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  1. I'm looking for the Stainless 3.75 barrel birdshead in 45 Colt. Action work is a plus. I've seen some on here before who has some collecting dust. Thanks for looking. Thank you Will Burn!!!
  2. Colt SAA 45 Nickel 4 3/4 barrel. Giraffe bone grips, original grips included. White sleeve blue box. Tuned by Bob James. Never fired by me. Pm any questions. I'd be glad to answer and any additional photos needed. This is a fine gun almost impossible to find right now. 3,000.00 shipped to your ffl or Ftf in TN. Thanks for lookin.
  3. They have unique powder as well. Thought I'd heard it was hard to come by.
  4. Warden I actually used your video for reference and it was very helpful thank you. I have a hammered classic that was 30 inch barrels cut down to 22 for me. I don't know if that had something to do with it being a different model but they were way stiff and I work with my hands as well.
  5. I actually did this exact thing yesterday on my CZ. It was already expertly done prior I just took a little more material off. I couldn't be more happy with it now. Practicing the TBone method I now can easily get the hammers cocked and action open simultaneously. Plus one on the extra set of springs I would not have dared do it from a stock spring myself. I just took a hair off for my liking and still have excellent primer strikes. It can be done but be careful.
  6. Any chance you would sell the butt cover separately? I would be interested. Thanks
  7. Send it to Long Hunter. Not in AZ but worth the trip. Has the hammered CZs smooth as silk.
  8. Here's my three. All third gens in 45. All wearing giraffe bone grips from MD grips out of Springfield TN. The two blue and color cased have engraved cylinders by John Adam's Sr. All are proudly tuned up by Bob James. Need me one more nickel to complete a pair. Maybe some day.
  9. Got my hat band on and load out ready for next year!!!
  10. This post saved me valuable time and arthritis in my hands. Thank you.
  11. Hell yeah!!! Putting a proudly owned rattle snake hat band on my bowler for my next and first match of the new year. Well done!
  12. Made it there this year to see the goings ons while I healed up. Saw some of the fastest shooters and met some of the finest people. This next year I plan on being a part of the action!
  13. Congratulations!!! Nice pistol!!! Great deal.
  14. Another vote for OTTO. Definitely not cheap but you can tell they aren't and worth every penny. They don't need to charge very much lasts 6hrs plus. Then on top of that the charging station that is the case hardly ever needs charging. In fact I have yet to charge it over a years use. They have a regular and hyper sensitive mode that is like having super human hearing. I highly recommend for hunting or Cowboy. Buy once cry once.
  15. He did my pair. Great guy to work with as well.
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