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  1. Some years ago I shot a pair of original Vaqueros in 45 Colt , tried using Schofield cases , some would not chamber , they would hang up on the ratchet. Not every case , but enough to make it impractical for me. Just my experience, Rex PS: This was before C45S was even a thing.
  2. Return to Lonesome Dove is not a Larry McMurtry product. The other four titles are his novels. Neither here nor there , but just FYI. Rex
  3. FYI : You know you can edit the original post to say whatever you want. No need for the Moderators to do it. Rex
  4. You did grab them up , I hope. Rex
  5. I did like Appaloosa , the movie , but not as well as the novel. I have read all of the Cole and Hitch novels to date , and when I am reading them I picture Viggo Mortensen and Ed Harris as the characters. A little off track , but what the Hell . it is the Saloon. Rex
  6. I had to do some digging for records to change mine for date-of-birth. The hospital where I was born had me two days early. They had put the date my mother was admitted. I guess accurate record keeping wasn't as critical in 1942. Or that hospital staff was just sloppy. Also have to wonder why my parents didn't have it corrected immediately. Rex
  7. I have had this happen with 223 /5.56 brass often. I gave up trying to load it on a progressive press. Rex
  8. When I shot 357s , loaded that same style and weight bullet with 4 Grs. Trail Boss. Worked fine. My rifle was smoother operating with the 357 cases. Rex
  9. I I bought or traded for (forget which , doesn't matter) one of those H&Rs back about 1993 or so , kept it a few years ,finally swapped it for something else.It was unfortunately one of the most inaccurate firearms I have ever owned. Tried several different .22 loads trying to fine one that would at least group in the same area code , no luck. Oh well , they can't all be winners. Rex
  10. How about limes , Alpo ? Rex
  11. Dang , H.K. , your original thread idea kinda went to "Hell in a Handbasket". Rex
  12. I have seen a lot of Ruger Blackhawks in the last 60 years or so , and do not remember ever seeing a 7 1/2 " 357. There was the 7 1/2 " 357 Maximum ; they are also hard to find. Good Luck , Hoss. Rex
  13. They have been around a fairly long time. Saw a few at silhouette matches in the 1980s. Good , solid sixguns. Rex
  14. I think if you tiptoe you can see it now. Rex
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