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  1. Lyman has no windage adjustment , Marble's do. Other than that , the concept is the same. Rex
  2. I would be surprised if is not 1-18. Most of the 45-70s from Shiloh have that twist. Rex
  3. Caution is a good thing , but cronic over-thinking just muddies up the water. Loading with BP and subs is simple , fill the case leaving just enough room to seat the bullet. With BP you will want a bit of compression , about 1/16" to 1/8" will work. With the subs just touch the powder , no compression. The kicker is with BP you need bullets that carry a goodly amount of BP-compatible lube. With the subs it will not matter , APP will work O.K. with no lube at all. 44 Special and 44 Russian is all I shoot now , with BP and subs at least 95% of the time. Just this past weekend I used up all my smokeless loads ,60 rounds. Welcome to the fun , and the ranks of 44 fans. And congrats on scoring that nice set of sixguns. Rex
  4. Nothing wrong with that one , Dantankerous. A 4" would be a bit handier , but this one is not bad. I like the older Smiths like this one myself. Rex , who has a blue 29-2 , 6 1/2" , since 1978.
  5. Just went and looked at mine. Two blue ones on my match sixguns , maybe 10 years old , four SS ones in parts drawer , one set about 5 years old , the other about 2 years old. All have the slight difference. I would have never noticed before this thread. Rex , who will likely not think of it again.
  6. I don't think I ever saw a picture of Burl Ives that young before. Rex
  7. Pards , I have here a nice , barely used Bisley that I bought recently to be a back-up to my two 44 Special Vaquero main-match sixguns. I really wanted another Vaquero , but they are somewhat scarce. Anyway , the Bisley isn't going to work for me ; it feels nice in the hand , points O.K. , but will not fit any of my leather. The front sight is too tall for my holsters. After this setback , I will try to recoup my funds and try something else. This Bisley has not been shot much. It has just been sitting in my safe for a couple of weeks while I pondered what to do. Has no holster wear on the barrel or ejector-rod housing. Only glitch , the previous owner painted the sight blade white. Should be easy to remove , I just didn't take the time. Comes with paperwork and lock , but no fired case. This is how I got it , this is how it leaves. Will be asking 585.00 , shipping included(for CONUS). Willing to dicker on trade for a Vaquero 44 Special , also. Thanks for looking , Rex
  8. Pards , have for sale here a Dillon Square Deal 357/38 reloading press. It is currently set up for 357 , would just need adjusting to be 38 Special. Is on the Dillon strong mount , also has the bullet tray and cartridge case bin. I sold all my CAS 357 sixguns and rifle , so have little need to reload anything in that caliber. SOLD, shipping included to lower 48 states.
  9. Yes , and the curly-haired kid between Ty Hardin and Lee Van Cleef. Rex
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