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  1. Yeah , I think the problem isn't your loads , but the target. A club's targets shouldn't dent with even a fairly heavy load. Somehow I doubt your present loads are crowding the 1000 fps max. limit, although you didn't say exactly what they were. Good luck , Rex
  2. Hey , Rye , here's wishing you good luck that it is still there Fri. Let us know how it turns out. Rex
  3. From my three daughters , aged 58, 56 , and 50 , I have 7 Grandchildren , who have between them 16 Great Grandchildren , ranging from the oldest at 21 years , and the youngest born last May. I started early , I was 20 when my oldest was born. Rex
  4. Ken Griner , Griner Gunworks , Bloomfield , N.M. is another good one. Rex
  5. Neither do well in reduced loads. Also , Win.231 and HP38 are the same product in different packages. There may be other examples of different names for same powders ,but these are the only ones I know for sure. Rex
  6. Saw a few back when I was a relative newbie at some larger matches. That would been in the mid to late 1990's. Maybe have seen a half dozen in 25 years. Rex
  7. In the Hopalong novels,he carries a Sharps rifle. I don't remember if the specific caliber is mentioned. Rex
  8. That last one on your list is my latest addition. I didn't know the year until I got it home and looked it up. Didn't matter to me , but seems a little strange you are looking for the exact unit. Well , maybe, it is a 4" barrel. Good luck to all, Rex
  9. Avoid the urge to overthink this. For the CAS game regular matches ,anything that will propel the bullet from the muzzle to the target will do. Rex
  10. I should have kept my remarks to myself. I really thought the original bunch of Montados were 45s. Thanks , Larsen. Learn something every day. Rex
  11. Montado hammers are the same height as Super Blackhawk hammers , the just have a different checkering design on the spur. Rex To add: To call these sixguns "Montados" is a bit of a stretch , the actual Montados were 45 cal , were originally marketed for the Mounted shooters. I know , nitpicking , but it's been slow here.
  12. I thought I sent one yesterday about 8:30 AM MDT. If it didn't show up , let me know and I will send it again. Right now I will PM you my E-mail address , just in case....... Rex
  13. E-mail will be headed your way shortly. Many thanks, Rex
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