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  1. I turned on a movie today and it said: Smoking, alcohol use, nudity, foul language, sexual content, violence. I thought, 'Hot dang, I'm going to like this one!'
  2. Taiwan is armed to the teeth, and has prepared for war with China for many years. I say no. "The thought about China invading Taiwan, that's a massacre for the Chinese navy," said Phillips O'Brien, professor of strategic studies at the University of St. Andrews in Scotland. That's because Taiwan has been stocking up on cheap and effective land-based anti-ship missiles, similar to the Neptunes Ukraine used to sink the Russian cruiser Moskva in the Black Sea in April."Taiwan is mass-producing these things. And they're small, it's not like (China) can take them all out," O'Brien said. "What's cheap is a surface-to-ship missile, what's expensive is a ship." Missiles aside, China would face massive logistical hurdles in landing enough soldiers. Conventional military wisdom holds that an attacking force should outnumber defenders 3 to 1. "With a potential defending force of 450,000 Taiwanese today ... China would need over 1.2 million soldiers (out of a total active force of more than 2 million) that would have to be transported in many thousands of ships," Howard Ullman, a former US Navy officer and professor at the US Naval War College, wrote in a February essay for the Atlantic Council.He estimated such an operation would take weeks and that despite China's maritime strength, it "simply lacks the military capability and capacity to launch a full-scale amphibious invasion of Taiwan for the foreseeable future."
  3. Paul Harvey, the rest of the story: The doc said you had good numbers for a one-eyed, emphysemic, near cardioversion 203-year-old. One of my patients got me into CAS.
  4. Quite a history of old TV westerns. He played bit parts in The Deputy, Wanted Dead or Alive, Have Gun Will Travel, Laramie, River Boat, Wagon Train, The Virginian, Bonanza, and Law of the Plainsman. Who remembers Law of the Plainsman? Only lasted one season.
  5. We love Paris. It is an amazing city. You need a month to just scratch the surface. It is a foodies paradise.
  6. I got 9. The tree on the right in the bottom picture identifies itself as an elk.
  7. Take everything with a grain of salt. We are all liars, reprobates, and have fleas.
  8. She broke some barriers without violence and hate.
  9. He and Lou Ann had been married around 50 years. He depended a lot on her, and now I worry about him. He is not very mobile.
  10. You should have stopped at customer service. There is no such thing anymore.
  11. China is wanting to flex its muscles. This could easily escalate. And we have idiots for leadership.
  12. Redbreast 15 y/o is my go to Irish tipple.
  13. Never, I mean never lose an opportunity to disparage someone! What is wrong with you, ya hillbilly?!
  14. I'll have an Aberlour please.
  15. If they get back to their censorship from years past, before Misty rebooted everything, they'll have another mass exodus. The forums have never recovered from the previous crazy censorship, and now they're tuning up again. SMH at how history repeats itself.
  16. I have no liberal friends on Facebook. I immediately block them if I see any liberal drivel. Life is too short to put up with that garbage.
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