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  1. Some years back , 2016 or 2017 , at the Texas State Championship match , I broke the rear sight blade off my 73 when I laid it down on the first stage. Ended up shooting the match clean. I think 12 stages , not sure. In this game the front sight is critical. Rex
  2. I think you will be happy if you go that way. I haven't used my vibratory cleaner in years. Have been plenty satisfied with rotary tumbler and ceramic media since about 1992 or 1993. Rex
  3. Sold all my 44 Russian brass , going with all 44 Special now. No longer need this set. Does not come with shellholder , and I haven't a spare to add. Asking 75.00 , shipped CONUS. If that seems a bit steep for dies , they are 87.00 at Midway , plus shipping , and none available. Thanks for looking , Rex
  4. Antifreeze or Anti seize ?? Just curious , Rex , who doesn't have any cap guns.
  5. Yeah , looks like they all changed into blue outfits for the actual ride. That was good planning.
  6. Is it just me , or does that one lady look a little like Jamie Farr dressed in 1918 style?? Shades of "Klinger" Rex
  7. Me , too , and have watched most of them tap the butt of their sixgun on the table if the empty didn't fall right out. Rex
  8. I also like the other Quick and the Dead that was from a Louis L'Amour novel with Sam Elliot. Rex
  9. Thanks for the follow-up , H. K. And thanks also for the great pictures. Rex
  10. The sixguns in that old ad were made by Great Western Firearms Co. That Stoeger was a distributor. Great Western didn't last very long. Rex
  11. Wolfy , here is what mine looks like. It appears to only have windage. Geez , I need to reset my date stamp.
  12. Whooda thunk it. By the middle of next year I will be jumping to the next category.(Birthday June 30). Doesn't seem logical. Be an official Geezer. Rex
  13. In the two weeks since I opened this post , I have received my new Taylor's Frontier Model , and ordered a holster from Springfield Slim. I shoot in the Cattle Baron category , so care less about the rear sight being adjustable. I am just happy to finally have a Smith & Wesson (copy) of my own.. At least it is a 44 Special , that is what I held out for. As always , a big Thanks to Driftwood Johnson for his sharing of Smith & Wesson top-breaks knowledge. And pictures. Rex
  14. O.K. , but when Doc first sees her he asks,"Clem , what are you doing here?" in this movie. Clementine Carter , played by Cathy Downs , about 4th or fifth billing in the credits. Anyway , that's all from me. Rex
  15. Clementine was the girl from Doc's (Victor Mature) past , who Wyatt (Henry Fonda) kinda took a shine to. Rex
  16. I had one in a '73 , 357 , made loading the mag tube easier for me. I liked it . Rex
  17. Geezz , I just grit my teeth and shake my head when I see top-breaks other than Schofields labeled as "Schofields". The stupid is strong everywhere. Rex
  18. I have always been a bit intrigued by the S&W copies , from the first Schofields and Russians , and now the American and last but not least , my favorite , the New Model #3 that Taylor's calls the Frontier model. My question is this , will all these different top-breaks fit the same holster , as far as frame size. I know barrel length is different on some , but just the basic fit is what I am curious about. Next question , do any of our popular CAS leathersmiths offer a selection for the top-breaks , or is it a custom order only? Rex , who will be needing one soon.
  19. Any pards who would have need of large rifle primers , I have a few over 2000 that I would sell or swap for large pistol , regular or magnum. I will be at the Price , UT shoot on Sept 11 , at TMS in Grand Juction , CO on Sept 19. Would be willing to meet half-way with anybody within 150 mi. of my home, Vernal ,UT for FTF sale or swap. Primers are from several different batches that I have bought over the years ,some regular , some magnum , but I no longer load anything using large rifle. Largest single bunch is 970 CCI BR-2 . Have a picture of the batch. Cash price would be 100.00 , but would just as soon swap. Thanks for looking , Rex
  20. Pards , I don't believe I will be hunting any more , have been once in about 25 years , so am offering up the only hunting rifle that I own. It is a Ruger # 1 , in the Light Sporter model , cal. 308 Win. Asking price is 1200.00 , shipped , CONUS. Make sure your FFL will receive from individual. If it needs to come from an FFL , add 40.00. Trying to build up my gun money stash , so will have to forego any trades. Rifle was bought by me new in 2012 , has very low round count , less than 100 for sure. Thanks for looking , Rex
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