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  1. O.K. , you picked up this brass somewhere , you didn't shoot it to get it this way ; so why not clean it and load some and shoot it in your sixgun or rifle and see how it comes out. May be nothing wrong with it. Or it may all split and be junk. Good luck , and good shooting, Rex
  2. I have an extra tool-head with a universal deprime die that I stick on the Dillon 650 and deprime all my brass before tumbling. And I wet tumble with ceramic media. Been doing it this way for a lot of years. Works for me , and will continue. Different strokes for different folks. I am down to only loading one thing in any large amount , 44 Spec. Rex
  3. I have always got mine from Dave Maurer.(hope that is spelled right). Have no idea how to contact him. Original Lumpy Grits might know. But I haven't bought any in years. What I have now will surely be a lifetime supply for me. Rex
  4. Granted , I have not been in very many indoor ranges , but none that I have been in allowed BP. Rex
  5. As far as just hitting stuff out at 150- 200 yards , when I was somewhat younger I used to hit the 12X24" ram silhouettes at 200 meters with some regularity. From a standing position about 50% of the time , from a resting position (that we called Creedmoor) about 80 % of the time. Modern sixguns and loads , of course. And there were herds of shooters in that game better than me. Rex
  6. I see that this topic has had 162 comments , That seems like 160 more than was needed. Want to shoot one-handed. O.K. Have at it. Want to shoot with both hands gripping , O.K. , do it. What more needs to be said. Rex
  7. I can click on the last post , and go up from there. Maybe because I use a Desk Top computer ?? Not very media savvy , Rex
  8. Can't help with 45 Colt , but I remember loading some in 44 Mag cases way back. Checked my records , loaded 7.4 grs. under a 200 gr. RNFP (no maker listed) , Fed 155 primer. Another load was 7.3 grs under a 245 gr Keith SWC that I cast , WLP primer , I have it noted at 850 FPS , and very accurate. I do not remember seeing SR 4756 for several years now , I thought it had been discontinued some time back. Good luck , Rex P.S. Went and checked date of those loads today 4/25/2022 ; was 4/21/1996. Where the heck did all those years go.
  9. TFJ , your experience with MVA is sad to hear. All the dealings that I had with them were back in the 1990s , early 2000s , but were the polar opposite of what you have run up against. Good Luck, Rex
  10. Plus , the bonehead did it right in front of the opponent's bench. Sheesh , what a dumbass. Rex
  11. I had the three Moderna shots , no side effects at all , other than the slight soreness where the needle went in. That only lasted about 18 hours. I count myself one of the lucky ones. Flu shots are always about the same. Rex
  12. Hoss , don't overlook the Browning 92. I have owned a couple in the past and they were very smooth. That Marlin of Doc Fill Em's almost brings a tear to my eye. WOW , just WOW. Rex
  13. I have seen this off and on for over 40 years. Never tried it myself. I have used a Lee primer tool on many hundreds of cases , but not while watching TV. It was enough of a job just keeping the primers lining up and getting the empty case in the shell-holder without trying to watch a TV screen at the same time. I reckon multi-tasking is not one of my good things. Rex
  14. I used one of the Lee Big Lube molds for a few years , it dropped good bullets , but they were small for my sixguns , at .428 or .429, depending on alloy. I eventually got an Accurate mold that drops a .431 that I size to .430 and now am happy. Rex
  15. I have not checked with VMI lately , but about a year ago I called them to order a set of the hardened screws , and was told they didn't have any. The person I talked to didn't offer much hope that they would have any again. This thread reminded me to check again. Rex
  16. Thanks for kind words , Pards. It is a solid sixgun. Rex
  17. I just looked , had no idea when I joined the Wire. Shows Oct. 31, 2004. I called SASS office one time and asked when I joined SASS , was June 3, 1995. Like Pat , I got a chuckle out of "Utah Bob" , from Florida. Looking forward to actually meeting in person someday. Rex
  18. If Joachim Slim only needs one set , I would be proud to have the other. I only have one Bisley. Rex P.S. would be happy to send postage.
  19. If I could only sell to local buyers , I would never sell anything. Not that much traffic among the population. But that is just how it is here. Where you live it might be a great plan. Rex
  20. Hey , Pat , leave that rifle like it is when you move and you will be the only kid on your block with one like it. Dare to be different. Rex
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