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Let's pray for the families of those KIA, and also for the recovery of the 15 wounded .


Semper Fi :FlagAm:

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3 hours ago, Trailrider #896 said:

Twelve Marines KIA! (News media saying it is 11 Marines and a Navy corpsman.  But the doc is always considered a Marine by the Marines!)

|                              Semper Fidelis!  RIP!



Now 13 KIA! -_-:angry:

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My thoughts go out to the families of the deceased and wounded...just a few days from being out of that God forsaken place.:(


I, like most others here, cannot say how I really feel lest I get banned from here for life.:angry:

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2 minutes ago, J.D. Daily said:

Jeff Dunham!  Do you notice Joe looks like Walter?

YESSIR!!  I’ve been calling him Walter for several years now!!

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If y'all can find a video of FJB's PC today, you'll probably see what I mean. The woman right before Peter Doocy asked a rather lengthy question. As she is speaking Joe's eyes slowly wandered to one side, looked up, around......and then there was a pause before he began to speak.

Yeah. I'm saying he was listening to the voice in his ear telling him what to say.


Y'all might also have noticed that even his "press secretary", and I use that term very loosely, uses the same system of only allowing certain "journalists" into the PC. Their questions are given in advance and anyone who tries to "sneak a hot one in" doesn't get invited back.

Yeah. I'm saying even his press conferences are scripted.


So the generals told him that it would be pointless to retake Bagram air field.

Uh-huh. Sure. (it was stupid beyone' belief to have left in the first place. Nice he threw all of those generals right under the bus. Both sets of wheels.


So we left tons of equipment behind. Awful convenient, huh? Same thing happened in Libya when a stinger missile did not detonate had its serial numbers traced back. Guess where those pointed to. Yeah, the CIa was selling those and other things to a certain...group.

Yeah. I'm saying THAT administration sold weapons to our enemies, made money off the deal and they're doing the same thing now. Only the players are probably Iran, Pakistan and some others and this loss of equipment expalins it when that stuff shows up THERE.


Please note; ever'dang thing worth more than a few bucks A has a serial number an' B...is signed for. Helmet? ACU pants? Ya GI, you signed for six, you only got five. Cough it up or pay the piper. Now, a combat loss is different that....the other. One is easy, (I dropped my rifle when I fell down the hill running away from the artillery....combat loss, not much fuss as opposed to "gee, I left my pistol on top of the toilet tank and ten minutes later, when I went back, it was gone! LOL. No, that's not the same thing and you get to pay.


So they lost classified equipment. Wow. I don't even know where to begin. The accountability is ten times worse and "I dropped it wunning away from///" Ain't gonna cut it. Sooo, they "lost the biometrics "scanner" (which isn't just one box by the way)...yeah, that's just BS. Who knows if it's even true. You don't "lose" stuff like that.


And you sure don't give the enemy a list of your people you're looking for.


Item last

No. I didn't find this PC to be at ALL "presidential". Not even close. Emotional, it wasn't my fault, we're gonna get you....oh, he "checked some boxes" but it was all kabuki theater. 

The top job comes with accountability. The buck stops with him. Period. The deaths of eleven Marines and their Doc is also squarely on HIS head along with the 60-100+ injured/killed civillians and whatever is to come next. Given that they are already blaming this on isis-special K, evene the talimen get an "out".

Not hardly


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The war has been going on for twenty years. Multiple presidents of both parties.


We approach negotiations, treaties, etc., with a western mindset. Not strictly putting it on the leaders -- they have to bring the deals they make to the nation and are therefore restricted by the perceptions of the public at large, and how those perceptions shape political support.


Trump this, Biden that. Obama did, Bush didn't. We are where we are as a culmination, not because of a single specific point of failure, bad decision, betrayal or achievement.


Let us resolve to move forward united from where we are, focused on the need to protect, and rescue instead of 'what if-ing', and 'yeah, but-ing' our reasons for despising one administration or another.


After we've gotten our people out, whether they be U.S. citizens, allies, or local supporters, THEN we can turn to considerations of blame, consequences, and lessons learned. 


Division serves the enemy, and short memories serve the politicians.

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