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  1. Kris, Do not know your med issues. Have you tried biologics? Very effective against autoimmune disorders.
  2. Sure, as long as you put in a pouch first.
  3. Don't think it gets that cold in even in Antarctica.
  4. They are evil creatures, not human beings and not worthy of forgivness.
  5. Yet the very same celebutards that keep Betty Ford rehabs in business preach to us ad nausium how to live our lives. Good for Mr. Gervais.
  6. "Most of you spent less time in school than Greta Thunburg."
  7. Living the dream, Pat. Good for you!
  8. Hand an excellent contractor do work on my house last year that did not take debit cards. Had to write a check. Did not like it.
  9. Glad you walked away unhurt and nobody else was injured.
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