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  1. Not a hard and fast rule , different builds will need different sizes , but generally your waist size plus 4 inches will work out for your holster belt. That is measured from where the buckle attaches to the center hole on the billet end. Hope this helps. Rex
  2. BPCR silhouette matches do not go out to 1000 yards , unless some drastic change has been made recently. The ram targets are at 500 meters. The 1000 yard matches are on bullseye targets. Respectfully , Rex
  3. Congratulations , Cholla , you did good. Rex , a former Shiloh owner.
  4. You are a bit off the track there , Dutch. It isn't Shiloh Sharps that charges the 200.00 for an earlier delivery , it is Bill Goodman , who has standing orders with Shiloh. It is one of his spots that one puts the deposit on. Rex
  5. Gus to Pea-Eye , Lonesome Dove. Rex After posting this I tried to find it on Google also , no luck. I even scanned thru the novel , but there is just too much of it. So I will just say , I "think" that's were it came from. Not sure . A damn good quote wherever it originated.
  6. I hope for the Cody folks this isn't the beginning of something like what happened to Jackson. Rex
  7. If you have BP anywhere in the equation , start with a 45-70. Much more data from all those who have gone before. If the single-shot bug really takes hold , you can expand later. If you tire of the game or find it just isn't your thing , a 45-70 would be easier to get some of you capital back. Good luck , and good shooting. Rex
  8. When I bought this computer , with Windows 10 installed , I was switching from a Windows XP. With my computer talents , the learning curve has been so steep that I am not to the second level yet , and I have had it over 4 years. Just not a real computer kind of guy. Anyway , I can turn it on and browse here amongst folks with similar interests. And get E-mail. Rex
  9. Your loads will probably like no crimp as well as anything. Just straighten the case so it will chamber. Might want to be open to a blow tube for fouling control , although I don't know how it will be in Alabama. My only experience was in dry climates. Good luck and good shooting. Rex
  10. Well , in another thread that number shows up as the price that the Sammy Davis Colt fetched. I will say , I think that the way this one started was kinda boneheaded , but that is just me. Rex
  11. I was wondering what took you so long to grab these. I was starting to think about re-financing my truck. Glad you got here. Rex
  12. Another handy tool is the one for unscrewing the magazine end plug on 66s and 73s. Before they were available , I used a broke-off piece of hacksaw blade held with vice-grips. No screwdriver that I could find was wide enough with a thin enough blade. Rex
  13. I traded for a S&W 442 that had Crimson Trace grips , but could not get them to work very well for me. Something about my hand , the just-right size and length of fingers , the button was right in the crease where the finger bends. Had a Kimber Crimson Carry that worked great , and my little Ruger LCP works every time. I sometimes carry the J-frame , but with some bigger wood grips. Rex
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