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  1. I'd give Jim at Long Hunters a call if you want to go brand new. He can let you know what's in stock and is a great guy that stands behind all he sells.
  2. I was looking for the same, very hard to find these days. I went with the EMF californian 4 clicks almost identical to the smokewagon. The action was smooth right out of the box. Got some checkered grips from taylors to match. Just an idea for you hope it helps.
  3. I'm a brand new lefty shooter with a CZ hammered classic. Been practicing the T Bone method and it's awesome. Long Hunters slicked it up so it opens right up.
  4. Put me on the list if the sale falls through, I heard talk of primers too. I'll take em!!
  5. Believe it or not he had both of mine done and back in my hands within 2 weeks. Now that I have them back and know the difference I would have waited months.
  6. I just wanted to send out a thank you to Bob James for the work he did on my 2 Colts. I am truly ruined for life with these 2 pistols. Words do not describe the difference between the new 2020 Colts I received and the difference now that Mr James has worked on them. I am honored to have had him work on them. They will be in the family for years, that is if I don't shoot the barrels off them first.
  7. Yes they did say they had some yesterday. They went fast. Thanks for the info it was worth a ride to get the 2 little ones out of the house and see the big fish and Grizzly.
  8. I'm here now, none in store. I live 10 minutes away so I had to check. Haha
  9. I had the same problem so I just bought a EMF californian. 4 clicks and a couple hundred cheaper. Can't tell a difference in my old 4 click smokewagon it might even be smoother straight out of the box. The smokewagon was taylor tuned. Taylors sells the checkered grips for the californian so now they are identical.
  10. Just shipped 2 through UPS, 128.00 express overnight air. Made it to Mr. Bob James the next day. Not cheap
  11. I put in an order for 45colt with them a month ago backorder, just got my cases last week. Not too bad really.
  12. I totally get that, drive time is a factor. Actually about an hour to either place for me that's a big plus. I would love to be able to shoot at multiple places and meet all the folks. Everyone has been so nice and helpful, I haven't even been to a match yet. Hopefully within a month or so I get my feet wet!
  13. Bowling Green isn't that far from me, I would love to sometime. Thanks for the invite. I'm scheduled to have my leather made this week and I'll be good to go. Going to get out with the Wartrace Regulators asap!!!
  14. I'm trying to find a match to my 4 click old model Smokewagon in 45colt 4 3/4 barrel length. Looks like the Californian is about the same with the 4 clicks and floating firing pin. Anybody have one or any experience with one. Found one with a action job for $500. Thanks!
  15. Talked to them this morning and I was able to trade out for the light target 9 shot. That's all they had available. Might definitely try to reload if they aren't acceptable on the range. I figured they were better that the others anyway. Thanks everyone for the info. Just getting my feet wet in the game I'm sure it won't be my last oops. Haha
  16. Totally agree just a error on my part, I definitely don't want to damage any targets. They will most likely get used up in practice not on the range.
  17. Thanks all, I'm going to try and switch my order to the light target and if nothing else just practice on my own with them and get the right stuff for matches.
  18. What about light target load lead 9 shot? Might be able to switch out what I purchased.
  19. Thanks, I figured it was a no go. Oh well lesson learned. Ammo has been so hard to find I jumped on it not realizing.
  20. So I went and bought winchester AA super handicap 8 shot 12 gauge loads thinking they were light recoil. Are these even usable or legal? Pretty embarrassed to even ask.
  21. Thank you Imis! I definitely plan on coming out and meeting all of you. I have almost everything minus a shotgun and my leather is being made now. I can tell you I haven't even been to a match and I'm hooked. Got a buddy getting some things together too. See y'all when the weather breaks. Thanks again!!
  22. Hi all, I'm new to the forum actually my first post. I've been trying to figure out the email conformation and finally did. I just wanted to say I watched this with my wife the other night and y'all where great! I'm in Nashville and have been getting some gear together and hope to meet you all in person soon. Don't know if I'll have everything in time to start shooting this year but this show sure fired me up. Great job guys looks like a fun bunch of folks.
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