toggle-link action. Rex P.S. Plus one on Colorado Coffinmaker's post above.
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