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  1. She should have bought you a burger. And when my dishwasher went out, hubby fixed it. He bought a new one.
  2. Buckey and I went to the Currahee museum in Toccoa, Ga. They had the horse stables where the men stayed during training dissembled and shipped to GA from England. And lots of donated artifacts.
  3. Then there won't be any 22's left. And we will be stuck with expensive clubs.
  4. The time change serves the overlords in dc. Don't expect a change soon.
  5. Woodpecker was pecking away on my house despite all the trees around. Good shot with the garden hose cured it right quick. He was not hurt and stayed away.
  6. That is because you know why I hate cats. Love my doggo, tho.
  7. Evil does not begin to describe cats. Filthy, destructive and mean. Oh, and they are not smart. Any dumber and they would be chickens.
  8. Good that you are ok. Did they not give you anything for the pain? If they just offered you a tylenol, then that is barbaric.
  9. The absolute WORST scifi movie was The day the earth stood still.
  10. I do understand the concerns and steps taken to make it less hard for your family. Yet I truly believe you will come out of this healthier and stronger. And since you may be laid up a bit, more time to post in the Saloon!
  11. Hope all goes well and you recover quickly.
  12. Place is devastated. And not just from the the storm. They are dealing with a large chlorine gas cloud from one the chem plants. People do not understand the damage that stuff does to the human body.
  13. Heard word my sister and bil evacuated. Their house still standing. Good news. Not sure which chem plant is burning, would NOT want to be near any of them. Place was declared a superfund site. Toxic stuff. And they closed the I10 bridge. Good, it should have been closed years ago. Never liked driving over it. Built in the 20's in a sub tropical climate. Been unsafe for years.
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