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Dawn over Kansas City

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Glad your better Slim, hope to see you at some of the shoots this year! Beautiful sunrise!  SCJ


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Forgive my momentary twing of jealousy.

I have a camera phone, I have a Nikon digital, and I have an immense sense of frustration!

For the life of me -- I can NOT!!! capture REDS with either camera!

I've shot some truly glorious sunrises here in the Yankee North, deep rose-crimson saturated shades of dawn ... and they come out blends of yellow-orange.


As this happens with multiple devices I am forced to conclude it's a mechanical problem.

Something to do with the loose nut pressing the shutter release!

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Full disclosure here. That image had some mild digital enhancement for the very reasons you mention, Linn. Our cameras can’t perceive colors the way  the human eye and brain do. That pic was taken with an iPhone 10 and I was able to boost the color saturation with the built-in phone software to match what I saw. 

Many smart phones and cameras like Nikon & Canon have digital filters and some pretty sophisticated light metering & exposure settings built in. It’s worth exploring tutorials on YouTube or the manufacturer’s sites to take advantage of them. Those help immensely in getting the original photo closer to what your eyes perceive. 

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